Importance of Photographs


It helps to make the article easier to read. It can help the readers to imagine and grasp the whole article. It fills out a newspaper to become a size that's worthy of the price tag.



First News Pictures in Print
The first modern news picture appeared in the "The Illustrated London News" in 1842.

Before 1880s«.

Engravings were common on newspapers before photography was an option.

Production of Engravings


The collotype process, also known as µphotogelatin¶, was the first method invented for reproducing photographs.

The New York Daily Graphic

The New York Daily Graphic was the first newspaper to publish a photograph on March 4, 1880.

Halftone Reproduction
Halftone is the reprographic technique that simulates continuous tone imagery through the use of dots, varying either in size, in shape or in spacing.

Amsterdamse Courant

The first photo in a Dutch newspaper appeared in the Amsterdamse Courant of 24 February 1890.

€ Lithography

was the principle printing process of the 20th Century and continues to be so in the 21st Century. was developed by Alois Senefelder towards the end of the 18th Century.

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In the 1920s, photography boomed in print media. Photojournalism was born. Germany produced more illustrated publications than any other country, with titles like the "Berlin Illustrated Newspaper".




The Associated Press (AP) started a news picture service.


Golden age for Photojournalism

Modern Photography in Newspapers and Magazines

The beginning of modern photojournalism took place in 1925, in Germany. The event was the invention of the first 35 mm camera, the Leica.


British ´Picture Postµ and American ´Lifeµ


Possibly the most important persuasive visual medium before television which had enormous status and were able to mould public opinion.

Television had started to take over and many advertisers abandoned the picture magazines. By the 1970s photojournalism had lost most of its influence.

€ € € News Pictures in Print

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