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Easy, heals quickly, minimal complications Liquid nitrogen -195.6 degrees C Rapid freezing, slow thaw increases cellular damage Melanocytes are more sensitive to freezing than keratinocytes, may cause long lasting hyperpigmentation in darker complexions. Very commonly used in treatment of AKs, verruca, acrochordons, SKs, etc. Occasionally for superficial skin CAs

Cryosurgery delivery systems      Cotton swabs Cryospray Cryoprobe (allows deeper freeze w/o lateral damage) Cones Thermacouples .

VB of lip) Traumatic exfoliation ( if probe is not pre.chilled) pre- . ear rim. nasal tip.Cryosurgery complications        Pain HA Syncope Bleeding (2-3 wks p tx) (2Edema Abnormal scarring Nerve damage (digital neuropathy)      Cartilage necrosis (ear) Abnormal pigmantation Alopecia Notching (eyelid.