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The SUPRA SAEINDIA 2011 competition challenges teams of university undergraduate and graduate students to conceive, design, fabricate and compete with their own small formula style autocross racing cars. For the purpose of this competition , the students need to assume that a manufacturing firm has engaged them to design, fabricate and demonstrate a prototype car for evaluation of the same as a product ready for production. The vehicle should meet all the safety parameters as per the rule book. The use of Maruti 800 BS 3 engine is mandatory. The vehicle must be open-wheeled and open cockpit ( a formula style body). Minimum wheelbase allowed is 60 inches. Vehicle track must be no less than 75%of the larger track. Minimum ground clearance- 1 inch Vehicle must have inspection holes and all suspension points should be visible. Braking and steer-by wire is prohibited. Total usable wheel travel of at least 2 inches . Allowable total steering system free play is limited to 7 degrees. Stopping distance must be one and half distance of the vehicle length when driven at a speed of 40 Kmph

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• Real time prototyping • Material used-PVC pipes • Dimensioning done in accordance with the tallest driver • Parameters of the rule book considered .


Maximum round corners for stress redistribution Material specification:• Material used.4mmX1.205 Gpa • Ultimate strength.25mm wall thickness Maximum triangulation provided Side impact member attached at a height of 350mm.670 Mpa • Poisson’s ratio.29 • Density.7850 kg/m^3 .65mm wall thickness • Roll hoop bracing and driver restraint harness OD 25mmX1.4mmX1.75mm wall thickness • Front bulkhead support OD 25.SAE 4130 • Yield strength.435 Mpa • Young’s Modulus.0.PRO-E was exercised to design the 3-D model of the roll cage SPECIFICATION:• Main hoop and front hoop OD 40mmX2mm wall thickness • Side impact and bulkhead OD 25.

Front impact Side impact:- • • • Force applied-12000N to side impact member Points constrained.5.5 • fig1.SIM was constrained FOS.Front impact:• • Force applied-12000N Points constrained.6.all degrees of freedom of rear most tubing were constrained FOS.1 Fig2. Side impact .

Torsional stiffness:• • • Force applied-1000N at the end of test rod Deflection observed.2000N Constraints.33 Nm/deg fig4.wishbone connecting point FOS.686N Engine and transmission.16 fig5.705.33mm Torsional stiffness. Static loading . Torsional stiffness Static loading:• • • • Load due to driver’s weight.

40X50cm • Below the driver’s eye line • Bracing in compliance with the rule book 3. Main hoop:• • • Size.65X92cm height is kept low to minimize air drag Bracing in compliance with the rule book 2.32X30cm Minimum frontal area As per the suspension geometry .1.Front bulkhead:• • • Size. Front hoop:• Size.

7/6 deg • Camber. Inference from the drawing:• Trackwidth. double A. Fully independent outboard suspension.1710mm • Ground clearance.1200/1120mm • Wheel base. non-parallel.-2/0 deg 3.5/9mm • Scrub radius. Mc-pherson 2.76.16mm • KPI. Swing axle .arm design 2. Alternatives considered:• Mc-Pherson strut • Swing axle suspension 1.1. unequal length.2mm • Roll centre.

 Coil-over shocks:• preferred over gas shocks due its superior ability to respond after impact • Has a high damping ratio  Correct valving and spring rate  Easily available and fits in constraining parameters. .

5:1 • lock-to.1.Type :Rack and pinion Alternatives considered:• Pitman arm steering • Recirculating ball steering Steering specification:• custom made rack and pinion • material.3m .lock ratio.280 to 40° • steering ratio.25 turns • turning radius.mild steel • central steering for quicker response • steering angle.

22mm .06 mm Rear =19.839 N/mm2  Stopping distance=2.85 m  Master cylinder size (diameter) Front =21. Hydraulically operated braking system  Disc brakes on all four wheels  Independent front and rear brake circuit  Proportionating valve used to adjust the brake pressure difference between front and rear  Maruti 800 master cylinder  Brake disc size-220m  Front circuit pressure=1.533 N/mm2  Rear circuit pressure=1.

Tire specification:185/60 R-13 Rim specification:Alloy wheel rims 13 X 6 ET-30 Hub:custom made Disc rotor:220mm (OD) Upright:custom made .

all DOF rim attachment positions were constrained • force applied.6.5-8 .SAE 4140 • light weight to reduce unsprung mass and to ensure vehicle stability • provisions for brake disc mounting • two bearings in each hub for better stability HUB ANALYSIS:• constraints.10500N • FOS.HUB DESIGN:• custom made hubs • material used:.

Static nodal stress:• Force applied on upper and lower wishbone mounting point-450N each • Bearing hole constrained Static nodal stress Static displacement:• Force applied on upper and lower wishbone mounting point-450N each • Bearing hole constrained Static displacement .

798 4th 0.M800 BSIII MPI engine • Swept volume. 1 reverse GEAR GEAR RATIO OVERALL RATIO 1st 3.796cc • Maximum power.350 .Engine specification:• Type. single plate •No.26 Kw @ 5000rpm • Maximum torque.4.dry.59 Nm @ 2500rpm • Type of fuel used.8.363 14.gasoline • Compression ratio.4 forward.629 •Differential type.8 Transmission:•Type.166 9. of gears.915 reverse 3.manual •Clutch type.333 5.422 3rd 1.583 15.straight bevel gear •Final drive ratio.586 2nd 2.900 3.

GENERAL SPECIFICATION:• Wheelbase-1710mm • Overall height-996.220mm disc brake (front and rear) • Dual tandem master cylinder .-2/0 deg • Castor.25 turns • Steer angle-28-40 deg • Steering ratio-5:1 BRAKE SPECIFICATION:• Type.2/2.+4/+3 deg STEERING SPECIFICATION:• Lock-to-lock-1.2mm • Track width-1200/1120mm • Ride height-76.5 inches • Camber.2mm • Target weight-360kg • Maximum speed-110kmph DRIVE TRAIN SPECIFICATION:• Direct coupling • Transmission-4 FWD + 1 REV CHASSIS SPECIFICATION • Material-SAE4130 • Total weight-41kg SUSPENSION SPECIFICATION:• Type-LSA (front and rear) • Travel-2.

efficient and robust racing car fuelled to scorch the tracks. the more perfectly it can perform those functions.  PRINCIPLE CONCERNING MULTIFUNCTIONAL DEVICES: The fewer functions any machine is required to perform.Today. highly PERFORMANCE oriented. LIGHT WEIGHT AND ECONOMICAL VEHICLE. SPEEDY. DURABLE. SIMPLE. necessity is more of a mother of INNOVATION than INVENTION  Concentrated towards building a SIMPLE.  .

.  STEERING: Ground testing.  BRAKING: Chassis Dynamometer.  SUSPENSION: has been analyzed using SusProg3D and deflection in shocks will be analyzed using spring test.  ELECTRICAL: Ground testing.Various parts shall be checked by the following methods:  CHASSIS: Real time prototyping will be done to test the key points for strength. by driving the vehicle around on MMST TRACK and at various speeds. Note:.All this will be done before running the actual drive cycle tests.

120kmph • Acceleration.3m (@60kmph) • Minimum turning radius.3.5m • Ground clearance.3 inch • Total vehicle weight.2 m/s^2 • Stopping distance.• Maximum speed.350kg .3.

.00.Rs.75. 50.000 (5. 25.000 College funds. Estimated cost of vehicle-Rs.000 Personal contributions.Rs. 2.000 each) Balance.Rs.Rs.000**     **Remaining amount yet to managed.3.50.000 Oil India Limited (sponsorship).

SERVICES AVAILED FROM OUTSIDE • TIG.welding for chassis • CNC machining for hub and upright . The team is planning on using the college machine shop for various manufacturing needs.

chassis and suspension Structural analysis. 5. Co-driver Co-driver . Technician. Marketing Fabrication head. Chief presenter. 2. 10. power transmission Spokesperson. CHARLES S. steering Co-spokesperson. 3. 7.No 1. 8. 9. 4. 15. 6. 12. 13.Faculty advisor-X. NAME Sandip Kumar Pradeep Kumar Maurya Rubina Mahtab Khan Raj Kishore Eshan Sett Prateek Singh Raju Das Sabir Fariz Hussain Shriram Jhawar Gopi Uttakaran Shahnawaz Hussain Ashish Abhishek Ashutosh Kumar Abhishek Singh Dhiraj BRANCH Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical ECE ECE CSE ETC INCHARGE Team captain. Electronics Electronics Software solutions. 11. steering Marketing and sponsorship Structural analysis and marketing Cooling system Software solutions. 14. Driver Braking system Structural analysis. Design engineer Technical head.

http://www.net/ <http://www.f1technical.com/ http://www. PA. Warrendale. PA. Gillespie. SAE Inc. Fundamentals of Vehicle Dynamics. Aero Publishers Inc.howstuffworks.com .fsae. CA. Carroll Smith.       SUPRA SAEINDIA 2011Main Rule Book Milliken & Milliken. Tune to win. Thomas D. Warrendale. Race Car Vehicle Dynamics. SAE Inc. Fallbrook.

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