March 7, 2011

Dear Mayor Rawlings and Police Chief Brown, I was shocked and offended to learn this morning that Paul Loughridge, who I witnessed point a gun in my friend’s face, was reinstated as a Dallas Police Officer by City Manager Mary Suhm and awarded back pay. Although Mr. Loughridge was not convicted beyond all reasonable doubt of felony aggravated assault, like his partner for pointing a gun to the back of my head in front of my pregnant wife in our kitchen, it is undisputed that Mr. Loughridge was present during this assault and did nothing to stop or prevent it. In fact, it is also undisputed that Mr. Loughridge fled the scene before responding officers arrived at my home. Does that sound like someone who is innocent or like someone you want protecting our community? Even Ms. Suhm is quoted in the paper as saying Mr. Loughridge made a “wrong decision” that night. Now, Mr. Loughridge’s “wrong decision” is being rewarded with tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars. People get fired every day for much less than what Mr. Loughridge put me and my family through. I find it hard to believe that in today’s economy, there are not more qualified candidates for police officer. For the safety of my family and thousands of other families in Dallas, I ask that you please get involved and take steps to ensure that Mr. Loughridge is not given the opportunity to make another “wrong decision” as a Dallas Police Officer. Sincerely,

Steve Holy

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