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An ellipse can be formed by slicing a right circular cone with a plane traveling at an angle to the base of the cone. . The midpoint of the segment connecting the foci is the center of the ellipse.DEFINITION ELLIPSE • An ellipse is all points found by keeping the sum of the distances from two points (each of which is called a focus of the ellipse) constant. the locus of all points which have the same total distance from two fixed points called the foci. • A curved planar figure.

Applications of Ellipse in our Daily Life .

but have more surface area exposed. .If you cut a cylinder at an angle. or in the kitchen (where one might cut vegetables or sausage along a "bias cut" in order to obtain pieces that have the same thickness. you will get elliptical sections. This can have important applications in optics (lenses and mirrors can be elliptical in shape).

but with a lower centerof-gravity. so that they can pass under a low bridge. so that they are more stable when being transported. This gives them a high capacity. . You might see these tanks transporting heating oil or gasoline on the highway. And they're shorter.Some tanks are in fact elliptical (not circular) in cross section.

and you may be familiar with the Ellipse. part of a President's Park South (a National Park in Washington. just south of the White House).The ellipse is found in art and architecture. . DC.

The elliptical shape reduces drag. or airfoils in structures that move through the air. AIRFOIL(air) FIN(water) .Ellipses (or half-ellipses) are sometimes used as fins.

than when the pedals are in the "dead zone" (when one pedal is up and one pedal is down). you might find a chain wheel (the gear that is connected to the pedal cranks) that is approximately elliptical in shape.On a bicycle. because your legs push and pull more effectively when the pedals are arranged so that one pedal is in front and one is in back. Here the difference between the major and minor axes of the ellipse is used to account for differences in the speed and force applied. CHAIN WHEEL/ CHAIN RING .

• Though not so simple as the circle. The reason is that every circle. appears elliptical. viewed obliquely. the ellipse is nevertheless the curve most often "seen" in everyday life. .

.Any cylinder sliced on an angle will reveal an ellipse in cross-section (as seen in the Tycho Brahe Planetarium in Copenhagen).

• Tilt a glass of water and the surface of the liquid acquires an elliptical outline. . Salami is often cut obliquely to obtain elliptical slices which are larger.

since the circle is the simplest mathematical curve. In the 17th century. . Johannes Kepler eventually discovered that each planet travels around the sun in an elliptical orbit with the sun at one of its foci. The orbits of the moon and of artificial satellites of the earth are also elliptical as are the paths of comets in permanent orbit around the sun.The early Greek astronomers thought that the planets moved in circular orbits about an unmoving earth.

the electrons of an atom move in an approximately elliptical orbit with the nucleus at one focus.On a far smaller scale. .

pulverizing it. High-energy shock waves generated at the other focus are concentrated on the stone. The patient is placed in a elliptical tank of water.The ellipse has an important property that is used in the reflection of light and sound waves. with the kidney stone at one focus. a medical procedure for treating kidney stones. Lithotripsy machine . Any light or signal that starts at one focus will be reflected to the other focus. This principle is used in lithotripsy.

Paul's Cathedral in London.The principle is also used in the construction of "whispering galleries" such as in St. he can be heard at the other focus. If a person whispers near one focus. although he cannot be heard at many places in between. .

.Statuary Hall in the U. while a member of the House of Representatives.S. He situated his desk at a focal point of the elliptical ceiling. It was in this room that John Quincy Adams. Capital building is elliptic. easily eavesdropping on the private conversations of other House members located near the other focal point. discovered this acoustical phenomenon.

the ball will continue passing through each focus and rebound to the other. When a ball is placed at one focus and is thrust with a cue stick. If the billiard table is live enough. .The ability of the ellipse to rebound an object starting from one focus to the other focus can be demonstrated with an elliptical billiard table. it will rebound to the other focus.

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