1.What is a similarity between Mobile & Marriage? ""Kash thode din ruk jaata to achha Model mil jaata...!!!"" 2.

1960 girl : Pehla phela pyaar hai chhai bahar hai, aja sajna tera intzar hai. 2003 girl : dusara/tisra pyar hai, dil bekrar hai, aja more sajna verna chautha tayyar hai. 3.Safed sari par tum laal bhindi lagti ho, Khuda kasam bilkool ambulance nazar aati ho, Farak yeh hai ki woh ghayal ko lekar jati hai, Aur tum ghayal kar jati ho 4.shaadi karni thi par kismat khuli nahi. taj mahal banana tha par mumtaz mili nahin. ek, din kismat khuli shadi huyi. ab taj banana hai-par mumtaz marti nahin. 5.A SARDAR BUYS 4 TYRES BCOZ THEY WERE CHEAP. HIS WIFE SHOUTS, WHY DID U BUY TYRES, WHEN WE DONT HAVE A CAR. SARDAR SHOUTED BACK, DO I SAY ANYTHING WHEN U BUY BRA......................?. 6.SANTA:What do you think of women? BANTA:They are all sex objects.... SANTA:Why? BANTA:When I ask them for sex, they object !! 7.He : Andar Gaya? She : Ha.. Gaya. He : Dukha Kya? She : Zara bhi nahi. He : Aur Ek Baar? She : Ab isme Daalo. He : Achha laga? She : Haa..Bahoot. . . . He : OK.MADAM KA SANDLE PACK KARO.... 8.Sardarji opens his lunch box in the middle of the road....why ?

14.I am in hospital now. I will die if I stop RECEIVING YOUR SMS. ones at the top can only see monkeys below them and ones at the bottom see only assholes above them. During suhag raat he asks his wife " r u a virgin ?" she replies " kar di na sardaron wali baat.. 11. The doctor told me. 12. Seven eight ejaculate. After 5 minutes.Harbhajan Singh gets married. Three four I'm a whore.A prostitute's nursery rhyme: One two lets screw. Five six suck the dick. Spinner ko kabhi nayi ball mili hai . How would u feel if some one wakes you up very early in the morning to rub your tits for 2 hours and not Fu*k U!! 13. I will be transfered to a surgery room. Dil tera dhadke to dhadkan meri ho.Every organisation is like a coconut tree full of monkeys. 10.Just to confirm whether he is going to or coming back from the office 9. Why is a cow always sad? A. Q. Baap tu bane to Mehanat meri ho !!. .Ansoo tere nikale to aankhein meri ho. Khuda kare ki apni dosti itni gehari ho..

.A friend is never a coincidence in your life.Why is waist called a waist? Ans:Becoz anything above The pussy n below the tits Is a �waste�. woman can run faster with her skirt up than a man with his pants down.Wats wrong with ur neck? Earlier I took a viagra.A body was found with no brain and a small penis. I will treasure the friendship between us." 25. yesterday remains. Text message me back to let me know your ok. as long as we have hope. it got stuck in my throat. 19. she got out off hospital bed and slapped her husband and shouted. "Format" your problems.A Sex expert was once asked whether a rape is possible while running.A wife asks hubby how many woman he had slept with? Husband proudly replies "Only You Darling. 16. As long as we have Friendship.Nine ten fuck me again. "Save" you in my heart. 26.A woman gave birth to six babies and on seeing this. I "Enter" your life. "I told you not to go doggy style.".5" diameter penis into a 1" diameter vagina in the dark without looking but can't park a 6ft car in a 8ft space in daylight! 20. tomorrow awaits.but only oral. .FACT: A Woman can guide a 1.. No. 18." John says:"What is oral?" Grandpa:"I say F~ck you. "Shift" you 2 opportunities & never "Delete" you from my memory! 24. So. 15.Thought 4 the day! save water take bath with neighbours daughter 17.Q:." 23. had a stiff neck all day! 21. he replied.John asks his grandpa:"Do you still have sex with granny?" Grandpa:"Yes.As long as we have memories. 22. each day is never a waste. they are meant to enter your life to bring you joy and laughter. with others I was awake.A good friend is like a computer.and she says:F~ck you 2.

What does a woman av in common wiv a tornado?.. 1) asthmatic ..ahh.A friend is always welcome..Hi i'm an alien i'm checking for some chicks in your phonebook searching. the elephant looks at the naked man for a few seconds.. I do not have the chance to see its face carefully!" 28. oh god. But do you know that? It is the SWEETEST when it is YOU! 30. 32.yes. your are gay! 35..24000. 2) obedient .more... 31. searching.ah. conclusion.. searching.oh god. Mama dog said: "Your dad came from behind.. more.. Early in the morning or late at night. ask the naked man. 4) religious . sorry no chicks found.The one who invented alphabets was a genius. ..A friend is sweet when it is new.4 sounds women make during sex. But it is sweeter when it is true.ah.ah.A baby dog asks mama dog how papa looks like.yes.. When it concerns real friendship! 33.36000 "....What did one male elephant say to the another when they saw a female elephant???? " WOW!! Look at her! 36000.. But he made a silly mistake by keeping "U" and "I" so far. 3) unsatisfied . "HOW CAN YOU BREATH THRU THAT LITTLE THING?" 29. They both scream when they r cummin and take your house n car when they leave! 34. Time is of no importance.yes..more.27.One day there was this naked man and elephant.

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