Regi Simpson Politics and Culture in Lit 7 February 2012 Micro theme: One of These Days One of These

Days by Gabriel Garcia Marquez starts off talking about a man named Aurelio Escovar. He is introduced as a dentist without a degree, whose work office is old and filled with spider webs. Escovar is working alone in his office on miscellaneous dental projects when the town Mayor comes to his office and demands that Escovar see him immediately. Escovar demands his son to tell the Mayor he is not there, essentially refusing service to him. The Mayor, however, can hear Escovar at work in his office and he threatens to shoot him if he does not help. As a result, Escovar complies and tells the dentist he will pull his tooth but only without anesthesia. This is significant because it shows how a poor man without a dental degree can overpower an important political figure. Escovar has the upper hand and can call the shots on how he wants to do things, because the Mayor is in desperate need of dental assistance and vulnerably begging for his help. The characters essentially switch roles of importance in a sense. Not only was Escovar able to make the Mayor suffer by pulling his tooth naturally, but also at the end Escovar asks the Mayor where he should send the bill. Escovar belittles the Mayor because he has the opportunity to complete the politician’s dental work in any way he pleases. At the end Escovar also asks where he should send the Mayor’s dental work bill; further rubbing in how the Mayor would have to pay him. The significance of the story is how in certain situations, the role of two people can completely change depending on situational circumstances.

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