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A Hundred Years Ago

By Elton Camp (Statistics and facts apply only to the USA) It was forty-seven years the average man would live And twenty-two cents an hour the average pay to give There were eight thousand automobiles--not any more And the fuel for them was sold only in the drug store The most common car was by Ford and called Model T And there were only 144 miles of paved road, you see Bathtubs at fourteen percent were an item very rare Just once a month the average woman washed her hair In Las Vegas there were only thirty who did reside And there was no income tax anywhere to deride Marijuana, heroin and cocaine were all legally sold All good for your health, store customers were told Even the germ theory of disease was still debated As being wrong many doctors the idea still rated The most common government was rule by a king Stayed so until to an end the Great War did bring Space travel was impossible most scientists did say Or else, being shot out of a canon might be a way Even the millions of galaxies were not know to exist Stars float around in a cloudy mass, they did insist There were only 230 reported murders in the USA So there were some very good things about that day