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Minutes to Communication Committee Meeting February 14, 2012

Members: Connelly, Torey (SPED Inclusion) Johnson, Beverly Merz-Parker, Susan Sloop, Tammy Butler, Lauren Smith, Jason Bell, Charles Shearer, Jean Melton, Chevelle present present present present Present Present Absent Present Present

Communication Agenda:

1) Reflections on Awards Day Ceremony

Suggestions: Dismissal---have a table in the gym to sign out instead of the classroom Note to parents about signing out before nooncounts as an absent Assign non-homeroom staff to sign-in or get a sub to help with sign-in Need to order more awards800 Perfect Attendance400 of the others in need June 6K in afternoon/5 at night; June 71 in AM/4th in PM; June 83rd in AM/ 2nd in PM

2) Upcoming Read Across America

Lobby gets decorated MondayKick off with AuthorSpecialist Fridaycupcakes at lunch/volunteers to pass out (donated cupcakesstore bought) Monday-Friday morningtrailers to feature authors Through out weekdinner/moviedifferent Seuss videos Green Eggs and Ham served at breakfast Feature free titlespoints to earn prizes Classroom teachers decide how you want to celebrate Read Across America Ren Learning has been orderedas well as BrainPop/World Book

3) Special Funding Project requested by Administration (information will be provided)

Donations, Field Trips, Supplies, School-wide initiatives, programs, etc. Please list for me in a Spreadsheet by grade and by month with an average cost per child in each grade. 4) Other Items Items need to be sent home in a timely manner. Check to see how many hits on webpage.

Comment [S1]: Communication Team feels this is a SIT Team/Grade Level Project where representation is across all grades/departments.