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Tell me more about Nolans platform!

Nolans platform has three parts: Sustainability through Community, Sustainability through Social Justice, and Sustainability through Accountability. Hes already put a lot of work into all three projects, and will do even more as a senator!

Sustainability through Community

Sustainability through Social Justice

Sustainability through Accountability

Student Sustainability Resource Center There is no dedicated space for student groups concerned with sustainability to unite, collaborate, and c o n n e c t a s a c o m m u n i t y. Cal's environmental organizations would benet tremendously from a permanent Student Sustainability Resource Center (SSRC) that would inform new students and groups and support existing organizations. Nolan has already begun working with the ASUC and the administration to secure funding, space, and institutional support for the SSRC. As an ASUC Senator, Nolan will ensure the completion of this important project that will unite and empower the environmental movement at Cal.

Fair Trade University Purchasing Fair Trade products promotes social, economic, and environmental justice by generating tangible impacts for communities aroundthe world. This year, Nolan has led the Fair Trade University project within the ASUC Sustainability Team. He is currently working on assembling a campus-wide Fair Trade Committee to help Cal transition toward a Fair Trade purchasing policy. As a Senator, Nolan will champion initiatives to put ASUC support behind the Fair Trade University project, ensure ASUC participation in Fair Tradepolicies, and push for the enactment of a campuswide Fair Trade policy.

ASUC Sustainability Policies ASUC's policies are not being enforced. There is no clear accountability for the weak ASUC s u s t a i n a b l e p u rc h a s i n g p o l i c y. Thestructure of the current policies is so vague and little-known that the required sustainability audit of the ASUC and its purchases, activities, etc. has not been produced in recent years. ASUC policies need a complete overhaul to create any positive effect on our environment. Nolan successfully authored and passed amendments to student government sustainability policies at his previous school. As an ASUC Senator he will use this experience to develop and e n f o r c e a n e f f e c t i v e A S U C sustainability policy.