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Standard #5 (b)

Standard #5 (b)

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Published by: AlisonWilkins on Mar 13, 2012
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From http://www.jja.ks.gov/facilities_kjcc.


• The high school inside the Kansas Juvenile Correctional Complex (KJCC) • Located in Topeka, Kansas • Serves juvenile males incarcerated for various lengths of time due to various offenses

• Highly transient population •Average stay of 9 months • October 28, 2010—216 students enrolled • 2008-2009 School Year—604 students enrolled

• 100% Male • October 28, 2010—11 to 20 years old

• Since January 10, 2010—ten students reported Spanish as their first language

Native American Hispanic White Asian


Special Education

Received Sped. Services

Regular Ed.

GED Diploma

Did Not

• Every single student will rejoin society at some point • Having the tools and information necessary for success is very important

• Assertive service is key • Information professionals must determine the needs for the benefit of the students and the communities they will return to

• Documentation • Focus groups and surveys

Obtaining Documentation •Request permission for study (1 week) •Obtain demographic documents (1 week)

Performing Surveys and Focus Groups •Meet with various groups for research •Disperse surveys •3 weeks

Assessing Information •Assess findings •Determine where need is •Begin recommendations •1 week

Compiling Results

Presentation of Recommendations •Present findings to important parties •1 week

Implementation of Recommendations •Begin implementing changes •1 year

•Place findings into documents, charts, and other presentation materials •1 week

• Consultant

• Information professionals and/or educators from LGHS
• Teachers, social workers, guards for focus groups

• Group of apx. 15 residents for focus groups (selection made with assistance from administration)
• Larger selection of residents (preferably all on open) for surveys and facility staff willing to help with distribution and collection of surveys

• $15-25 thousand for the consultant • $20-30 for paper and copies of surveys and focus group forms • Apx. $50 for reward for residents who participate in focus group (pizza party, movie party, etc.) • $200-400 for reward for residents who complete survey (1 bag of chips, bottle of pop, etc for up to 220 residents)

Grover, R.J., Greer, R.C., & Agada, J. (2010). Assessing information needs: Managing transformative library services. Santa Barbara, CA: Libraries Unlimited. Kansas.gov. (2010). Kansas juvenile justice authority. Retrieved from http://www.jja.ks.gov/facilities_kjcc.html Kansas Juvenile Correctional Facility Workforce Investment Act Program. (2010). KJCC WIA program: Serving 97 youth since October 16, 2007. Topeka, KS: G. Hopkins. Southeast Kansas Educational Service Center, Interlocal 609. (2009).

Lawrence Gardner High School: Onward to excellence, school profile 2008-2009. Topeka, KS: H. Swanson.

U.S. Census Bureau. (2010). Kansas quick facts [data file]. Retrieved from http://quickfacts.census.gov/qfd/states/20000.html

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