“Kuch rishte atoot hote hai”

MANAGEMENT TEAM :  Rajat Khare (Chairman)  Vikalp Saxena (technical head)  Syeed Khan (Customer Relationship Manager)  Tamanna Khan (HR manager)  Anupam (Marketing manager)  Aatish (Finance manager) .

com” is a online matrimonial site that provides various services to customer for finding a better life partner.  Customer satisfaction is our prime priority .Mission  “Subhmuhurat. .  Understanding the need of customer & try to fulfil their expectations.

.  Maintain a professional image at all times. various discounts.  Maintain excellent working relationships with customers such as quick services.Vision :  Service our customers needs promptly and efficiently.


 Awareness of “subh muhurat” among the people is low.Industry Analysis :  Strength  Low cost as compare to competitors. .  Provide various services & offers to customers such as discounts. lucky draw coupons.  Weakness  Low belief of people in matrimonial sites.

 Threat  Competition is very high in E-business. .  Entry barriers from competitors.  Try to built the strong relationship with the existing customer for future purpose. Opportunities  Scope of growth in future is high.

Business Concept  Today’s life is very fast & busy life & everyone want to do their work in comfortable way. . And if we talk about the marriage in Indian culture then it is very difficult task to find a proper life partner for their son/daughter or for themselves.  In Indian scenario E-business is growing very fastly because internet is user friendly & its very easy access. So our matrimonial site will grow in future and generate profits. So our company will provide various options to customer through which they choose the better life partner for their son / daughter or themselves according to different categories .

.Target Audience  Age : 21 and above To cater customers from all segment.


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