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Weapon Type Short Medium Long

Target Non-Armored All Ranges

half range
greater than half range

A class with range of 6 hexes or less

Double AS at 1 hex

Regular AS at Half AS per unit 2-3 hexes at 4-6 hexes

Half AS

Not Allowed

Panzerblitz WEC

A class with Regular AS Double minus 4 AS per ranges of 7 up to and AS at 1-2 unit at greater or more including half hexes than half range hexes range CAT attack only

Half AS

Not Allowed

Not Allowed

+2 AS per unit for I Class using Direct Fire

AAMG = double AS

AAMG = regular AS

H, M, (H) Direct Fire M Indirect Fire

Regular AS at ranges of Half AS at ranges 6 or less greater than 6 (>100mm) same as (H) class IF (<100mm) 2/3 Attack Strength

H + M (<100mm) = +3 AS per unit H, M, (H) = regular AS

AA = double AS

AA = regular AS

(>100mm) same as (H) class IF (<100mm) Regular AS

Not Allowed

(H) Indirect Fire

Half AS against Company sized units Quarter AS against platoon sized units

3/4 AS against company sized units Half AS against platoon sized units

Not Allowed

OpFire (A) Class

AS Modifiers as Direct Fire DRM at ranges greater than 6 hexes Same as regular Direct Fire attacks Class = +2 DRM at ranges greater than 6 hexes (>120mm), (H) Class units may not make OpFire attacks


OpFire I, H, M Class

H, M M Class