License agreement for XLC ------------------------Copyright © 2000-2012 Morevision Limited If you do not have an active XLC Pro

subscription at the site the product can be used for education purposes only and expressly not for comme rcial applications. This software can only be used commercially if the user has an active XLC Pro su bscription at the site. A release code for the software is av ailable to all users with an active subscription via the site 'Member Login' men u. It may be installed on up to three computers provided it is for their sole us e of the owner of the subscription. This software is provided 'as-is', without any express or implied warranty. In n o event will the author be held liable for any consequences/damages arising from the use of this software. You can use XLC subject to the following restrictions: 1. You may not re-distribute this program without contacting the author and gett ing his consent. You may not charge any fee or re-distribution fee for it. 2. This notice may not be removed or altered from any distribution. 3. No form of de-compilation/reverse engineering/disassembling parts or whole of the software be done. 4. You may not misrepresent the origin of the software/artwork. If you are distr ibuting the package/portions of the package, the files must be clearly indicated that they are part of MoreVision s XLC software.

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