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The Present Continuous Tense Simple present tense od glagola to be + present participle (glagol + ing) - kada govorimo o radnjama

koje se desavaju sada, u ovom trenutku, trenutku govo ra The kids are watching TV. I am sitting down, because I am tired. I am not learning German, because this is an English class. Who are you writing to? - kada govorimo o radnjama koje se desavaju sad, ali ne bas u ovom trenutku. Sally is studying really hard for her exams this week. I am reading a really interesting book now. How are you brushing up on your English for the trip? We aren't working hard these days. - kada se govrio o aktivnostima, koje se desavaju u blizoj buducnosti, posebno z a planirane buduce radnje. I am seeing my dentist on Wednesday. Polly is coming for dinner tomorrow. Are you doing anything tonight? We aren't going on holiday next week. - uz priloge: now, just now, right now, for now, presently, as we speak, at the moment, for a little while, currently, * particip prezenta - udvajaju se suglasnici, kod reci, koje u svom poslednjem slogu (a to moze biti i jedini) imaju u pisanju jedno slovo za samoglasnik, a zavrsavaju se jednim sl ovom za suglasnik, i ako je uz to taj slog naglasen. Izuzetak su reci koje se za vrsavaju na slovima w, x, y. Skip skipping sit sitting quiz quizzing swim - swimming 1. Feel in the blanks, negative, question Jane __________ a magazine. (to read) Jane is reading a magazine. 1. Alexander a film. (to watch) 2. We .. a computer game. (to play) 3. The dog . at the cat. (to bark) 4. Peter his rabbits. (to feed) 5. Philip and Johnny .. a song. (to sing) 6. Mary .. her hair. (to wash) 7. I . to Doris. (to talk) 8. Peggy . a picture. (to draw) 9. Henry and his sister .. their mother. (to help) 10. You .. the poem by heart. (to learn) 2. Make a question, negative ___ he ______ the newspaper? (to read) Is he reading the newspaper? 1. . Richard .. in the garden? (to work) 2. . she a cup of tea? (to have) 3. the children . their homework? (to do) 4. .. you the kitchen, Tom? (to clean) 5. the cat . in the basket? (to sleep) 6. .. Cliff and Oliver ..friends? (to meet) 7. . your mother . sandwiches? (to make) 8. . the birds water? (to drink) 9. . Carmen a pullover? (to wear)



. a pizza? (to eat)