To maximise your revision technique it is useful to understand your learning style (visual, auditory, kinaesthetic). Please complete this questionnaire and discover how best to revise for an exam… Please rank the following statements / questions out of 5-1 (5- strongly agree, 1- strongly disagree) to discover your best revision style: Ranking 5 4 3 2 1 Learning style preference Strongly agree Agree Neither agree or disagree Disagree Strongly disagree

Learning style (a) 1. Do you think in pictures? 2. Do you learn best from visual displays, such as, illustrations, diagrams, overhead transparencies, videos, flipcharts, worksheets, hand-outs, etc.? 3. Do you take comprehensive notes? 4. Do you need quiet study time? 5. Do you memorise by seeing? 6. Do you often close your eyes to recall information or spelling? 7. Do you doodle? 8. Do you notice details?


9. Do you prefer to observe rather than talk or act? 10. Does your mind stray during verbal activities?


Learning style (b):

1. Are you confident at speaking in class / in group settings? 2. Are you easily distracted? 3. Do you hum or sing, and tend to enjoy music? 4. Do you like oral reports? 5. Do you like being read to? 6. Are you good at explaining things? 7. Do you remember names? 8. Do you read slowly? 9. Do you follow spoken directions well? 10. I cannot keep quiet for long periods (b) TOTAL SCORE:


Learning style (c) 1. Do you tend to be good at sports or other physical activities, such as dance or martial arts? 2. Do you find difficulty in sitting for long periods? 3. Do you have poor handwriting or spelling skills? 4. I like to be able to do things and experiment 5. I tap a foot or pencil when working 6. I study with loud music on

7. I like to problem solve by physically working through them 8. I take breaks when studying 9. I often fidget in the classroom 10. My reading tends not to be a priority


Check if you scored highest in a, b or c to discover your learning style: SCORE LETTER (a) (b) (c) LEARNER STYLE Visual Auditory Kinaesthetic


ACTIVITY: Now refer to the Study Methods handout ‘How best to revise’


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