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Arabic Magick

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Djinn Summoning 2 To Stop The Evil Eye 3 How To Construct A Waqf (Talisman) 5 Evoking a Jinn Servant 6 Catching Thieves 6 Tilsum For Protection 7 Tilsum For Health 8 Love Spells Using Badooh 8 Magic From Bosnia 9 Afghan Medicine 10 Knot Magick 11 Ritual Against Evil Eyes And Evil Spirits (Turkey Magic) 12 Method Against Black Magic 13 Tilsam For Impotence 14 Healing With Quranic Verse 14

Djinn Summoning
During any day, before sunrise, one needs to recede into solitude and quietness. During that night, the person that wants to contact a Djinn, needs to pray and praise to God. During the next day fasting is practiced. Before one starts to fast, which lasts from sunup till sundown one needs to eat unsalted food out of barley, unsalted olives, dried grapes, Dates and a few pieces of fruit and vegetables. Under no circumstances can one consume anything that is of animal origin such as : meat, milk, eggs, honey, etc. When one breaks his fasting, one needs to consume the same. An hour and a half before nightfall one needs to start summoning Djinn by repeating the following prayer a thousand times :


Arabic Magick
“Beshmasheymahin [x2], Shamihin Ala Kulli Berahin Aksemtu Aleyke Eyyuhel Avnul Muin Biizeti Shemlehin [x2], Shemalehin En Te'tiyne Ve Takdi Hajeti Bihakki Sha'shain Esh'ashin Esh'ushin [x2], Barekellahu Fiyke Ve Aleyke Ve Innehu Lekasemun Lev Ta'lemune Azim.” After the prayer is repeated for the last time a Djinn will appear in front of the summoner in a human form. If that happens there is no reason to panic, one needs to go to sleep peacefully. During the night, while the man is sleeping, the Djinn will come and wake him. After a short conversation a contract will be made between them and the Djinn will be bound to a lifelong servitude which includes fulfilling realistic wishes and informing the human about the questions that he sets to the Djinn. Ancient Arabic wizards warn that if there is no response from the Djinn during the first time, that one must persist and repeat the process a couple of times until a contact is successfully made.

To Stop The Evil Eye
The Palestine people as well as the rest of the Arab world have a rich store of folklore and beliefs. The most famous beliefs relate to spellbound eyes and their detrimental effect on people, especially children. According to the beliefs in Palestine, if a child falls ill suddenly after a visit from guest and starts crying for no reason and starts to reject food, it is then believed that it had fallen prey to the guest's spellbound eyes. The ritual of annulling spellbound eyes is usually done by the mother or some old lady surrounded by a couple of curious women that are anxiously observing the ritual. To neutralize foreign evil the mother needs to take three fingers of flour and salt, that need to be clean for this occasion, and repeat the following magical formula : “Bism Al-ain, Bismi En-nadra, Bism El-hasud“. 3

Arabic Magick
And then throw the salt and flour in a metal container filled with hot coals adding to that mixture some dust from four rooms, seven grains of barley, a piece of Alum, and then she takes one hair from all the present inhabitants of the house (“Min Atarha“). If one knows for sure who has spellbound the child, then it is only necessary to take a piece of thread from that person. To the hot coal a couple of seed of incense are added and one needs to wait for the thick fog to form in which the child will be bathed while pronouncing the magical formula. While holding the metal container (Bassat Nar) the woman that is conducting the ritual circles around the child saying : “Smallah Alek! Hawattak Ballah Udachiltak Lallah...“. The magical formula is repeated three times and then the woman dips hands into a prepared vessel full of water and shaking it off in the direction of the fire she pronounces : “Ih! Intefi ja uwenw bin nuwere! En-nar lamakanha wel-ain Allah la'anha“. If squeaking sound are heard coming from the fire, that is deemed as a good sign-the effect of spellbound eyes is disappearing. Animated by what she hears the woman continues with the pronunciation of another magical formula to neutralize the evil : “Takhat, sahat. Ain el-adu rahat kusch! El-ebid“. But if the effect is not forthcoming then the present women whisper and conclude that the spellbound eyes have resisted the power of the fire. Because of this revelation everyone is awaiting for the fire to burn down and for all the ingredients to melt and for it to cool down and form some kind of a figure, mostly it is determined who caused the child to be spellbound, the evil starts to lose its power. A detrimental item for spellbound eyes is garlic, as is believed in Palastine, whose smell keeps away most evil from human beings.


Arabic Magick How To Construct A Waqf(Talisman)
Historians of occultism believe that the magical square (Al-Waqf or Vafk) was first introduced by the people of ancient Egypt and India believing that it represents a strong symbol that protects from all evil. For that reason they carried it like an amulet, and also carved the symbol above the door and all other places that they wanted to protect. Later, the squares were used by the Arabian astrologers for the production of natal horoscopes and therefore taking another important place. The whole science about magical squares and seals (khatam) drains its knowledge from "Ilm Al-Huruf" which means science of letters. These are only some of the 27 rules for the production of magical squares and triangles(waqf) :

1 One shouldn't eat too much, the stomach mustn't be laden
with food.

2 One should avoid eating foods of animal origin. 3 One should avoid eating foods that have an unpleasant smell,
like onions, garlic, etc.

4 The things on which a waqf will be produced must be well
taken care of.

5 For each waqf there is a qasem (curse, wish) and it should be
pronounced during the creation of the talisman.

6 One should have clean clothes, clean body and a clean place
where the waqf will be created. Also care must be taken that the material necessary for writing is in order (pen, ink, place where the inscription is made, etc.)

7 One must face the holy city of Mecca.


Arabic Magick Evoking a Jinn Servant
There are jinns who are servants by profession. They serve the higher class jinns – and also human adepts! This simply rite below evokes a jinn to your presence that will help to fulfill your needs – even serving you food and drinks on a platter! The Method : The same preparations apply as for the previous ritual for evoking a jinn king : This ritual should be done at night in a quiet secluded place in the woods or forest 'neath nature's canopy with no one around. If you fail to find an appropriate place you may use your room but make sure that you are not disturbed in any way. There should not be irritating anywhere in the vicinity. The room should be in complete darkness. Do not allow any light to penetrate the room. Jinns as a rule, dislike bright places. The evocation ceremony should be preceded by a cleansing, a holy wash, or preferably a ritual shower. Wear clean clothings for the magickal ritual – wear a robe or a protective west if you have one. This ritual should be proceded ba 3 days of fasting from dawn to dusk. No meat or animal products are to be consumed during the 3day fasting period. During the fast, after every 5 of the obligatory prayers recite the following for 1,500x : “Hailuusyin“. Benzoin incense from the East should be burned during these recitations. On the third and last day, an attractive jinn familiar spirit would appear. He or she would declare their readiness to serve your needs.

Catching Thieves
If the following talisman be sketched on an egg and buried in a grave, the abdomen of the individual who has stolen will swell, and remain so, until the egg is taken out of the earth. In the square is to be 6

Arabic Magick
written, “May the belly of him who is the thief, through the influence of this diagram, swell“.

Tilsum For Protection
By keeping the following tilsum (talisman) near one, jinns, faires (peri), and enchanters will not attack them.

8 1492 3 1489

1490 2 1495 5

1493 7 1488 4

1 1491 6 1494


Arabic Magick Tilsum For Health
We have looked at a number of talismans and healing techniques that make use of the seven symbols. There are other talisman that work on the principle of combining the shapes of the Arabic letters. The first talisman combines various letters to heal stomach and side pains. Write it on a piece of paper and place it over the area that hurts, or write it on it. Keep in mind that stomach or side pain can mask a serious medical condition. Address this issue first before you try to handle the pain. Consider this method as an adjunct to a pain killer in a medical treatment program and not as a substitute for it. Make sure you see your physician immediately, if you have any concerns about your health.

‫ﻭﻯ ﻭﻯ ﻭﻯ ﻭﻯ ﻭﻯ ﻭﻯ ﻭﻯ ﻣﻄﻞ ﻣﻄﻞ‬ ‫ﻣﻄﻞ ﻣﻄﻞ ﻣﻄﻞ ﻣﻄﻞ ﻣﻄﻞ ﻣﻄﻞ‬ ‫ﻣﺎﻃﻞ ﻣﺎﻃﻞ ﻣﺎﻃﻞ ﻣﺎﻃﻞ ﻣﺎﻃﻞ ﻣﺎﻃﻞ‬ ‫ﻣﺎﻃﻞ ﻣﺎﻃﻞ ﺝ ﺝ ﺝ ﺝ ﺝ ﺝ ﺝ ﺝ ﺝ ﺝ ﺝ‬ ‫ﺝﺝﺝﺝﺝﺝﺝﺝﺝﺝﺝﺝﺝﺝ‬

Love Spells Using Badooh
One medieval text, The Red Sulfur by Ibn Arabi, talks about how to use body fluid with name Baduh to engender love in another in poem. The poem goes like this : “If you seek love from a friend, after taking water into your mouth, repeat Buduh seven times, then return the water from your mouth to the bottle ; You will get love. If you do this for part of the food, aroma, or water, and, after taking it into your mouth, You recite likewise then spit after you finish, and give it to the one from whom you have sought love ; His love is aroused toward you, for you give the beloved what appeals to his heart. “Allahu Akbar! (x3) Baduh! (x3) You bring triumph, benefits, and goodness from all regions and directions. Employ to me the hearts of all creatures and dispatch to me the blessings from every thing sealed and 8

Arabic Magick
open. I swear on You, by You and by the most praised Mohammed who has the victory and triumph and is supported by the angels and spirit. Hurry (x3) Now (x3) This Hour (x3) with proficiency, joyfulness, and success, by the mystery of Baduh Batad Zahej Wah, by the mystery of Baduh Ajhazat, and by the mystery of Baduh Abjad Hawaz Hut, employ to me Your blessings and the grandeur of Your majesty for You are upon all things capable.”

Magic From Bosnia
For a woman to become a witch or sihirbaza and gain magical powers she needs to take the holy Qur'an and throw it on the ground and stomping it utter : “Iblis, help me, I give you my soul, help me in my intentions (or wishes)”. In Bosnia it is believed that after this blasphemous act she becomes a witch : she can cast love spells, exert revenge on her enemies, become invisible. In the past, according to ethnological writings, young women often became witches in order to become attractive with the help of magic, so that men would want them. Similarly, a woman would become a witch in order to bring her man back, who left her or to separate him from his beloved girlfriend, her rival. In their practice the Bosnian witches used various ways to cast love spells on men, and the most famous one is the one with white beans. The ritual was performed as follows : At night, when no one is around, the witch would take an axe and place it behind the entrance door along with nine white beans on which she urinated on. Then the witch goes to the fire place inside the house and places the beans in the ash near the fire. She would then utter : “the beans crackle, bah bahti, the axe behind the door and X in front of it. Die, burst until you come to me, with Gods power and my merit, veledalin amin". She would then blow three times in the direction of the man and then she would swallow her spit. The witch stirs the beans in a circle with a metal spoon, takes the axe and brings it and places it next to 9

Arabic Magick
her feet, and then she stirs the beans with the spoon one more time and brings the axe back behind the door. While doing this she utters : “I am placing the axe behind the door ; I am not placing the axe but the brain and wits of X behind the door. Die, burst until you come to me, with God's power and my merit.Veledalin amin”. After that she repeats the following words three times : “basmice, basmice sisters as ordained by God, bring me X there is the dark and the cloud, I am his shining sun and moon. Dark all around him and I am his only light, elzalif amin”. At the end she blows down her bosom three times, turns around and goes to bed. It is believed that after this ritual the man who was the target of the ritual becomes plagued by an unexplainable longing and wish to see the woman as soon as he can. Because of the love magic the man cannot sleep nor concentrate on anything else. If he resists the urge to visit the witch strange blisters appear on his body and he suffers a high temperature for days. When he visits the woman, and as soon as he lays his eyes on her, all of the symptoms disappear immediately.

Afghan Medicine
Afghan medicine consists mainly of herbs and traditional Arabic medicine. Throughout all the Islamic world you can see the two forms of medical practice. The herbal medicine would require another ten books at least, but the Arabic medicine can be explained within these pages. Here are a few non-magical remedies for ailments which affect every society.

1 Constipation : press on the large intestine with firm and hard
pressure and rotate your hand in a clockwise direction.

2 Diarrhoea : as above but rotate in an anticlockwise direction.

Arabic Magick

3 Common cold : relief can be obtained by rubbing down the
inside of your arms.

4 Back pain : rub the palms of you hands together and place
them onto your kidneys.

5 Eye

problems : rub the palms of your hands together and place them on your eyelids for relief, gently rub the bone around the eye then place your palms back on your eye for further relief.

Knot Magick
The expression of (binding) takes us back to the probably oldest branch of Arabic magic where the use of knots play an important role. Knot magic is another form of magical control Arabs believe in. For instance, a male sexual dysfunction may be regarded as being caused by a jealous woman who wants to destroy a marriage, thus knotting the husband. This next spell is for women only involves the use of a piece of string. This spell originates from the Yemen and is mentioned in the Quran. Obtain a piece of string and tie nine knots. Whilst tying the knots repeat the spell : “An-nus (name of man concerned) Iya budu. Amin” According to lore, the prophet believed at one time that he was suffering from a spell of bewitchment cast by a man whose daughters tied the spell into a cord with 11 knots and hid the cord in a well. Muhammad fell seriously ill. God sent the malaikat Jibril with these two surah and instructed him to teach Muhammad how to use them and where to find the cord. The prophet recited over the 11 knots the 11 verses of the two chapters [the basmalah of sura 114 is not 11

Arabic Magick
counted within this story as a verse]. At the end of each recital one knot was untied by an unseen power. As soon as all the knots were loosened the prophet was freed from his serious illness.” The suras of refuge are also described as being widely used in protective magic.

Ritual Against Evil Eyes And Evil Spirits (Turkey Magic)
Ateš Sondurmek. "extinguishing a fire" or "reducing a fever". This curing ritual is performed somewhat similarly to kuršun dokmek, but an ocakli or izinli person is not required. Should a member of a family become sick with a fever (Turk, "ateš'") that is believed to have been caused by the evil eye, any senior female member of the household can apply this remedy. She takes three hot pieces of charcoal from the brazier and drops them into a bowl of water held first over the feverish person's head, then his or her midsection, and lastly his feet. As she drops the coals into the water she says : “In the name of Allah. [I do this] not with my hand, but with the hand of Aisha Fatma." This involves a form of sympathetic magic and symbolic transference. For as the fire "ateš" is extinguished, the fever "ateš" is supposed to subside. Šerbet Dokmek: "to pour a sweet fruit drink". When an individual is troubled by a ruh "soul", akil "mental", or sinir "nervous" disorder which is associated with or follows a fall, his family believes evil spirits are the underlying cause and must be propitiated before health can be restored. Either the ill person, himself, or a member of his family prepares a sweet fruit drink (Turk, "šerbet") in the ordinary fashion. Then a person who can either read or recite the Quran comes to the home and says the Sure-i Ihlas — 112t sura of the Quran — three times and the Fatiha once. Next, he blows over the šerbet. At about midnight, the ill person secretly takes the sweet drink either to the spot where he presumably collided with evil spirits and fell, or to a crossroad where he pours it on the ground, saying, "Take my troubles, give me my health. We give flavor to your mouth, give 12

Arabic Magick
flavor to ours in return" (we please you, please us in return). The ill person must then return home quickly without looking back.

Method Against Black Magic
This is a protection to counter other charms. If somebody wants to harm you with an amulet, this will make that amulet useless. The following is to be written on a tree/stick, then the writing should be washed and drunk. By the power of God, this will weaken other charms and the work of jinns and of man. Surat Al-Hamd [ie, Surat Al-Fatiha] should be written on Sunday and Monday morning. Write also Surat Al Najm on Monday. On Tuesday, write Surat Al-Hamd and Surat Al Tawbah. On Wednesday, write Al-Hamd and Surat Al Shams all of it. Then on Thursday, write Al-Hamd and Surat Al-Tin all of it. Then on Friday write Al- Hamd and "In the Night of Power" [ie, Surat Al-Qadr], And on Saturday write Al-Hamd and Al-Ikhlas and AlMu'awwidhatayn [ie, Surat Al-Falaq and Surat Al-Nas. Then on Sunday write Al-Hamd. You should wash all these written verses of the Qur'an and wash your body with it and it will make all counter-charms ineffective. You should also read the following : "In God do I take refuge“.


Arabic Magick Tilsam For Impotence

Healing With Quranic Verse

1 Labour pains. Chapter 17, section 13, verse no : 30. When a
woman is in the throes of labour above verse should be recited and blown on the stomach or it can be written on paper and worn as taweez. This will cause the delivery to become swift and less painful.

2 Fever. Chapter 9, section 14, verse no : 301 The above should
be recited and blown on a person who has fever. Otherwise it could be written with saffron on a plate, the plate washed with a cup of water and the patient be made to drink this water.

3 Depression. Chapter 9, section 15, verse no : 38. Should be
written on a piece of paper and worn as a taweez and placed on the heart. 14

Arabic Magick

4 Palpitation of the heart. Chapter 3, section 17, verse no : 8286. The verse should be written on the inside of a new clay utensil with saffron ink. The plate then should be washed with one or two cups of water and the patient be made to drink this water.


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