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Published by: Phú Viết Nguyễn on Mar 12, 2012
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PROFILE TEMPLATE Organization’s full name (ACRONYM

Type of organization: Financial resources: Geographical focus: Industry focus: Issue focus: ‘Multilateral’, ‘Bilateral’ or ‘NGO’ Operating income, budget, or fund per annum Global, region, country Extractive, communications, etc. Human rights, environment, etc. www.webaddress.org

Overview of the work with the private sector A review of how the organization manages its relations with companies and its willingness to engage with the private sector, as well as an indication of which department acts as a liaison point for the private sector. An overview of the types of partnerships the organization is involved in, how the private sector can contribute to its development work and what benefits business can derive from different types of collaboration. Examples and descriptions of public-private partnerships are included where available. Origins and mission A description of how the organization was formed, including an analysis of previous incarnations where appropriate, and mission statement. Operating methods An explanation of how the organization works, including a strategic overview if available. Funding A description of where the organizational funding comes from, with percentage breakdowns where available. Governance An explanation of how the organization is run, to whom it is answerable, and how it forms policy. Geographical spread The countries in which the organization is active, the presence of regional offices, the number of staff employed, and the headquarters location. Contact Name and job title of an appropriate contact person where available. Email Telephone Headquarters Address Email Telephone

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