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A World of Polygons

Life is beautiful with every

Triangles, Triangles, Everywhere!!!!!!

 Triangles are used in the world in many ways. One example is the Bermuda triangle.

Triangle Facts in every Shape

 One fact about all triangles is all of the angles add up to 180


 Another fact about all triangles is they all have three angles and three sides

 There are 6 kinds of triangles. These are acute, obtuse, right, equilateral, isosceles, and scalene triangle.  An equilateral triangle is a triangle that all its sides are equal with each other.  An Isosceles triangle is a triangle with only 2 sides equal to each other that are not the base.  A scalene triangle is a triangle withal of its sides uneven with each other
(Yield sign)

(Bermuda triangle)

 Another example of a triangle or upside down triangle is a yield sign.

 An acute triangle is a triangle with all its angles less than 90  An obtuse triangle is a triangle with an angle greater than 90  A right triangle is a triangle with one angle exactly 90

Jackson Wolfe 3/3/11 Period: 8

 One last example of a triangle in real life is a play button on a TV remote or movie screen.

(Play button on remote)