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Mr Lønstrup Danhostel Lyngby Råvad 1, 2800 Lyngby-Tårbæk

11 March, 2012

Thi Thanh Truc Phan Granparken 153, Kongens Lyngby

Dear Mr Lønstrup, My name is Thi Thanh Truc Phan and I am a first year student at Business Academy Copenhagen North in the Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management program. This application letter is written by purpose for the internship applying this summer from July to September as a part of my education. The purpose of being an intern is to apply the theory and methods studied during the first academic year at the university. This will help us to obtain new knowledge, new skills, and competences in a structured manner relevant for the industry. Having the chance to be an intern at your hostel will ensure me a professional development in a multidisciplinary cooperation. By contributing to specific and practical tasks that are in focus in the hostel during my period there, I will gain experience and learn much more knowledge and skills needed for my future jobs. As being a hard-working and organized girl, I believe that I am well-suited to be an intern in your hostel. In addition, with the service attitude, I am always willing to help my customers as well as my colleges whenever possible. I like to work harmoniously in teams in order to meet deadlines and eager to learn from my mistakes. I also enjoy to work by myself at certain tasks in order to prove that I can complete them. All in all, I will do my best to be an outstanding employee so it will be very glad for me if I have a chance to work with your organization and understand more about this field. Please find enclosed a copy of my CV giving further details of my educational qualifications. There is my humble request to please revert to my internship application before 26/03/2012. Otherwise I will call you within 2 weeks to follow up my process. Thank you for your time and consideration. I am looking for hearing from you. Yours sincerely, Thi Thanh Truc Phan