SEPAX separator

minimising the height of the separator feed elevator and simplifying the layout. Finally.One feed point in low position Flexible and versatile .Standard range drive parts .High efficiency separation . The separator is fitted within a self-supporting shell structure.Low operating costs The high efficiency separator improves the mill performance by avoiding over grinding of the material.Flash driers Low maintenance costs . and the entire separator unit with cyclones is supported by one ring-shaped support only.Fully or semi air-swept raw grinding ball mills .Highly effective nibs extraction minimises clogging of mill grates.Smart.Automatic grease lubrication system . the SEPAX has one feed point placed at a low level. and gives the required product fineness by efficiently separating the course particles from the fine particles. Decades of know-how in high-efficiency separation enables FLSmidth to supply the most suitable separator for almost any application.Self-supporting structure .Adaptable to: . Low initial costs . thus enabling long-lasting full mill capacity .Easy access for maintenance . space – saving design Key benefits .All cement grinding ball mill systems . Low initial costs The simple and space-saving design of the SEPAX makes it an economical investment. simple. Reducer and motor are placed in line with the bearing housing. forming a compact and rigid drive-line unit.Optimum wear protection .

SEPAX separator 1 2 3 4 5 6 6 7 5 7 8 9 8 9 Air outlet Flexible coupling Motor Reducer Rotor Reject collecting guide vanes Planetary separator supported cyclone Ring-shaped support Fine material outlet 10 Reject outlet cone valve 11 Feed point 12 Pneumatic unloading valve 11 10 13 Nibs disposal container 3 4 2 1 12 13 .

A highly effective system for removal of worn grinding media from the mill discharge material means less clogging of diaphragms. The feed concept is based on the material being suspended in the vertical air flow through the riser duct. in the case of fully or semi air-swept mills. Nibs disposal Mill product . while maintaining maximum output. or installed on top of a flash dryer that forms the riser duct leading up to the SEPAX. Mill product Mill dedusting Finished product Reject flow New feed SEPAX system with cyclones for collection of fines: Lowest initial and operating costs. and the bearing unit can easily be replaced. Flexible and versatile The SEPAX is designed to be equipped with drives ranging from low power drives for raw grinding to powerful drives for the finest grinding while still utilising the full design air flow.Maximum efficiency The SEPAX is very efficient in operation and cuts specific energy consumption to a minimum. puzzolana or other additives. Dedusting Finished product Reject flow New feed SEPAX system for raw grinding installation suitably integrated into the mill vent line. Low maintenance costs The SEPAX is designed to be easily serviceable. the separator can be integrated into the mill venting system. The removal of nibs from the separator feed reduces the wear on critical separator parts. Worn and broken grinding media are not recycled. which helps to save maintenance work on the mill grate plates. This makes the SEPAX highly adaptable to various raw grinding applications. Recuperation of heat enhances drying of wet slag. Easily accessible and serviceable wear protection is fitted where appropriate. Fines collector Mill dedusting Reject flow New feed Finished product Nibs disposal Mill product SEPAX system with bag filter for collection of fines: This system ensures maximum product cooling. This optimises mill performance and enables long-term. Consequently. continuous operation. The SEPAX can be equipped with separator-supported cyclones or stand-alone cyclones for the collection of fines. This ensures maximum efficiency regardless of the end product quality specified.

High carbon steel This is a low cost and highly versatile material which is used in places where moderate wear occurs. Densit Wearcast is easy to install and repair. weldable steel plate. Hardox 400 This is a world-known. abrasionresistant.3 when exposed to sandblasting at various inclinations. The hardfacing consists of primary chromium carbides in a eutectic matrix with eutectic chromium carbides. the grains 1400 HV. onto which a 4 .5 mm layer of hardfacing is welded. It has been tested to outlast basalt by a factor of 1. The temperature limit is 400 deg C.Wear protection Densit Wearcast 2000 The material is a 30 mm thick cement bound composition containing 55% hard (9 Mohs) grains of corundum (Al2O3). which is throughhardened to more than 360 HB and is recognised for its superior abrasion resistance properties. The hardness of the matrix reaches 600-750 HV. Mild steel . Chromium compound wear plate This material is a mild steel plate with a thickness of 4 to 8 mm.

3754 4004 4262 4608 4862 5213 5558 5907 6342 6781 7217 7652 8088 8611 9130 B mm 5704 6467 7296 7772 8285 8792 9468 9975 10647 11319 11989 12822 13656 14488 15321 16152 17148 18145 C mm N.3 21. N. Project Centre Denmark FLSmidth A/S Vigerslev Allé 77 DK-2500 Valby Copenhagen Tel: +45 3618 1000 Fax: +45 3630 1820 E-mail: info@flsmidth. N. This brochure makes no offers.5 106.A. FLSmidth is a (registered) trademark of FLSmidth A/S. PA 18017-2188 Tel: +1 610-264-6011 Fax: +1 610-264-6170 E-mail: info-us@flsmidth.C C A1 E A2 D B B Dimensions and characteristics Air flow Size 190 212 236 250 265 280 300 315 335 355 375 400 425 450 475 500 530 560 m /s 3 A1 mm 3108 3500 3933 4189 4460 4736 5102 5376 5746 6115 6485 6947 7412 7876 8341 8807 9365 9923 A2 mm N.7 42. N. N. representations or warranties (express or implied). www. N.7 Revision XX/XX/XXXX al-us . 840 900 965 1050 1115 1200 1290 1375 1485 1595 1700 1810 1915 2045 2175 C 02-11 300-4-ENG 7.A.8 Copyright © 2011 FLSmidth A/S.9 49.4 65. ALL RIGHTS Project Centre USA FLSmidth Inc.1 Project Centre India FLSmidth Private Limited FLSmidth House 34.0 13.1 25. Kelambakkam (Rajiv Gandhi Salai.9 83.A. 2040 Avenue C Bethlehem.A.5 15. 3040 3258 3492 3800 4036 4344 4668 4976 5374 5772 6154 6552 6932 7402 7872 D mm 1900 2120 2360 2500 2650 2800 3000 3150 3350 3550 3750 4000 4250 4500 4750 5000 5300 5600 E mm N.4 73.8 37.A.A. and information and data contained in this brochure are for general reference only and may change at any time. N.A.A.A.3 10.0 94. Chennai) Tamil Nadu – 603 103 Tel: +91-44-4748 1000 Fax: +91-44-2747 0301 E-mail: indiainfo@flsmidth.9 57.3 32.

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