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Who and why? Cro-magnon man. Different artists added paintings to same cave wall.

They had to crawl through narrow tunnels to get there, so it was not easy. Not decorating their home. Different theories: 1. Hunting magic (catch more animals) 2. Shamans painting their visions 3. Teenage boys drawing things they are interested in (but also women) When? Oldest cave paintings between 35000 and 30,000 years ago. Where? France and Spain (oldest), but cave paintings have been found all over the world. What materials? Hematite, red and yellow ochre, charcoal (use this for own paintings?) and manganese oxide What subjects? Mainly animals, quite realistic. Tracings of hands. Abstract patterns. Sometimes people, but they are much more sketchy and less realistic than the animals.

Practical: Mainly paintings were of how they got their food (hunting) and of their food (animals). Use charcoal to draw how you get your food like a cave painting. Trace your hand to sign your painting.

Make your own prehistoric paint: