English 10 Trimester B Syllabus Textbook Collections (Elements of Literature, 4th Course).

Selections from collections 4-7; 11-13 Reading Selections: Animal Farm, Anthem, The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, A Midsummer Night’s Dream Terms to Know Literature Point of View Blank Verse Pun • First Person Soliloquy • Third-Person Aside Omniscient Tragedy • Third-Person Tragic Flaw Limited Tragic Hero Irony Allegory • Dramatic Fable • Situational Moral • Verbal Elizabethan English Satire Archaic Words Generalizations Tone Voice Persuasion and Propaganda Objective vs. Subjective Writing Fact vs. Opinion Credibility and Motivation Appeals
• • Emotional Logical Name Calling Either/Or False Cause/Effect Hasty Generalizations Loaded Language Fear Appeal Rumor/Innuendo Slogans/Repetition Bandwagon Doublespeak/Euphemisms

Logical Fallacies

• • • • • • • • •

Propaganda Techniques

Grammar and Language. “Daily Language Workouts” (Writer’s Inc.), Units 12-22. Focus: Transitions, parallel structure, dangling/misplaced modifiers, participles/participial phrases, subordinate clauses Vocabulary. “Vocabulary Workshop” (Holt Supplement): Units 13-24 Note: Time constraints may limit the total number of both grammar/language and vocabulary units completed during the trimester. This syllabus illustrates the unit choices and the maximum amount of units to be completed by any teacher. Reading Skills: Chronological order; summarize vs. paraphrase; understanding analogies, anecdotes, and comic relief; reading nonfiction Writing: Minimum of two graded essays. Mandatory Essay: Persuasion: Students will convince an audience using credible persuasive techniques. Other Requirements: • Research: Evaluate source credibility; understand primary and secondary sources; document sources using MLA (Modern Language Association) format • Oral Presentation

Use of Technology (one minimum): PowerPoint, wikis, blog, multi-media, Internet research

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