HIGEM License Agreement HIGEM (HIgh polygon Generic face Model) is a generic wireframe model that conforms to the

human face anatomy. It comprises of 612 nodes and 1128 polygonal surfaces. HIGEM includes all major muscles of the human face, consistent with the facial anatomy. Each muscle is represented by an insertion vertex (on the skin) and an attachment point (on the skull). The HIGEM model is owned by FMV Işık University.

Release of the model: The HIGEM model is made available to researchers after this license agreement is signed and returned to eskil@isikun.edu.tr. The applying researcher must agree to the conditions below. Permission to download the model will be granted after a signed document is received.

Conditions: 1. Use: I agree to use the received material only in research, and in the institution the release is granted to. 2. Modification: I agree not to modify the model in any way. 3. Redistribution: I will not redistribute the model. 4. Commercial use: The model is released for research purposes only. I will not use the model for any commercial purposes. 5. Warranty: The model comes without any warranty. FMV Işık University is not responsible for any damage caused by the use of the model.

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