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test-05 ( modern physics plus) /iit-JEE/Physics @viresh

test-05 ( modern physics plus) /iit-JEE/Physics @viresh

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useful for AIEEE/AIPMT aspirants also
useful for AIEEE/AIPMT aspirants also

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Published by: Viresh Singh on Mar 13, 2012
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Single Correct Choice Type

This section contains 6 multiple choice questions. Each question has 4 choices [a], ib], (cj and (djfor its answer, out of which only one is correct. 1.
In the fig shown, magnitude of the radii of curvature of left surface is Rl and that of right surface is R2. The lens encloses a medium of refractive index (3/4)11 where '11' is refractive index of the medium in which lens is submerged. Two rays parallel to the principal axis are incident on the lens as shown. These rays do not suffer any angular deviation from the right surface. Rl/R2 (a) 3 2. (b) 3/4 (c) 1/3 (d) 4/3

,.~.,.~.::.,... , ..,








In a concave mirror, image of a real object is virtual. Distances of the object and image form the centre of curvature are 12 em and 36 em respectively. The radius of the curvature of the mirror is (a) 18 ern (b) 9 em (c) 48 em (d) 24 em In a young's double slit fringe width is 811m. At darkness on the screen (a) 28 11m experiment, two wavelength SAo and 7Ao are used. For the shorter wave, what minimum distance from the central maxima, there will be complete ? (b) 40 11m (c) (44/7) 11m (d) 36 11m



A particle of mass m is moving with de'Broglie wave length same as wavelength of a light which contains photons each of energy E. Kinetic energy of the particle is (a) E (b) d(mE) (c) E2/ (mc-) (c) E2/ (2mc2) Plot between number (N) of an undecoyed radioactive nuclei and time t is given in the fig. At certain point P of the plot, which corresponds to time tl, a tangent is drawn. This tangent cut and time axis at a point which corresponds time coordinate T l' Mean life of the radio active (a) is 'I', (b) (T. + tl)/2 (c) T 1 - tl (d) -V(T tl) 1





Two solenoids A B each of self inductance 0.8 H with no resistance are carrying variable current i = 0.5 t ampere. Potential across the solenoid A is found to be 0,.3 volt. The mutual inductance between the solenoids A & B is

(a) 0.2 H (b) 0.3 H



(c) 0.4 H (d) zero

Multiple Correct Choice Type

This section contains 4 multiple choice questions. Each question has 4 choices (aj, (bj, (cj and (djfor its answer, out of which one or more is/ are correct. Partial marks will be given for correct answers. But no marks will be awarded or deducted for wrong answers.
Space for Rough Work


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In an inertial (a) angular (c) centre (b) mechanical (d) translational

frame of reference, energy kinetic

for a rigid body if external net force is zero. force are acting. is acting if only conservative

momentum of mass

is conserved is conserved

will have constant

velocity if only a couple is acting if only a couple

energy is constant


The ray diagram

for a thin Lens shown

in correct


(a) !l > u' and Rl < R2 (c) !l > u' and Rl > R2

(b) !l < u' and Rl > R2 (d) !l < u' and Rl < R2


,. ..•........ AA/ .. ...,





it< 2-


For real objects, enlarged image can be produced by (a) convex mirror (b) concave mirror (c) convex lens In a hydrogen atom, if electron then for 1st orbit (a) radius is doubled (c) total energy is doubled is replaced by another

(d) concave



charge of same value but of double mass

(b) speed is unchanged (d) time period of rotation

is halved

Comprehension Type

This section has 4 multiple choice questions based on paragraph. Each question has 4 choices (a), (b), (c) and (d) for its answer, out of which only one is correct. Negative marks will be awarded for wrong answers. Passage 1
In the arrangement shown, blocks A & B of masses m & 2m are interconnected through a spring of force constant k. The block's are lying on a smooth horizontal ground. The block B is touching a wall and block is A is pushed by Xotowards B from relaxed position of spring. The block A is released at time t = O. The spring becomes relaxed first time when time t = to' 11. Time to equals

(a) Jr~

Jr~m (b)- -



(c) -Jr~ -


(d) Jrfk


The velocity of centre of mass of A & B at time t (a) ~ 3


2to' will be

(k V;:;

(b) Xo

{3k V~

(c) 2xo 3

1m VIZ

Xo -(d)- ~2m




After time t

to' what maximum

energy could be stored in the spring? (c)




Space for Rough Work


V5 Tutorials, Bhagwan Palace, Behind Volga Restaurant, Meerut Cantt. Ph. 0121-6459798


Passage 2 In a gaseons medium a stationary wave y = a sin( 14. 15. 16.


developed with wave function for displacement

o nt) cos(~J
(b) Fjto2

Compressibility of the gas is proportional to
(a) ljto (c) lt~ lj 3 is

Phase difference between x = 0 and x (a) nj3 (b)nj6


(d) 2nj3

Pressure at x = 0 (a) does not change with time (b) will change with maximum amplitude (c)will change with amplitude, half of maximum (d) will change with value, one fourth of maximum

Integer Answer Type

This section contains 4 questions. The answer to each of the questions is a single digit integer, ranging from 0 to 9. The appropriate bubbles against the respective question numbers in the answer sheet have to be darkened. Negative marks will be awardedforwrong answers. 17. From the surface of earth, a particle is projected with sped -Y(1.5gRe) direction tangential to in the earth surface. It moves up to a maximum distance where it is at radial distance K Re from the centre of the earth. Find K. In a convex lens, an image is formed on the screen which is placed at distance twice of the focal length, from the second focus. Find transverse magnification's magnitude. A convex lens of power +4diopter, made of a material of refractive index 2 is sumberged in a medium of refractive 1.5. What is new power in diopter? A particle of mass m) moving with some velocity strikes a uniform rod of mass m2 elastically at one rest and situated in gravity free space. Length of rod is perpendicular to the direction of motion of particle. If the particle come in rest after the collision, find m2jm).

18. 19.


Matrix Match Type

This section contains 1 questions. Each question contains statements given in two columns, which have to be matched. The appropriate bubbles corresponding to the answers to these questions have to be darkened as the following: No negative marks will be awarded for wrong answers. But Partial marks will be awarded for each correctly filled row.
Space for Rough Work


V5 Tutorials, Bhagwan Palace, Behind Volga Restaurant, Meerut Cantt. Ph. 0121-6459798







b c d

®®@@@ ®®@@@ ®®@@@ ®®@@@


Refer to the capacitor network. A & B are parallel plate capacitors. In the following Col. I, some changes are suggested regarding the network. In the Col. II, the response of the change is given. Match correctly A

Column I (a) Separation between plates of A is inreased (b) A dielectric is inserted in capacitor B (c) Emf E2 is increased (d) Emf E) is increased

Column II (p) potential across A changes (q) potential across A remain unchanged (r) charge on B changes (s) charge on B remain unchainged (t) No charge flow through the cell of emf E)

Space for Rough Work


V5 Tutorials, Bhagwan Palace, Behind Volga Restaurant, Meerut Cantt. Ph. 0121-6459798


Answers: lIT Test paper - final
1-b 2-d ll-bc 12-a 20- a-» p, b~ r, c~q 313-abc 4-a 14-b 21- a-o r, 5-b 6-d 15-b 16-d b-e p, c~q 515-a 6-b 167-a 17-b 22- a-» q, 7178-a 18-b b-e p, 8-c 189-a 19-d c~q, 9-b

lO-cd 10-a

1-c ll-d 19- a~ s 20- a~ q 21- a~ q 212-a b~p b-s r b-o r 3-a 4-ac 13-b 14-b c~q d-e r c~ p d-o s d~p c~s

1-c 2-a 3-d ll-a 13-c 12-d 21- a-spqs, b-s-qs, c-s-pst, d~s 4-c 14-c 5-c 15-a 6-d 16-c 7-bcd 17- 2 8-abd 18- 2 9-abcd 19- 4 10-ac 20- 1


V5 Tutorials, Bhagwan Palace, Behind Volga Restaurant, Meerut Cantt. Ph. 0121-6459798


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