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Arbor steps 1.

Drill 2x6 with 2x4 drilled into it for 12in rebar re-enforcement 3x every 4 inches, starting from 1ft above base 2. Paint 4x6 post bottoms 4 ft 3. Set posts into holes 4. Anchor posts from sides to form pitchfork Y not to interfere with 2x4 mounts 5. Check plumb 6. Mark out line 7ft from ground 7. Rough check 2x4 for height 8. Cut 2x4 for size 9. Paint one side of 2x4 for 4x6 interface union 10. Attach 2x4s to 4x6 with screws on both sides 11. Check plumb again 12. Add 4in of gravel to hole bottom for drainage 13. Add quick set cement to all posts 14. Check plumb throughout cement cure 15. Once cement is set, remove anchors 16. Paint posts white 17. Cut curve edge to (4) 2x6 18. Paint 2x6s white 19. Once paint is dry install on top of 2x4 base, install temporary screws to hold 20. nut Check measurement of heavy duty bolts, screw should extend <1/8th pass

21. Once both 2x6 on opposite sides have been set drill and install heavy duty bolt (4) 22. Cut arch on (2) 2x12s 23. Paint 2x12s 24. Cut strings boards (2) 2x6 for arch boards, paint and install on arched boards 25. Paint 2x4s which will serve as shade boards

26. Install shade 2x4s starting from center, using separation gig 27. Set assembled top to posts with stringer boards resting on post center and arched boards resting on curved edge 2x6 28. ****** video has the stringer boards set with 2 angled screws into main posts but look into a better attachment method 29. Cut out curved edge seat base, paint white, install, verify appropriate seat height 30. Cut out seat 2x6 boards, paint and install