scotch bonnet or habanero
15-20 hot peppers (scotch bonnet or habanero) 1 teaspoon salt 1 1/2 cups vinegar 10 leaves of Shado Beni or 1 cup cilantro 6 cloves of garlic 1/4 small green papaya 1 small bitter melon (caraili) 1 lemon or 2 ripe limes Juice of 4 limes 8 pimento peppers – optional 1 carrot – optional (helps to balance heat from peppers) Some notes: a. u include the seeds of the pepper for added heat b. add more vinegar if you like it less thick. c. remember to remove the seeds from the lemon after cubing. Bertie’s Mega-Hot Trinidad Pepper Sauce (recipe) Recipe By: Yield: 1 Gallon INGREDIENTS: 2 1/2 lbs Scotch Bonnet peppers 1/2 lb ginger, peeled 1/4 lb garlic 1 lb onions 2 litres vinegar 1/4 cup vegetable oil 2 – 3 tbsp salt (to taste) 2 cups mustard DIRECTIONS: 1. Chop ginger, garlic, and onion 2. Halve the Scotch bonnets (you may want to wear gloves for this) 3. Pour 1 cup vinegar into the blender 4. Add ginger, garlic, onion, and peppers in small batches 5. Blend until mixture becomes almost ‘too thick’ to blend further

Use resulting liquid unless you reall enjoy heat. Bring to boil and add the rest. Bring to a boil over high heat 11. and peppers are used up. If you use more than one habenero you can reduce vinegar by amount of liquid added. Adding garlic. Add 3 tbsp mustard and 1 cup vinegar 7. Tips--chipotle peppers are fabulous with this (they are my favorite) to use habs--puree in blender (small amount of water)and strain. garlic. Repeat. onion. onions. Stir in the tomato paste and half the vinegar. Add vegetable oil and salt to the pureed mixture 10.         Ingredients: 1 1/2 cups vinegar 6 chile peppers (at least one cayenne. Immediately reduce heat and simmer uncovered (stirring occasionally) for 10 minutes 12. a variety tastes best) minced 6 oz can tomato paste 1 tablespoon minced garlic 1 teaspoon black pepper 1 teaspoon lemon juice Olive oil Preparation: Saute your peppers and garlic in about a tablespoon of olive oil. mustards and vinegar in sequence until blender fills 8. . peppers. Pour puree into a Dutch oven and continue the blending process until all the ginger. 9.6. Remove from heat and bottle chile pepper recipes.