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LabMate A multi-purpose lab instrument that can measure voltages, serve as a logic probe, measures frequencies, finds

max/min/mean of voltages and “talks” – basically speaks out the results will be a very handy instrument and quite useful. The LabMate project envisages developing such an instrument. It will have operating four modes which are switch selectable by the user. The first mode is a voltmeter that measures voltages upto 5V and speaks the voltage measured through speakers. The second mode is a logic probe that beeps once in a low tone if the voltage is low and beeps twice in a higher tone if the output voltage is high. The third mode is voltage averagers that takes multiple samples in succession and calculates the min, max and mean voltages and speaks them out. The fourth mode measures from 10Hz to 100khz and speaks the value over the speakers.

Tools,Utilities,Hardware The hardware will be based on an AVR ATmega32 board working at 8MHz AVR Studio MATLAB