Draw use case and class diagram for the following cases 1.

Online flight reservation system has 3 modules viz. Book a ticket, Enquiry (Which further includes enquiry for a particular flight, enquiry for route, enquiry for timing, confirmation of ticket and cancellation of flight), and Admin. Administrator of the system is responsible for changing the routes, timings and cancellation related information in the system.

2. Online library has 3 modules, view book (title wise, author wise and subject wise. Issue and receive module accepts book issue and receipt details. Admin module is meant for maintaining user and passwords. For issue of book, user has to enter login id and password and enter the book title / number. System crosschecks for validity of user and availability of book. After checking both, book will be issued if available, else give appropriate message. 3. A website for a distance learning course has following options: Register for a course, Make an enquiry, Payment of fees, Access course material and Admin. Registered students can appear for course after payment of fees. Admin is responsible for making available course material on the site. Payment of fees is done through Demand Draft. Students receive an acknowledgement in a soft format after the payment.


Draw use case diagram for Railway Reservation System for following functions A. Booking a Ticket B. Cancellation of a Ticket Draw Class Diagram for the same.

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