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Back 1. Greeting 2. Palms 3. Fists 4. Butterfly 5. Thumb work 6. Hand-on-Hand slide 7. Elbow 8. Forearm 9. Kneading 10. Switch sides 11. (Repeat numbers 5-9 on other side of back) 12. Balance 13. Heel, Thumb 14. Go to other side of person 15. Flat Hand slide toward head 16. Fist work toward head 17. Elbow toward head 18. Forearm toward head 19. Heel, Thumb 20. (Repeat numbers 14-17) Neck 1. Knead 2. Three Rows Moons 3. Right thumb slide to back of skull 4. Knead neck and walk around 5. Left thumb slide to back of skull 6. Double thumb slide to back of skull 7. Knead neck and stand in front of head 8. Double thumb slide 9. Pull apart 10. Fist fan 11. Pull fingertips toward skull Glutes 1. Forearm 2. Fist work Legs 1. Greeting 2. Palms 3. Three fist rows

4. Fist fan 5. Kneading 6. Two fist slide on IT Band 7. Free form with fist on top 8. Half moons on knee 9. Rotation on side with fingers 10. Slide down to heel 11. Half moons inside from heel to knee 12. Half moons outside from heel to knee 13. Pull apart with heel of hand 14. Bend the knee 15. Three fist slides on calf muscle 16. Ringing on calf 17. Heel work (with thumbs and caterpillar) 18. Bend heel (arch fold) TURN PERSON OVER 1. Repeat moves from face down position for thighs and legs. Arm 1. Greeting 2. Bend elbow slightly 3. Palms 4. Half moons on inside 5. Half moons on outside 6. Free form with fist 7. Thumb slide on forearm 8. bend arm over (optional) 9. work around elbow joint 10. Double thumb slide on inside of forearm Hand 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Face 1. Thumb slides on forehead 2. Rotate fingers on temple area 3. eyebrow hook for sinus points Slide between bones on top of hand finger (scoot scoot) slide down on fingers Thumb work on palm of hand Hand squeeze

4. finger pressure on sinus points 5. gentle slide to jaw area and rotate fingers 6. finger slide across lip and lower lip area Chest 1. Row of half moons following the clavicle 2. Palm slide Neck 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Finger rotations (Pressure down toward feet then come up lightly) Tilt head Thumb slide three rows fist slide finger slide from shoulder to base of skull tilt head with finger tips and repeat moves 3-5 Turn head back to neutral position and balance