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Our April Session
with FAWN Douglas! Fawn is an incredible friend and asset to the Burlesque and art community. She is beautiful, a go getter, has an incredible heart and is an awesome artist. She has attended several Dr. Sketchy’s sessions as an artist and supporter and I am so thrilled she has agreed to be our April model! She has recently launched a great burlesque night called Battle Born Burlesque which is held at Scoundrels Pub. You won’t want to miss this performer!



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Show Case
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i- Vacious has been performing burlesque in Las Vegas for 5 years now. Her voluptuous personality and beautiful grace on stage has lead her to perform with several burlesque legends and talents across the Country. She has performed at the Southwest Burlesque festival for the Dixie Evans birthday show and currently can be seen frequently at the once a month “Live Burlesque in Las Vegas” show at Boomers Bar (produced by Cha Cha Velour). Vi-Vacious has been a model for Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School Las Vegas since the chapter’s inception in 2008 and she was a part of the Dr. Sketchy’s All Stars session in 2010 at the Burlesque All Of Fame Weekender. Sadly this will be ViVacious’ last session with us, since she will be concentrating more and more on her Burlesque performances. So please come on out and show your support and make her last time with us a memorable one! As some of you may know, The loyal Art Monkey’s of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School Las Vegas are happy to report BlackBird Studios and Gina Quaranto owner, has graciously given us her space for a week in the month of May to showcase several Art Monkey’s work. More details to follow so, please “like” us to keep updated..



rt Monkey of the Month

I am proud to present the March Art Monkey of the month, and his name is just to great letters, VA!

Yes, if you come to a Dr. Sketchy’s Las Vegas session you are bound to run into this incredibly talented and, yes a smidge shy artist. His steady hand and wonderful eye always brings a smile and a “WOW” to my lips when he reveals his work during our contests. VA, hears about the sessions and makes it a point to be there, even on a our first Saturday with my late notice. He is definitely someone to get to know and buy a drink for at our sessions. Va studied at the Academy of Art University in Sand Francisco, under their Computer Arts Program. Shortly after graduating he realized that he squandered his youth in art

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school learning digital tools and has since made up for it by drawing and painting incessantly. In doing so, Va has developed as he calls it “an unhealthy obsession for all forms of analog art”, his favorite being scrapbooking/collage, “it will be cool someday.” (I think it is cool now.).

Saturday Dr. Sketchy’s Las Vegas session Boylesque model. He absolutely rocked the stage as well as some incredible poses for our artists. . His enthusiasm and passion was contagious. I even posed with him a few times. Several artists were Va has told me he enjoys the Sketchy’s extremely happy with his performances. sessions because “the atmosphere is Jana came up to me later to advise how completely different than my usual “amazing” he was, she said “I had so much environment”. He enjoys the “reclusive ways” fun drawing him, I want him back”. to sketch and practice his craft, and it doesn’t hurt to get a little buzzed and mingle with JP went to the Performing Arts H.S. and like minded people. later went on to become a company member in Syncopated Inc. Modern Dance Company. He was discovered by Kenny Kerr and joined the Boylesque community as Madonna and Reba McEntire. Later, La Cage would bring him to the island of Aruba. After 5 years He admits he is just a geek that loves to of retirement, JP is making his way back make and look at art. As he puts it, “it’s all onto the showbiz ladder. the same as long as it feeds the soul!” My sentiments exactly, VA! JP can currently he can be found in Besides the sessions at Dr. Sketchy’s he holds a weekly figure painting workshop every Sunday afternoon, which is also opened to anyone who wants to paint, draw and be around other artists. If you’d like to view more of his work, read his thoughts or just find out what makes Va, VA, check out his tumblr site at www.thisisbeast.tumblr.com OH, and p.s. buy this Art Monkey a drink on March 15th, after all it’s the Thursday before St. Patrick’s Day. several shows throughout the Burlesque/ Boylesque community.


P Nomi Malone a native of Las Vegas was our very first

s ponsor S
Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School Las Vegas sponsors and prize providers follow there links!

Baby Tattoo (provided prizes)
Awesome art source for finding great artist books: www.babytattoo.com

Sinner Magazine The future of magazines is here, with a new innovative way to read an article online. Get the mag and read the write up on Dr. Sketchy’s! Follow them and get the word out! www.sinnermag.com Sketchbook Pro Autodesk® SketchBook® Pro paint and
drawing software enables you to transform your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone into the ultimate sketchbook. If you want to be tech savvy at our sessions, bring your I-Pad and download this app! http://www.facebook.com/ autodesksketchbook Skin City Body Painting

JP - Courtesy Jana Lynch 2012

The Best body painting team in Las Vegas is here and are just down the street from The Artifice. Check out www.skincitybodypainting.com

13 talented artists: Adam Brookshire Alex Vait Beatrice Morales Christie Adams Debi Lindermann Hugo Belmontes Jana Lynch Michele Hengeveld Natasha Pawluk Patricia O Mirada Rubi Chavez Sheldon Castillo Yobi Graciano

Live Burlesque in Las Vegas
The Last Saturday of every month at Boomers Bar is Live Burlesque in Las Vegas produced by Cha Cha Velour. http:// www.chachavelour.com

Last Month’s Art Monkey
Jana Lynch (February) Check her work out at http://jana-lynch.fineartamerica.com/ and inside the Arts Factory at the Jenny Valdez studio!

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