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Abbreviations (Brief list) A& O abd ac ADL bid BS c c/o d/c DOB DTRs dx fx hx ICS IOP LE LLL (RLL)

LLQ (RLQ) LOC LUL (RUL) LUQ/RUQ) MCL MVA N&V NKA NKDA NPO NSR OTC p pc PE PERRLA PMI ROM RRR s sx URI UTI WD WN Alert and oriented Abdomen Before meals Activities of daily living Twice a day Bowel sounds, breath sounds with Complains of Discontinue or discharge Date of birth Deep tendon reflexes Diagnosis Fracture History Intercostals space Intraocular pressure Lower extremity Left /right lower lobe Left/right lower quadrant Loss of consciousness or Level of consciousness Left/right upper lobe Left/right upper quadrant Midclavicular line Motor vehicle accident Nausea and vomiting No known allergies No known drug allergies Nothing by mouth Normal sinus rhythm Over the counter After After meals Physical exam Pupils equal, round, and reactive to light and accommodation Point of maximal impulse or point of maximal intensity Range of motion Regular rate and rhythm Without Symptoms Upper respiratory infection Urinary tract infection Well developed Well nourished