In what ways does the poet make “Miracle on St David’s Day” a nice poem?

Gillian Clarke manages to use a variety of techniques to create a nice atmosphere in the poem. Personification, metaphors and comic images all contribute to the good feeling throughout the poem. One of the ways by which the poet brightens up the poem is by using images of nature. The quote at the beginning of the poem is from William Wordsworth’s poem “Daffodils”. Wordsworth was a poet of the Romantic era who believed in the power of Nature to make people good. His style is clearly reflected in the words of this poem. The first paragraph states that the “afternoon [was] yellow and openmouthed with daffodils”. This is a metaphor and a personification which give the reader a clearer picture. The yellowness of the image paints a vivid and dynamic picture as the colour yellow is associated with pleasant happy things. We are then introduced to the “cedars and enormous oaks” which remind the reader of the richness and pleasantness of an old country mansion which is a very positive image. The “insane” people who the narrator is reading to can also be quite comical. There is the old woman who kept offering her “sacks of coal” and the “chestnut-haired boy” who is described as being a

. At the end of the poem. We can thus see how the poet manages to use natural images and the description of her characters to build up an atmosphere of ‘niceness’ in her poem. there is another description of nature where “the thrush sings and the daffodils are flame”.“schizophrenic on a good day” who although are both mentally impaired. do seem quite likeable. The final metaphor adds yet another colourful image to the several nature images in the poem.

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