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1)Are you a curious person? 2)Describe a picture which caught your attention.

3)You should eat to live,not live to eat.

Biletul 18 1)What meals would you like to be served in your school? 2)Talk about an accident you witnessed. 3)I am not an Athenion or a Greek,but a citizen of the world.

1)To my mind, it would be perfect if we are served every single day in our schoo l with tasty food, such as fast food, McDonald...( and so on and so forth) Even if we are aware that it`s no healthy and can cause seriously our health, w e always give up and say: "That`s the last one"!

2)I had once the opportunity to witness an accident that I never wished. As i wa s returning from my holiday to Great Britain, on highway, I`ve noticed that traffic was becoming more difficult. Not so far from where wer e we,

17) 1)Yes,I am generally a curious person.If I ever find something interesting i try to find out as many things as i can,regarding it. 2)This is a picture of a very tall man,who seems to be very happy with whom he i s.The other man is of average height and looks serious.The picture looks like it was taken somewhere between 19th century and early 20th.Judging by the way they are dressed,they seem to be american business men. They appear to be cordial if not frendly.They are standing on the sidewalks and the picture was taken in what seem to be a deserted neighborhood. 3)