What's New in Foxit Reader 3.3 ================================================================================ ====================================== New Features: 1.

Secure Trust Manager The new Secure Trust Manager enables users to allow or deny unauthorized actions and data transmission, including URL connection, attachments PDF actions, and J avaScript functions; efficiently avoiding the attack from malicious contents and viruses. 2.Improved Ask Search Button Setting Enables users to show or hide the Ask Search Button in the Preferences menu. Bug Fixes: Fixes some bugs from previous versions including an issue where Ask Toolbar may be installed by default.

What's New in Foxit Reader ================================================================================ ====================================== Bug Fixes: Fixed a security issue that Foxit Reader runs an executable embedded program ins ide a PDF automatically without asking for user¡‾s permission.

What's New in Foxit Reader 3.2 ================================================================================ ====================================== New Features: 1.Undo and Redo 2.Bookmark Sync 3.Grayscale Printing 4.Speed up printing 5.Logical Page Number Support Bug Fixes: 1.JavaScript better supports the PDF files and web interaction. 2.Fixed the crash issue when double click to open certain PDFs. 3.Fixed the issue where cannot correctly display the content copied from Text Vi ewer mode on popup dialog box. 4.Better support saving PDF as text. 5.Fixed the issue where pop multiple message boxes when clicking the bookmarks s everal times continuously.

the color indicator will reflect users' colo r selection.Fixed the issues where certain PDF documents cannot be associated with Foxit R eader.1.1013 ================================================================================ ====================================== Bug Fixes: Fix the memory leak issue where the memory usage will continuously grow while vi ewing PDF files with Foxit Reader.6. where the text in PDF documents cann ot be printed with specific printers. 6. Fixed the issue where some pdf files cannot be opened in correct positions. What's New in Foxit Reader 3.3.1. Now supports opening files containing special Unicode characters in filenames .1013. 10.1. Now supports simultaneous viewing of multiple documents.Fixed the issue where the text string starting with a space cannot be searche d. What's New in Foxit Reader 3.0928 ================================================================================ ====================================== . 2. What's New in Foxit Reader 3.Fixed the crash issue when sometimes use arrow keys on keyboard to turn pages. Fixed the issue where some files display slowly in the print preview window.Fixed the issue where the text may not be highlighted under certain conditions . 11.1.Fixed the issue where the space may disappear when copying text. 3. Right-clicking an annotation with zoom tool will not popup annotation menu.1. 4.2. 5.1. When using the commenting Tools. 9.1030 ================================================================================ ====================================== Bug Fixes: Fixed the issue in Foxit Reader 3. 7. 8.4 ================================================================================ ====================================== Bug Fixes: 1.Fixed the issue with vertical text selection and text highlight. What's New in Foxit Reader 3.2.

0824 crashing when users are viewing certain PDF files has been updated and is no longer a problem. The reported issue of Foxit Reader 3. Fixed an issue where Foxit Reader may not be launched in the system without i nstalling Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable. Fixed the issue where PDF Reader only works on the primary screen while going to full screen with dual monitor setup. Favorite Toolbar Internet Search Comments Panel Summarize Comments Document Restrictions Supports MSAA Streamlined UI Bug Fixes: 1. 2. 2.1. 4.1. 4. 3. What's New in Foxit Reader 3.com.1.This maintenance version has fixed some minor bugs.1. 5.0. Fixed the issue about too large printer buffer. 6. Fixed the issue where cannot import FDF file when opening the PDF file contai ned interactive form fields in the browser window. 7.0. 3. Download the Latest Version ================================================================================ ======================================== You can download the latest version of Foxit Reader from our website at www.foxi tsoftware. New Features: 1. Contact Us ================================================================================ ======================================== .1. Fixed the issue where Cyrillic symbols in the Tab header displaying inaccurat ely in Japanese operating system. What's New in Foxit Reader 3.0824 ================================================================================ ====================================== The following is a list of exciting new features in Foxit Reader 3. automatic paging and duplex p rinting when printing a document with multiple copies. 2.0901 ================================================================================ ====================================== Bug Fixes: 1.

USA Sales Phone: 1-866-MYFOXIT or 1-866-693-6948 (8AM-5PM PST Monday .Friday) 510-438-9090 (8AM-5PM PST Monday .com .sales@foxitsoftware.com Marketing Serivce .Friday) Support Phone: 1-866-MYFOXIT or 1-866-693-6948(24/7) 979-446-0280 (6AM-5PM PST Monday .If you have any questions using Foxit Reader.com Technical Support .support@foxitsoftware. please contact us by email: Sales and Information .marketing@foxitsoftware.webmaster@foxitsoftware.foxitsoftware.com Website Questions .com Foxit Corporation Address: 39819 Paseo Padre Parkway. Fremont CA 94538.Friday) Fax: 510-405-9288 Web: www.

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