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One of the major problems most developing countries facing today is air pollution and the major source of which is automobiles running on road. To reduce the worlds pollution problems there is no one optimum solution, but one thing is for sure; the automobile must clean up its act. Automobile factors like an increase in fossil fuel consumption eventually emissions of HC, NOx, and CO2 will be increased in accordance with these factors. The huge number of vehicles in the developing countries will give a serious environmental load and therefore current technologies like engine control and catalyst should be transferred to developing countries to minimize automobile emissions. The CO2 emission ratio during actual use is extremely large compared to other process. Therefore; it would be very effective to develop high fuel economy and low fuel consumption from CO2 emission point of view. Concerning resource availability there has been a strong warning indicating that petroleum resources may be depleted in the relative near future. Gasoline which has been the main source of fuel for the history of cars is becoming more and more expensive and impractical, especially from an environmental standpoint. In the process of burning gasoline, it produces carbon monoxide, Nitrogen oxides and unburned hydrocarbons which are the main pollutants and are responsible for bad effects of pollution. There comes need to think about alternatives such as Biodiesel and natural gas, Electric cars, Hybrid cars, Hydrogen fuel cells but, these alternative fuels also have some drawbacks which are discussed in detail in chapter 4 as comparative study. One possible alternative fuel is the compressed air. There are ongoing projects that are developing a new type of car that will run on compressed air.

In this seminar report of AIR POWERED BIKE, we will learn about the technology behind compressed air bike being developed and how these bikes are best options providing most comprehensive answer to todays urban pollution problems in simple economic and most inoffensive manner which makes bike users to replace their present cars running on gasoline in the coming years as these bike are safe to use safe to users and are also environment friendly.

Scope It is a machine which is used for the purpose of TRANSPORTATION of human beings, goods etc . without any petrochemicals.


Basic principle: Air at 150 bar pressure is used as a fuel. When this air is allowed to expand at atmospheric conditions its volume is increased many times this energy produced is used to turbines of air powered vehicle. About working cycle: The secret of the working of Air powered motor is simply to - decompress the air in stages and in so doing efficiently release energy at each point in the chain.This process is repeated as many times as possible to extract the maximum energy efficiency from the compressed air.Its secret is isotherm dynamics.Isotherm dynamics is a process that creates power by expanding air at an almost constant temperature, cylindrical expansions are between the isothermic and the adiabatic. Isothermic expansion is defined by a constant temperature during the increase in volume. Adiabatic expansion is characterized by a lack of thermic exchange with the exterior.

Air vehicle by Zero pollution motors: Another version of the air powered bike has been produced by ZPM (Zero Pollution Motors). with an air injector on each cylinder In between these 2, with the transfer and the chamber inlet valves into each cylinder, is the combustion chamber. 1) The air is expanded here straight from the compressed air tank, and then compressed in the first cylinder, during the first cycle of the engine 2) Then passed to the second where it expands, where the pistons pause for a while at that time small amount of compressed air from the tank is released into the expansion chamber to create a low pressure, low temperature volume of about 149psi. 3) Shortly before the valve to the expansion cylinder is opened, a high speed shutter connects the compression and the expansion chamber. 4) This sudden pressure and temperature difference between the two chambers create pressure waives in the expansion chambers, thereby producing work in the exhaust chamber that drives the piston to power the engine, and turning the crankshaft. 5) It is then passed out of the exhaust having gone through a chemical filter, rather like a catalytic converter, before going back into the atmosphere. This is commonly because in typical urban use, the air is much polluted, and so the air expelled from the air powered bike is cleaned.

Power transmission: No clutch is necessary. The engine is off when the bike is stationary and the vehicle is started by the power valve which re-engages the compressed air. Distribution and valves:

Chain and sprocket mechanism used for power transmission for vehicle.

To ensure smooth running and to optimize energy efficiency, CATs engines use a simple electromagnetic distribution system which controls the flow of air into the engine. This system runs on very little energy and alters neither the valve phase nor its rise. Brake power recovery: The vehicles will be equipped with a range of modern systems. For example, one mechanism stops the engine when the car is stationary i.e. at traffic lights, junctions etc. Unlike conventional cars, the engine does not operate in traffic jams, which thus saves on fuel. Another interesting feature is the pneumatic system when the car brakes, the kinetic energy from braking is used to drive a pump that helps to restore some of the lost pressure. Refueling: The air tanks could be refilled in one of two ways i.e. 1) Either by using a household electrical source, it takes about four hours to refill the compressed air tanks. Tanks are refilled by plugging the car into a mains socket to feed the motor-alternator which compresses the air with the motor-compressor. 2) Or by means of a special system, i.e. a rapid three-minute recharge is possible, using a high-pressure air pump at air stations.These methods consume electrical energy which loads the power stations also leading to increase pollution since power stations depend on fossil fuels for power generation. Hence some alternative sources of refueling which can be used in future are; wind energy, hydraulic systems, fuel cells, photovoltaics etc can be used.

Part list & Cost estimate 100cc, 4 stroke, two wheeler Accessories Converter Total ADVANTAGES
. . . . . works pollution free Small & compact in size Easy to use cheap in production easy to maintain

- 30,000 / - 1,000 /- 500 /= 31,500 /-



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