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The System Requirements Document

The System Requirements Document

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Published by: Nur Maizatun Atmadini Husaini on Mar 13, 2012
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The System Requirements Document Introduction Here we give the template for a highly formal System Requirements Document

, based on [IEEE, 1993b,ESA, 1984,Mazza et al., 1996] that would be compatible with the formal waterfall process; we then emphasise the utility of the section headings as checklist items for less formal applications. paragraphContents of the SRD (i) Title Page: Name and address of organisation. Title of Document: System Requirements Definition for... Version number - if there are going to different versions. Date. Reference number. Author/responsible (optional). (ii) Abstract. (optional). (iii) Change control log. (iv) Distribution log. (v) Contents list. List of sections. List of Figures. List of Tables. List of Appendices. 1. Introduction. - Introduce purpose of document. - Scope of document. - Structure of document. 2. Applicable and Reference Documents. - List of documents -- like a bibliography. 3. General Description. 3.1 Perspective.

etc. not do.special considerations leading to reliability (say) or safety requirements. .e.processes (maybe) specified by: . and the purpose it will be used for. of users. .what the system must do.e. .relationship to other systems. Thumbnail sketch of of what the system must do.2 Related projects. 3. . . 3. finally zooming in to system required. use a particular compiler. . system must be available by December 31 1998. 3. Specific Requirements. outside formal specification.what the system must interface with.g.g. The requirements that we normally think of -. 4. .e.. 3.a parallel project (say) being conducted by another S/W house. .list of tasks or processes.5 General constraints.3 Function and Purpose.detailed specification of processing . software to replace an out of date package. .brief sketch of business area. 4. a feeling for the problem.should attempt to give programmers etc. or one that never worked.4 System Environment.in structured systems analysis the functional requirements are specified by: .inputs . software must run on a particular computer. wages system must be able to perform a particular function between 9am and 11am on Thursday mornings.outputs . .g. .e.1 Functional Requirements.g.

test data. . amount of memory. 4.emphasis on: UNAMBIGUOUS. .5 Resource Requirements. .g.for 1000 employees or less.specifies tests to be done during development.g.qualification of users/operators. a software payroll system which must interface with the current personnel information system.e. QUANTITATIVE. where the system will be used. . 4. 4. Requirements arising out of how.3 Interface Requirements. .specification of lowest level DFD processes using Structured English.g. .each with its own performance requirement. 4. 4.2 might need to be lumped together where there were many separate processes in the functional requirements -.hardware limitations e.the hierarchy of Data Flow Diagrams .specifies the speed at which the system must operate. . or pseudo-code and other methods. 4. .the hardware to be used. .g. TESTABLE requirements. .the Data Dictionary . E. .4 Operational Requirements. test documentation to be delivered.what the system must connect to.compiler to be used.use in a hostile environment.a personal computer system which must connect to the existing corporate network. .7 Acceptance Testing.for a software system specifies: . . .specifies the tests that will be used as the basis for user acceptance of the system. ..Sections 4.6 Verification Requirements.2 Performance Requirements.1 and 4. payroll must complete in 1 hour -.e.

docn. .4. 4. .safety of equipment and people in a real time control application.html#SECTION0034000000000 0000000 .uk/~J. Maintenance Manuals.Campbell/myweb/misd/node3.10 Safety Requirements. e. that will be part of system e. .built-in self test. etc.quality of documentation. still a research area.modularity.may specify production and adherence to a Quality Assurance Plan. User Manuals. 4. configuration management.A. 4. Specifies attributes of the system that affect the ability to .may require supplier to have achieved a Q. cf.qub. Can be formally specified by Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF). . . 4. cf.readability of source code. The above information can be found at: http://www. cf Data Protection Act.13 Schedule Requirements. standard.documentation to be delivered during development.g.use of object-oriented programming.ac.trace and repair defects . and Mean Time To Repair (MTTR). for software: . . . BS 5750 .g. But difficult for software.g. . Product liability. e. 4.cs.9 Quality Requirements. . .12 Maintainability Requirements. Year 2000 problem.make modifications.change control requirements.11 Reliability Requirements.safety of data files in a Data Processing application.8 Documentation Requirements.

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