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For several years now, we have seen a marked in attendance and exhibitions at the
PCB design conferences.
(A) Increase (B) increased (C) increasing (D) TO increase
102. Make sure that transportation to and from the river is arranged to your .
(A) satisfactory (B) satisfaction (C) satisfy (D) to satisfy
103. The imposing that will soon be Rand Corporation's R&D center was
renovated by the highly admired designer Haewook Lee.
(A) structural (B) structure (C) structurally (D) in structural
104. Employees may receive 50% tuition reimbursement for job-related courses taken with a
supervisor's .
(A) approves (B) approval (C) approve (D) to approve
105. Mr. Hui, a freelance writer here at ESS Newspapers, has impeccable
for the position of senior editor.
(A) qualified (B) qualifications (C) qualify (D) be qualified
106. Because of an illness is much cheaper than treatment, the local health clinic will be offering free flu
vaccinations this weekend.
(A) prevention (B) prevent (C) to prevent B) prevented
107. Legal experts have presented that the DNA samples and fingerprints match.
(A) evident (B) evidence (C) evidently (D) to evident
108. Mach Corp. has a system that allows clients to manage to employees' files.
(A) access (B) accessible (C) to accessible (D) accessibly
109. The average listener will not be able to notice any between audio CD and MP3 files.
(A) differences (B) different (C) differently (D) of different
110. Without your , we cannot guarantee your room after 6 p.m.
A) confirm B) confirming C) confirmation D) confirmative
111. of countries belonging to GATT approved the agreement yesterday in Geneva.
A) Represents B) Representations C) Representatives D) Representing
112. Officials of the Sydney head of office will hold a conference to talk about goals for the next ten years.
A) them B) their C) theirs D) they
113. As a customer service representative, Mrs. Lee tried to solve complaints from customers
before asking for ______ supervisor's advice.
(A) she B) her C) hers D) herself
114 Mr. Alfred and I extend thanks to those that have helped this project in the past.
(A) us (B) ours (C) our (D) ourselves
115. Pioneer Corp. is considering--------- the release of the new equipment scheduled for later this month.
(A)postponing (B) postpone (C) to postpone (D) postponement
116. The company's business plan includes ---------- revenue from magazine and event promotions designed to help
recruiters find qualified applicants.
(A) draw (B) drawing (C) to draw (D) drawer
117. This guideline is intended to -------- information about our databases and to provide a clear definition of how these
database get updated and who has responsibilities
(A) clarification (B) classified (C) cleared (D) clarify
118. As of July 7, basic monthly telephone service will increase by $1.50 due to the new federal telecommunication tax,
-------- state-to-state long-distance rates will decrease an average of 10 percent.
(A) otherwise (B) therefore (C) however (D) in addition to
119. He makes $20 an hour, has more work than he can handle.
(A) and (B) than (C) so (D) but
120. Their products are known not only for their low price, __________ for their high quality.
(A) but (B) but also (C) and also (D) as well as
121. Our order of high-speed computers is scheduled to arrive __________ today or tomorrow.
(A) or (B) on (C) both (D) either
122. _________ Jane and Mary like different things, they are great friends.
(A) Since (B) Despite (C) For (D) Although
123. This rural town has __________ small population that the mail carrier knows where everyone lives.
(A) too (B) a so (C) very (D) such a
124. _______ the president is going to say in his speech tonight will affect all of us.
(A) What (B) That (C) So (D) While
125. It matters little who finds the truth ------ the truth is found.
(A) because (B) so that (C) so long as (D) as
126. The order must be delivered by Tuesday; ----- we will have to look for another supplier.
(A) unless (B) excepting (C) maybe (D) otherwise
127. Unemployment is -------- low that companies may soon be unable to find workers without increasing wages.
(A) such (B) very (C) so (D) despite
128. The design EXPO had ----- high attendance last year that it will be moved to a larger location this year.
(A) so (B) such (C) much (D) too
129. ------- the rain is expected, everything is ready for the grand opening of the gallery
(A) Except that (B) According to (C) Since (D) Aside from
130. The store will be set for business by the end of the month-------- the contractors are able to complete the remodeling
by this weekend.
(A) these (B) if (C) them (D) so
131. Neither the sales------ the profit is expected to increase in the next quarter.
(A) any (B) or (C) nor (D) but

132. The _______ carefully you write, the fewer mistakes you will make.
(A) much (B) most (C) more (D) many
133. There are far more game shows on TV __________ there used to be.
(A) than (B) as (C) that (D) or
134. You will need _______ more money to buy such a gorgeous dress.
(A) much (B) a lot of (C) very (D) a great many
135 The clay must be packed into the mold as ------- as possible to prevent air pockets from forming.
(A) tighter (B) tighten (C) tightly (D) tightness
136 In the survey of 2.000 youths aged twelve to seventeenth, twice as many said they could talk more easily to their
mothers than to their fathers.
(A) easiest (B) more easily (C) easily (D)most easily
137. $200.00 will be presented to the graduate who has attained the------grade point average in the entire department
(A) high (B) higher (C) highest (D) highly
138. Mr. Stone has the------ attendance record at the retraining programs held at the headquarters
(A) poor (B) poorer (C) poorest (D) poorly
139. The director think that the qualification of the new designer are as------ as the others on the team.
(A) credibility (B) credible (C) credibly (D) more crediable
140. Ben's Delivery is the _____ messenger service in town
(A)faster (B)fastest (C) most fastest (D)more fast
141. The position used to be obtained _____ in the past than it is now
(A)harder (B)hard (C)the harder (D)the hardest
142. That was one of the _____ business conferences the representative had ever attended.
(A)bad (B)worst (C)worse (D)more bad
143. The new employee will be likely to be _____ his predecessor.
(A)popular (B)as popular as (C)as popular (D)popular than
144. When my visitor --------, will you please call me?
(A) will arrive (B) arrives (C) arrived (D) is arriving
145. Denny-------- his first job with us five years ago.
(A) will arrive (B) arrives (C) arrived (D) is arriving
146. I ------ all members by tomorrow night.
(A) contacted (B) contacts (C) has contacted (D) will have contacted
147. Investors --------- fascinated by the stock market for a long time.
(A) is being (B) has been (C) are being (D) have been
148. Mr. Franklin ------- as the most likely successor to the position of CEO since he was elected vice president last
(A) saw (B) was seen (C) has been seen (D) has seen
149. The union leader were informed that the workers on the strike------.
(A) fired (B) is fired (C) had fired (D) had been fired
150. If you get your bank to generate a money order, it usually ______ conversion fees.
(A) charge (B) charges (C) charging (D) is charging
151. Since this morning, city workers traffic signs in the roads using special paint to avoid repainting every year.
(A) were painting (B) had painted (C) have been painted (D) have painted
152. International stock markets, including those in Britain, Germany, Hong Kong and Japan
yesterday in response to the partial recovery of US markets.
(A) rise (B) rises (C) rose (D) risen
153. He us since Henry went to America.
(A) visits (B) visited (C) will visit (D) has visited
154. Last quarter the rate of inflation ___________ by 10 percent.
(A) rose (B) raised (C) has risen (D) was risen
155. We ________ to establish a friendly relationship with that country for two years.
(A) try (B) are trying (C) have tried (D) will tried
156. Inspection will be _____ Saturday at 7 A.M.
(A) at (B) to (C) for (D) on
157. We regret that the savings will be consumed ________ noon tomorrow.
(A) with (B) by (C) in) (D) from
158. _______ terms of quality and service, our company surpasses the competition.
(A) In (B) From (C) By (D) With
159. The sales meeting will be held _______ Busan in May.
(A) to (B) at (C) in (D) on
160. The supplies cannot be ordered ________ next Monday.
(A) within (B) until (C) at (D) to
161. The officials responsible for (A)running this office (B)represented the United States in (C)the Supreme Court and
provided legal (D)advices to the President.
162. Ben survived the (A)first round of (B)layoffs (C)despite having been employed for (D)lesser than a year.
163. (A)From the (B)past three years, Bob Smith (C)has been the (D)head of the international department.
164. (A)Each of the managers (B)receive a (C)copy of the (D)company's policies and procedures.
165. If you (A)would have studied the problem more (B)carefully, you would (C)have found the
solution (D)more quickly.
166. (A)Although a new computer, Model CX-2, (B)seemed like a good investment (C)for their company, they decided
not to buy (D)them.
167. To protect herself (A)against robbery, Ellen had (B)a company (C)installed a new burglary (D)alarm.
168. I wonder (A)how she manage (B)to get along (C)on (D)so cheap a salary.
169. (A)With the advent of satellite transmission of photographs of the (B)earth's atmosphere, forecasting the weather has
become a (C)relative exact (D)science.
170. There (A)were intense competition (B)between the (C)rival companies (D)to get the contract.
171. There is (A)some disagreement between (B)my parents and I about which job I should (C)take.
172. The index of (A)leading economic indicators, which (B)are intended to forecast economic activity about six months
(C)into the future, dropped (D)5 percent last month.
173. In his role as (A)facilitator of all operations, he invariably (B)coordinating the running (C)of the building's
(D)various systems.
174. (A)In spite of the fact that he was late for the meeting, the boss (B)having (C)nothing but praise (D)for his last few
months' performance.
175. He studied economics when (A)their study was not common, and he (B)later (C)went on to distinguish himself
(D)in the field.
176. Neither Sam Atkins (A)nor Henry Miller, sales representatives for the company, presented (B)their summaries of
sales (C)before the deadline (D)for doing so.
177. Neither of the two candidates (A)who had (B)applied for admission (C)to the Industrial Engineering Department
(D)were eligible for scholarships.
178. One (A)out of (B)every eight balloons (C)in the world (D)are launched in Albuquerque, New Mexico
179. (A)There are a range of (B)effects pushing and pulling the climate (C)in opposite (D)directions; no one fully
understands these interactions.
180. (A)Whether or not Sam’s understanding of social conflicts (B)are in any way scientific (C)remains (D)a vexing
181. (A)In October, the vice president (B)will have (C)been at this company (D)since ten years.
182. We (A)need purchase a new set of (B)equipment (C)to speed up the (D)developing and printing process.
183. (A)The local bank, (B)along with other (C)financial institutions, (D)are lowering processing fees imposed in cashing
a check.
184. The amusement park (A)is expected to be very (B)successful (C)because of many special facilities (D)such
restaurants and movie theaters.
185. If you (A)fill in an (B)applying for a mortgage loan and mail (C)it to us, we will notify you of the result (D)as soon
as possible.
186. (A)By lowering (B)levels toxic waste disposal, the chemical industries (C)are responding to people's increasing
(D)concerns with environment.
187. (A)According to the (B)press release, the hotel is planning (C)on invest an additional $ 8 million into (D)marketing
and research.
188. (A)This new insurance policy will (B)bring you benefits that (C)provides more coverages
(D)on property damage.
189. For (A)more information, you can visit our website (B)and find the map (C)showing the potential car pool partner's
house and (D)work located.
190. A memorandum (A)announcing (B)this year's sales goals (C)are posted on (D)the bulletin board of the main office.
191. Any employee (A)whose puts in (B)more than five extra hours' work (C)during the holidays will be paid (D)for
192. (A)Every client should be reminded that (B)his credit history can be available (C)by lendings such (D) as
commercial banks and other financing companies.
193. Due to the (A)highest rental rates of houses, (B)more tenants have become (C)interested in home purchase (D)loan
194.The biologist (A)which (B)leads the ambitious Genom Project (C)was once awarded the Nobel Science Prize (D)in
195. Every frequent asked question will (A)be answered (B)automatic in accordance (C)with the (D)operating manual.
196. The passengers will be (A)dealt politely (B)until we (C)arrange for another flight (D)to pick up them.
197. The sales strategy meeting of the (A)marketing division is (B)held here (C)at the first Monday of (D)each month.
198. The (A)franchisee will renew the (B)exclusive distributorship of the products (C)upon (D)expire of this con.
199. (A)Despite declining revenues, his (B)efficient and enthusiasm (C)helped double the (D)profits at our department.
200. The director (A)is casting actor Jill Cosby (B)as a protagonist (C)for the two upcoming blockbusters, both of
(D)them will be very successful.

181. (D) since ---> for

182. (A) purchase ---> to purchase
183. (D) are ---> is
184. (D) such ---> such as
185. (B) applying ---> application
186. (B) levels ---> levels of
187. (C) on ---> to
188. (C) provides ---> provide
189. (D) located ---> location
190. (C) are ---> is
191. (A) whose ---> who
192. (C) lendings ---> lenders
193. (A) highest ---> high(er)
194. (A) which ---> who
195. (B) automatic ---> automatically
196. (A) dealt ---> dealt with
197. (C) at ---> on
198. (D) expire ---> expiration
199. (B) efficient ---> efficiency
200. (D) them ---> which
101. If we had seen the demand in advance, we surely on ..... the cookbook.
(A) would stock up (B) have stocked up (C) had stocked up (D) would have stocked up
102. Most of the time in Indonesia was spent ..... relatives.
(A) to visit (B) visiting (C) going visiting (D) go to visit
103. My broker advised me to invest in secured bonds before ..... in the stock market.
(A) invested (B) investing (C) investment (D) I will invest
104. It goes without ..... that you'll be paid for all this extra time you're spending on the project.
(A) telling (B) saying (C) repeating (D) regarding
105. The businessmen discussed the contract at length but never actually signed ..... .
(A) anything (B) anyone (C) another (D) anyway
106. The worldwide low inflation rate is expected to continue ..... .
(A) at a fast pace (B) for a long time (C) in a decline (D) throughout
107. The patient ..... examined by the doctor.
(A) were (B) is being (C) has (D) have been
108. The Argentineans are protecting their forests because the lumber is very valuable to .....
(A) they (B) ourselves (C) them (D) we
109. Travel agents advise early ..... , in order to avoid disappointment.
(A) buying (B) postponing (C) booking (D) canceling
110. The use of pesticides is having a ..... effect on the groundwater.
(A) devastate (B) devastating (C) devastated (D) devastation
111. Because of Lucille's managerial skills, the family now has an ..... business.
(A) expanding (B) expend (C) expanse (D) expended
112. Just as the business was about to go under, he ..... the bid for the shopping mall construction.
(A) was winning (B) will win (C) had won (D) won
113. We have decided to ..... your income with a monthly bonus.
(A) implement (B) compliment (C) supplement (D) compartment
114. A study was done to determine the effect ..... the change in government policy has had on the small business
(A) of (B) what (C) for (D) that
115. The air conditioner will have to be worked on ..... the office is in use.
(A) during (B) while (C) only (D) meanwhile
116. Your credit history shows that either several loan payments were late ..... the bank made a huge error in
reporting them.
(A) and (B) but (C) nor (D) or
117. Another building will be ..... in the downtown area before you know it.
(A) demolished (B) demolishing (C) demolish (D) demolishes
118. The meeting is ..... over.
(A) much or little (B) here or there (C) more or less (D) to or from
119. We ..... the money to your money market account within three working days.
(A) have been transferred (B) will transfer (C) transferring (D) will be transferred
120. We are sending you what we have now and ..... the remainder as soon as it arrives.
(A) will have shipped (B) will ship (C) shipped (D) shipping
121. At election time, every speech is calculated to win .....
(A) preferences (B) wishes (C) votes (D) choices
122. Although most people are ..... than I am, they are not as healthy or wise.
(A) wealth (B) wealthy (C) wealthily (D) wealthier
123. Constance breathed a sigh ..... relief when she heard that her loan was approved.
(A) to (B) for (C) by (D) of
124. Good management ..... to the employees.
(A) will be listened (B) are listening (C) listens (D) listen
125. The newly discovered ore is being extracted by ..... of a huge robotic arm.
(A) mean (B) means (C) meant (D) meanings
126. When the computer analyst realized what a ..... task it was, he immediately added two more staff to the
(A) precise (B) superfluous (C) short (D) formidable
127. I spoke with the real estate agent who told me that the office space would cost $225 ..... square foot.
(A) for (B) In (C) per (D) at
128. The human resources department is ..... for the hiring and care of our personnel.
(A) respondent (B) responsive (C) responding (D) responsible
129. The air conditioning unit ..... for hours by the time you arrive.
(A) will have been running (B) shall run (C) will be running (D) will run
130. We were having so much fun on the ship we were ..... to disembark at our destination.
(A) reluctant (B) doubtful (C) refusing (D) hesitant
131. The appeal of this training approach is that the students find ..... which management style work best for them.
(A) out (B) up (C) about (D) on
132. While you set up the display at the ..... of the store, I'll unpack the rest of the goods.
(A) prominence (B) forward (C) ahead (D) front
133. Mrs. Choor has managed the department so well that she'll be up for a ..... promotion than she expected.
(A) big (B) bigger (C) more (D) most
134. We would like to ..... a teleconference with your public relations office regarding the upcoming merger.
(A) transact (B) install (C) perform (D) arrange
135. We knew the economy was ..... a turning point when the interest rates started to fall.
(A) at (B) about (C) throughout (D) inside
136. We have been doing business with them since their .....
(A) incentive (B) inception (C) incision (D) incitement
137. The new clerk wasn't sure under which ..... he should file the purchasing documents.
(A) covering (B) level (C) rank (D) category
138. When Mrs. Graf sat down, she asked that the shades be pulled ..... because of the bright sunlight.
(A) below (B) off (C) down (D) up
139. By ..... what the public liked and didn't like, we were able to fine-tune our ads.
(A) sighting (B) focusing (C) predicting (D) pinpointing
140. We ..... with the prime minister for dinner at the Simsbury Hotel tonight.
(A) are meeting (B) have been met (C) were met (D) will be met
Directions: In Questions 141-160, each sentence has four words or phrases underlined. The four underlined parts of the
sentence are marked (A), (B), (C), (0). You are to identify the one underlined word or phrase that should be corrected or
rewritten. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the question and mark your answer.
All employee are required to wear their identification badges while at work.
All empAoyee are required toB wear their ideCntification badgDes while at
The underlined word "employee" is not correct in this sentence. This sentence should read, "All employees are required to
wear their identification badges while at work" Therefore, you should choose answer (A).
Now begin work on the questions.
141. As your old one, this new copier can collate and staple the copies in half the timeat
142. The museum is taking measures to protect its paintings from the damaging effects of pollutions and utra-violet rays,
which are getting worse and worse with each passing year.while at
143. After reviewing our finances, we decided reduce spending in all departments except marketing. while at
144. Mrs. Barrett, acting as her attorney, defended Mr. Stevenson in a very determined
145. To make out the lost time, we booked a direct flight from California to New
146.One evening, in a restaurant in Madrid, we were entertained by several dramatics flamenco
147. The plane had to fly over above the city for an hour before getting permission to
148. The Commission surprised investors by reversing its ruling and freezes all monies in the disputed
149. Since the appliance sales have shot up any, we're going to continue with the marketing plan we've been using since
the very start.
150. After downsizing the company, the executives realized that had much more furniture than they
151. When we go on vacation, we prefer swim and active sports to sightseeing and lying on the
152. The shareholders were upset that there weren't some dividends paid out in the last two
153. Before to go elsewhere for new staff, we always try to hire in house.while at
154. Because it was structurally unsafe and too expensive to repair, the 75 years old building had to be demolished.
155. This summer, the consumer protection agency are advising consumers to read instructions carefully before using any
outdoor cooking equipment.
156. I've looked at several records in your file and many documents still don't have your new marriage name.
157. Ecologists feared the American eagle might be near extinction as there were so few sights of them in the last decade.
158. Standard Tires have agreed to fund any further research into the manufacture of latex.
159. If the zoning changed, we will be able to purchase the building down the street and redesign it.
160. The factory let go of many its employees because it had automated so many operations.
101. Health care ..... have been rising but so has the quality.
(A) cost (B) costs (C) costing (D) costly
102. We are restocking the warehouse now that the transport strike is over ..... that customers get what they need
right away.
(A) to ensure (B) ensured (C) for ensuring (D) ensure
103. Electrical services will be restored more ..... if we call in some of the part-timers.
(A) quicker (B) quickly (C) quickest (D) quick
104. Assembly lines in car manufacturing plants ..... for countless jobs.
(A) supply (B) create (C) account (D) look
105 ..... spending is probably going to maintain this upward trend throughout the year.
(A) Consume (B) Consumer (C) Consuming (D) Consumed
106. If you go ..... your travel agent you're likely to get a much better fare.
(A) after (B) over (C) about (D) through
107. Whereas the language barrier, in ..... times, was once an obstacle to trade, that is no longer the case.
(A) earliness (B) earlier (C) earlyon (D) early to
108. The trade show has always been in Oslo, ..... this year the directors have decided to hold it in Stockholm.
(A) but (B) nor (C) during (D) when
109. The architecture of New York ..... its importance as a center of world trade.
(A) realizes (B) inscribes (C) remembers (D) reflects
110. Not one of our representatives ..... to participate in the final draft
(A) chosen (B) were choosing (C) have been chosen (D) has been chosen
111. If John had found the wallet we ..... you right away.
(A) called (B) would call (C) would have called (D) would be calling
112. He bought an air conditioner and installed ..... himself.
(A) them (B) it (C) him (D) your
113. Patrick didn't realize ..... his promotion also pushed him into a higher tax bracket.
(A) that (B) then (C) when (D) since
114. Many stockholders didn't even notice when their shares went ..... .
(A) out (B) down (C) way (D) to
115. The prime minister will impose a tariff ..... domestic interests are being threatened by a flood of imports.
(A) in spite of (B) despite (C) ever since (D) as
116. The professor praised him for his ..... the class when she was sick.
(A) assist (B) to assist (C) assisting (D) assisted
117. According to the Financial Times, the prime rate ..... up slightly even without the housing boom.
(A) would have gone (B) will have gone (C) were to go (D) was going
118. I am honored to accept this award ..... our departed director.
(A) in light of (B) because of (C) on account of (D) on behalf of
119. Economists watch the business cycle as it goes through its various ..... .
(A) segments (B) phases (C) sectors (D) divisions
120. Studies ..... that these new policies have done nothing to boost the economy.
(A) have shown (B) shown (C) has shown (D) are shown
121. The water department has warned that the water may not be potable, ..... the residents shouldn't even use it to
brush their teeth.
(A) but (B) so (C) because (D) nor
122. The telephone lines of the United States are ..... than those of any country in the world.
(A) longer (B) longest (C) long (D) longs
123. These amendments will be ratified bya majority before they ..... presented to the legislative body.
(A) will be (B) would be (C) are (D) were
124. Please report ..... the engineering department.
(A) directly (B) to (C) forward (D) aside
125. If you wait until the twelfth, the president ..... for two days by then.
(A) has been waiting (B) has waited (C) will have been waiting (D) was waiting
126. I'm sorry, but he is not ..... to his trust fund yet.
(A) authorized (B) allowed (C) accessed (D) entitled
127. The banks are very willing to give loans for home ..... .
(A) impropriety (B) improvements (C) improvisation (D) impulse
128. She will neither ..... the terms nor give in to your badgering.
(A) acceptable (B) accepts (C) accepting (D) accept
129. The Malaysian Peninsula is ..... Burma.
(A) fastened with (B) connected to (C) put together (D) combined with
130 ..... .. we invested in the telecommunications industry, we would be rich by now.
(A) Shall (B) Should (C) Will (D) Had
131. The presiding officials took off their hats ..... the slain leader.
(A) in charge of (B) because of (C) in deference to (D) in light of
132. This prestigious award is not given to just ..... .
(A) anyone (B) someone (C) somebody (D) many
133. Marine biologists want to reduce industrial ..... .
(A) pollution (B) environment (C) pollutes (D) environmental
134. One of the things they will be ..... is whether or not you are a team player.
(A) finding (B) looking for (C) inquiring (D) seeking
135. I was told that the maitre d', who ..... us so much, had just been fired.
(A) helping (B) hadbeen helped (C) helped (D) are being helped
136. Since most of the business meetings were at night we were able to spend the day ..... .
(A) to sightsee (B) to enjoy sightseeing (C) going to sightsee (D) sightseeing
137. These stocks have done very ..... since the company changed management.
(A) slowly (B) weakly (C) poorly (D) steadily
138. She wasn't able to identify the man she ..... that night.
(A) sees (B) was seen (C) will see (D) had seen
139. We were told we ..... be able to reserve a seat on the mailboat that passes through the Arctic Circle.
(A) might (B) must (C) can (D) could
140. The lower cost of doing business overseas is enticing ..... many of our local manufacturers.
(A) to (B) on (C) with (D) by
141. The deputy officer was charged with looking at over the files to find other evidence of
142. Initial we were very anxious to start the computer seminar, but we found it so difficult that we eventually
143. Gone through the folders one by one, we were able to find the missing invoice in the storage drawer.whilet
144. All things considered, the inclement weathers this month hasn't significantly decreased productivity of the staff.
145. Having been to Barcelona twice himself, Bob told us last week that aquatics sports are becoming increasingly
popular there.
146. She repeated because she did not want any of her money invested in the heavily advertised, but high-risk companies.
147. We will be traveling with the vice president and his wife they are members of the finance committee for the new arts
center. at
148. The staff worked throughout night to meet the client's deadline. while at
149. Biologists are always search for insights into the nature of the human cell.while at
150. The museum director was neither friendly or professional in his approach to the interested students and their
151. Remembered the backlog from last year, the staff decided to work a little overtime every day to avoid a recurrence.
152. Jeff and Gloria went to pick out carpeting and decoration, including furnitures for the new VIP lounge that was
opening on the third floor.
153. Did you know that you can save up to 25 percent in disabled insurance if you are a non-smoker?while at
154. The computer has mistakenly canceled your club membership but it can be reinstate by tonight or tomorrow at the
155. Copyright law clearly stated that you have to have the permission of the authors or the publishers before copying
156. Your paycheck for last week given to the head of your department to pass on to
157. These interested paintings were donated to the library by the Gilmore Foundation over twenty years ago.while at
158. When you show him your letters of recommendation, I'm sure he will not hesitant to give you the salary that you
159. When we entering Tokyo proper, we drove right through a tunnel that opened into the Royal Gardens.
160. I think it would be easier to hold the audience's attention if you had a slide show along to the lecture.


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