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Mission-Vision CQA Doc No 34

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Mission is the plan Mission is seeing where we want to be and developing a working plan to get there. Mission is looking to see how we can make a vision a reality

Vision is the dream Visionaries were usually hated by their contemporaries because with a new vision comes change. Vision has been defined as “a positive picture of a preferable future”; “a realistic, credible, attractive future for an organisation”; “the result of dreams in action” and “the launching pad for the future.” The image of the preferred future we want for ourselves, those we care about, and the larger world” A vision statement answers one question: 1. "where are we going?"



It focuses on what we want to be (character) and do (contributions) Mission statement answers 2 questions 1. "who are our customers?" 2. "why do we exist?"



Has a measurable, attainable goal

The word vision means the conception of an image. In a vision statement you say where it is you want to go. A vision statement is what the enterprise wants to become.


A mission statement concerns what an enterprise is all about.


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