Crest, California Year 3, Volume 10 march,


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~ was a paradigm shift in my llife the day I enrolled in Marie Wordell's art for "something" most of my life, I dabbled in many creative enC1?a;{~;arching deavors. Then I discovered Marie's art class -- and viola! -- the paradigm shift: Before Art with Marie and After Art with Marie. Those early classes with Marie were a revelation and sometimes uncomfortable. As a trained computer scientist, used to left-brain logic and organizing data as nauseum, Marie's right-brain approach boggled my mind. Nike's slogan "Just do it!" fit Marie to a T. She gave you an intriguing list of items to bring to class, then gave the actual painting instructions when the class began. Quite often, disconcertingly, you had to do it step by step as instructions were given. 'Hurry!, wet your paper. Throw on the paint. Now do this. Next do that. Toss this on. Now let it dry. Finish it!. And start another one while you wait for that one to dry.' By this time my left brain had fried. As chaotic as it sounds, especially to the computer trained, the instructions worked. Marie never told you what to paint. She suggested possible subjects, but what she actually provided was a starting point and inspiration. And it worked! I have created art, and lots of it. The magical thing about Marie's classes was that every one was different. I was there for 18 years -- and only in the last year, when she was ill, were any of the classes repeated. Marie was an amazing woman and a really
Ed Bgrtin Painting

mariQ WordQII

unique artist. But she had steel in her. One day there was a large demonstration table covered in matboard frames of varying sizes. Waiting for the class to begin, I couldn't help myself (left-brain trained remember), I sorted those frames into sizes. Marie didn't say a word. That steely look in her eye when she walked in and

saw those sorted frames was enough to thwart that left brain of mine. I yearned for a nanosecond to scatter those frames back to chaos! After that I only ever brought my right brain (once I'd discovered it) to class. One of the most important aspects of Marie's art class was the social one. She fostered friendship and socialization in her classes. And, by golly, those classes were fun as well as inspirational. she's gone (miss you always, Marie), her class, now in groups, carries on. Now that

By: Toni Gaffron

COnTACTnfORmATIOn:Jad1ig Gracg/619-~~(-IOIB. Sandy Garman/sandygarmanl@coH.ngt, I DESIGn:nora J. Clgmgns, PHOTOS: ora J. Clgmgns, Jay Gngssin, nicolas Clgmgns t Vgronica Scbreadsr n CORRECTIOn: Sandy Garman

Ed Wordell.

Sandy Garman.

mary Connelly.

Georgina Clemens.

On February 1st, the critique group met at Marachiaro's for their regular critique session and followed the meeting with a pizza party and reception of the Art Show being held there. It was a fun time for everyone. As you can see from the photos it was not only a productive event - but a fun one as well with a number of marie's painters in attendance at the reception along with the critique members which included internationally

acclaimed artist, Ed Wordell, hus-band of our beloved teacher and mentor, the late Marie Wordell. Some beautiful art work was on display by our talented colleagues and a new show will be hung in March. A drive to the Lake Jenning road restaurant is worth your time - the art work and food is always excellent and Joe Brunetto (owner and long-time friend of Marie's Painters) a gracious host allowing our painters to display their work in his restaurant.

Photos: Jay Gnessin


Paintings names in this page from left to right: "Casi Santo", Acrylic, "Aapsodia Azul" Collage,'fibrezo de amor" W/C ( W/C Pencils,"Arrullo" acrylic ( teHtures, "lulpen" Acrylic, and "Beautiful bird" batiH. Photos: nora Clemens

gree in Communication Sciences from the University Autonomous of Baja California, (UABC). I have worked in areas related to Editorial Design, Graphic Design and Teaching. I always had the facility to draw and create, but I never had formal art training. I belong to ECAA and Marie's Painters, and recently created a blog that allows me to practice and share some of my work. As you can see, I've kept this short, the only thing I might add is that I really love to paint and create and I make certain that I enjoy every minute of it.
By Nora Clemens-Galle

Paintings names in the opposite page: full page painting "The Proud Aooster", BatiH, "La Diosa Elefansol" ATC"Caracoles camino a casa" ATC,"San felipe a 10 lejos" beth





pate - the workshop will be moved to a private home to be announced later. Closer to the date additional information can be had by calling either Jackie Grace (619-442-1018) or Sandy Garman (619-713-1055).

March 14th and 15th -- will be the dates for a collage workshop at the Crest Community Center location. There will be a charge of $15 each to cover rent of the facility. If we don't get enough people to partici-



Sometime in the month of May we will be holding our annual batik 2-day workshop. There will be a $35 fee to cover rent. Materials lists and instructions will be made available at our regular work-days at Crest Community Center -- or for those who are not part of Marie's Painters, call Sandy Garman (619713-1055) and this material can be mailed to you. The dates are not yet firmed up with the Community Center but will be announced later or you can call for information around the end of April. (619-442-1018 Or 619-713-1055)

Part of "my wild and groovy flowers" Bati~ by nora Clemens-Gallo
PhotO: nora Clemens

Photos: Jay Gnessy Painting by mary Alice Stanley

top by the Community Center and see us at work and ask your questions there. We meet every 6


second Thursday in the morning from 9 am to noon. Our March meetings are the 8th and the 22nd. April's are the 5th and the

19th. So come on over and visit. Here's a couple of photos taken at a February painting day at the Community Center.

nora Clgrngns-Galio

Showing at Hospice San Diego
Nora Clemens was one of the artists selected to participate in Gallery 4311 at San Diego Hospice. The show ran from January 7 until March 2nd. Friends and family gathered to see her work and the work of the 14 other fantastics artists who also participated in the Gallery 4311 show.

nora Clemens-Gallo
Photo: Veronica Schraeder


"Illeno's Paintgr's Gallgry"
By Sandy Garman:

Marie's Painters Gallery is almost ready now and we should be open by the time you recieve this newsletter. Watch for our sign out front. Ed Bertin made our sign and will be showing his art in the gallery. Our location is near Los Coches Road on Old Highway 8: 13262 Highway 8 Business, EI Cajon. We're right next to Glenview Glass and Screen, in fact our front door is next to theirs so we're really easy to find. Artists displaying their works there will have cards next to thier pieces with phone number, price and name of artist. We will have someone there who is a working artist and probably busily engaged in producing art while you visit. We have not yet developed a schedule of days open but will soon have that ready.

"We will host a Grand Opening Reception soon after the gallery doors are opened. Watch your e-mail for information"

lillian Schuler. Georgina Clemens. JacHie Grace. Ed Bertin. Jane Swan. June Schilling.Sandy Garman. nora Clemens. Gale Vavra. Sherry CronHey. Jan Triley.Edie Olmstead. Jennie Bottoms. mary AliceStanley. Joan EI-Assal.LeeAnne Vavra. Jay Gnessin. EmilyTryforos. linda Chase. Jeannie marie Scroggs.
*former students of marie Wordell or other artists are wellcome.

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S331NIVd S.313VW

Jung end (Saturday) Wg willbg holding our Annual Art Show at Irsst Community Cgntgr. Wg willhavg flygrs availablg to all inviting local artists to pertclpeta

Wg anticipatg a good show of artists displaying thgir uniqug arts and various crafts. This is always a fun gvgnt and Wg sgrvg

grgat refrastr ments and bgvgraggs. Bg sura to merh that first Saturday in Jung on your cebndar - you won't want to miss this chance

to Sgg ths uorh of your ngighbors and Frlsnds -- our local artists. Thgrg is no chargg for attgnding thg show.

Din~ctions to Crest Community Center: Hwy 8 to Greenfield Drive. Right at Greenfield Drive, go to the 1st signal light. This is La Cresta Road, turn left (the only way to turn). It is three miles up to the top of the hill. At the top there is a fork in the road. Please stay to the right, follow the yellow line in the middle of the road past a Pizzaria and store on your right. Continue on this road for just a little way to Park Drive. It's the street that runs on the right side of Nancy Jane Park. Tum right onto Park Drive. The Clubhouse is on the right side across from the park.
There is a wrought iron fence in front of the Clubhouse. The address is 113 No. Park Drive.