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Water, Water, Everywhere The Earths Oceans and Seas

Elizabeth Davis Earth Science 203

Major Bodies of Water

Four Oceans: Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, and Arctic
Pacific is largest and deepest 64,186,300 Square miles 12,925 feet average depth

Fifth ocean delimited in 2000

Southern Ocean north of Antarctica

Coral Reefs
Form in shallow, warm seas made of coral polyps Skeletons grow on top of old skeletons Spend adult lives fixed to the same spot Coral diseases increasing dramatically in the past 10 years Responding to onset of bacteria, fungi, and viruses

Ocean Zones
Sunlit (down to 650 feet)
Sea plants and many animals

Twilight (down to 3,300 feet)

Many different fish

Sunless (down to 13,100 feet)

Animals feed on dead food from above