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Green Bag Lady--Gift Wrap Bag Pattern

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Cut 2--12” x 22” rectangles of fabric Put the 2 pieces together Fold over the top of bag about
right sides facing, sew sides 3.5 inches and make a seam
round the bottom corners around the whole bag.
and bottom1/4 in from edge
ribbon Turn bag right side out.
Cut a piece of pretty ribbon 24
inches long. Attach the ribbon 3 inches from the top along one
of the seems (see left).
here •Helpful hints: backstitch at ribbon to
reinforce it!

Your bag is finished, go wrap a

present in it! Enjoy! Use it over
and over and over again. They
make GREAT gifts!

Green Bag Lady Y

ou can make these in any size as easy
gift wrap for all occasions, just use different
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