CCNet 2/16/12 Notes 1. What cities are working on a. Angela Adams City of Champaign, Plastic bags i.

Vote on March 14 (Presented to council on 13th) ii. Survey at iii. Everyone can fill out the survey iv. Survey closes on the evening of February 26th v. Fee on plastic bags would go toward environmental causes (e.g., trash clean-up) vi. There s been an effort to get diverse survey respondents (700-800 people) vii. Looking at showing a documentary called Bag It b. Pattsi Petrie Champaign County Board, Local food council i. Up on March 13 to County Board ii. There s some opposition on the board iii. Row crop farmers see Blue Moon as a competitor, but why? iv. Some think this is an extension office issue c. Mike Monson Urbana Chief of Staff, Electric Bill Aggregation referendum i. March 20th referendum, (not just the Republican primary) ii. Can save ~$100 on current annual rates in first year iii. Municipality would buy electricity in bulk for all residents (not those already under contract) iv. 20 cities have already implemented in northern Illinois v. $0.063/kWh supply now vi. No opt-out penalty vii. Also would get quotes for 100% renewable viii. ix. Would be a 1-2 year contract 1. Question: Can Power Smart customers opt out of Power Smart and go into aggregation? A: Sure, but they would have to cancel it themselves. d. Marya Ryan Urbana s Sustainability Advisory Commission i. Have passed Phase 1 of the Climate Action Plan ii. Phase 1 Vision for Sustainability 1. ID inventory 2. Reduce 25% by 2020 3. Discussing strategies to achieve goals 4. Considering renewables as an option, but not only solution 5. Short-term a. Commercial sector electricity use b. Education c. Transportation: gas and infrastructure d. Weatherization/insulation 6. No timeline on city council vote 7. 1-2 years of community input iii. Phase 2 two years from now

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