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CONFIDENTIAL Technical Bulletin E71 / E63 RM-346/357/407, RM-437/449/450

01.12.2009 TB - 039

Repair Instruction E71/E63 400.21.013 Sw Re-Flash Instructions
Revision history: TB - 039
Version 1.0 Issue Date 16-nov-09 Change Description Approved version

1. Scope of application
Affected Products or Services
Sales Names E71 / E63 Types RM-346/357/407, RM437/449/450 Notes

Market area of validity
Europe MEA SEAP China





Service level area of validity
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

Validity period
Valid from: 01.11.2009 Valid until: 01.11.2010

2. Introduction
Chat application was first time introduced to E71/E63 400.21.013 sw. The application is pre-loaded to the phone memory and will be automatically installed to memory card once the phone is turned on. When 400.21.013 sw is re-flashed (400.21.013 to 400.21.013) the Chat application in the memory card is also re-installed. There is a fault in the Java installer and it leads to a situation where the Chat application can not be used, installed or uninstalled anymore. If sw is upgraded from any previous version to 400.21.013 version this problem does not occur.

3. Repair solution and procedure
The Chat application needs to be uninstalled manually from the device before re-flashing 400.21.013 sw. This can be done from: Menu – Installations – App. Mgr – Chat – Options – Remove ASB_RM-346_039.doc Page 1 of 2

g.21.. RM-437/449/450 If 400. Mgr.013 sw is re-flashed before the Chat application is removed.2009 TB .doc Page 2 of 2 . but not from: Menu – Installations then it means that sw re-install has been made and the error has happened.12. If the Chat application can be found from: Menu – Installations – App. because then also the faulty Chat application will be re-installed. then the only way to get the application working again is to format the memory card. Full memory card back-up can not be done. This error will be corrected in the next maintenance sw release. to PC) and after format restore the applications. ASB_RM-346_039.039 E71 / E63 RM-346/357/407. Before the memory card format you need to save all personal data and applications from memory card (e.CONFIDENTIAL Technical Bulletin 01.