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Is bre liom t

Alas, how can one bear to be apart?

Thoughts become flooded, hot with love's fire

I cannot bear to awaken alone, From their lover's warmth? Cannot stand for an uninhibited heart For, when apart, one's view is tainted with Agony Poisoned with desperation I long for your warmth, your comfort When received, the sun melts away the clouds and dries my cheeks

Cold Loneliness shrouds one's thoughts Takes hold of all happiness and warmth Smothers it slowly. One can only watch and pray for a savior

You were born the bearer Already harboring the key before I locked my heart As though your soul carried my soul's key To the lifetime we know now

When, at long last, one is reunited with their key holder The prison of their heart is unlocked One becomes elated, empowered, enchanted by desire

My heart is big and generous Kind to a fault, putting others before myself Yet it's too small, minuscule To harbor a fraction of my love for you