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Document Management in SAP PM 12b

Document Management in SAP PM 12b

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Published by: laxmi.crj4880 on Mar 12, 2012
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Document Management in SAP PM Greg Olynyk

Catalyst Paper Corporation Ltd.

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About Greg Olynyk
• Greg is an SAP PM and PS Trainer for Catalyst Paper. • Since 1997 he has acquired valuable experience in the manufacturing industry both in Maintenance and Engineering systems in SAP. • Greg has been involved in creating training manuals, tip sheets and Captivate training modules as well as developing and maintaining the Training Centre web space. • He has over 20 years experience as an applications trainer with various applications

About CatalystPaper.com
• Catalyst is amongst North America's leading producers of mechanical printing papers • With annual capacity of 2.5 million tonnes. • With approximately 2,700 employees • Original Go-Live Date: 1997

• Current SAP Release: SAP ECC 5.0

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Mill Locations in Canada .

BC .Crofton.

BC .Port Alberni.

BC .Campbell River (Elk Falls).

Powell River. BC .

PRD Recycling Plant in Surrey. BC .

Snowflake. Arizona .

I will describe how we are streamlining processes for document management. In this presentation. they have automated many repetitive procedures and provide the crews with better information in an easier method. in many cases. . with the use of task lists. required for maintenance and repair work to be initiated. Our planners used to spend hours manually creating document packages for their work crews.Document Management in SAP PM • Managing documents is difficult and time consuming for the frontline SAP PM user. Now. PRTs. Yet file management is important and. and Work Order attachments.

Lessons: • Ways to save time and frustration • Naming conventions are important • File management skills are important • Linking is better then embedding • Document retrieval should be easy .

Why Documents? • • “A Picture is worth a thousand words” Improves communication • • Provides field technicians with information to do their jobs You can do it all in SAP • We use a third party Printing Add-on to produce document packages for work orders .

Horror Stories… • 12 page print out ! • Attachments fill up SAP server. poor folder structures • Personal Mapped drive links • Symbols in Filenames #$%&* • BMP (huge file size) . use links only • Poor File management skills…people make mistakes. no naming conventions. move. rename.

work lists • Check Lists (Excel can have multiple authors) • Inventory Pictures • Manuals • Videos . pictures. drawings. lock-outs. sketches.What is a Document ? • Job procedures.

esp.Topics 1) Storing Documents 2) Creating SAP Documents (links) 3) Object Links in “Document Settings” 4) BOM Links 5) Task List Operation Links (PRTs) 6) Work Order Operation Links (PRTs) 7) Object Links. PM Work Orders 8) Print Manager from Prometheus within PM Work Orders .

Topics Simplified .

batch resize jpg) . noun) • File size (compression • Linking issues – Avoid user mapping – Avoid renaming or moving files .Storing Documents on Network • Network Places .Read / Write • Directory Protocol (by Planner GRP or FL) • Naming Conventions (asset #.

JSP. ISO) • Versioning (gotcha) • Release Strategy • Auto-numbering Documents • Naming Conventions (so you can find them) .Creating Document Links in SAP (CV01N) • Access via data carriers for Consistency • Document Types (Drawings.

CV01N (New SAP Document “link”) .

CV01N (New SAP Document “link”) .


Basic Attributes • Application associated • Data Carrier by file type • Browse to the document .

• Select the Appropriate Object Tab • Specify the Object(s) .Object Links • Select the Object Links tab.

FL or EQ).Object Links • By associating a document to an object(s) (example. the master sheet and any Notification or Work Order created to that object will have the link available via the icon • Note: This does NOT add it to the BOM(s) .

Documents in BOMs (IB02. IB12. CS02) • Technical Objects > Bill of Material > FL BOM > Change .

D is for Document .

Searching Document .

Order of Items .

Verify .

Documents in Work Orders • PRT in Task Lists Operations (IA12) • PRT in Work Order Operations (IW32) • Object Links (PM Work Order) .

PRT in Task Lists Operations (IA12) .


PRT in Work Order Operations (IW32) .


Excel.WO Header Documents • Supports URL to website(s) • Do not attach JPG directly • Paste image into WORD • Arrows and Call-outs in WORD • Save file into read/write network directory • Show path in WORD. PPT (Web toolbar) • Rt click > “Open With” >Internet Explorer for PDFs .

Attachments copy file to SAP server ! .


View / Edit or Delete Links .

Printing PM Work Orders • Work Order Print Manager by Prometheus • Shop-papers (un-released Work Orders too) • WO Header Attachments (defaults to Print) • PRTs (defaults to Print) • FL / EQ documents • Can control at operational level with WOPM .



Inventory Images (MM) • Link to re-sized JPG (<50K) • Image resizer (batch processing) • Grid background • Build into receiving / business process • Images show in Search Materials (ZMSE) • Images show in Material Masters GuiXT(MM03) .

ZMSE (any document type) .

MM03 (GuiXT Script supports JPG only) .

Conclusions • Requires good file management skills • Common server for documents • Avoid storing on your SAP server • SAP has various document linking methods • Printing documents should be easy… • Gets info out of people’s individual desks out to all on the floor. easily accessed ! .

olynyk@catalystpaper.com © 2009 Eventure Events.Questions ? Greg Olynyk Catalyst Paper Inc greg. . All rights reserved.

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