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Audio Mashup Construction Kit

Audio Mashup Construction Kit

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Published by Gary Taylor Lees
the definative guide to digital music creation, mixing, sampling, mash ups etc, software not included buy it yourself.
the definative guide to digital music creation, mixing, sampling, mash ups etc, software not included buy it yourself.

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Published by: Gary Taylor Lees on Mar 13, 2012
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Call and responseis a vocal tradition where a vocalist will sing a short phrase and a backup cho-
rus will respond with another phrase or sometimes an echo of the lead singer’s phrase.Examples
include Ray Charles’“What’d I Say,”The Who’s “My Generation,”and the B-A-N-A-N-A-S
section of Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl.”

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232Chapter 11—Arrangement: Putting It All Together

Using the techniques for hybrid vocal/instrumental sections detailed earlier in this chapter,you
can create some great examples of call and response,and can really mess with the meanings of
the lyrics,especially when combined with other lyrics from different sources.

For example,I once made a mashup containing,among other songs,Scissor Sisters’“Filthy/
Gorgeous”and Fischerspooner’s “We Need a War.”“Filthy/Gorgeous”is essentially a light-
hearted song about prostitution,featuring the lyrics “Cuz you’re filthy,ooooh,and I’m gor-
geous.You’re disgusting,ooooh,and you’re nasty.”“We Need a War,”on the other hand,is a
serious antiwar statement,featuring the title of the song as its main lyric.Although these two
songs are seemingly unrelated,I snipped out bits of “Filthy/Gorgeous”and replaced them with
portions borrowed from an instrumental section using the hybrid vocal/instrumental technique,
so only “Cuz you’re filthy”and “You’re disgusting”remained.Inserted into the gaps already exist-
ing in the “We Need a War”track,the resultant lyrics said,“Cuz you’re filthy,we need a war.
You’re disgusting.We need a war.”With the context changed,the lyrics’meanings changed.

In general,the more the lyrical content’s placement is preserved,the better.If you have a sec-
tion where one vocal dominates,examine the lyrics of the other songs in your mashup.Look at
each song phrase by phrase and see if any of the phrases may relate to your main vocal section
when removed from their original context.If the placement of a phrase you find corresponds
with gaps in the main vocal,try placing the phrase in the gap.If there are competing vocals in
the corresponding spot in the main vocal,consider eliminating them by replacing them with an
instrumental part (or silence if the main vocals are from an acapella).Of course,you can shift
the placement of any found phrases,keeping in mind the principles of placement preservation
outlined earlier in this chapter.

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