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14 Marc'h 2012



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r 1

Phil Star p. A-27


ISSUES The M1aTimes A7

Rebel Atrocities claim two children's lives - Two children, age six and five years old, were recent victims of the communist NPA alleged atrocities and total disregard of the safety and welfare of innocent civilians according to a military spokesman Landmines kills Army sergeant, Hurt 9 - An army sergeant was killed while nine other soldier were wounded after government troops. hit a landmine at the height 0 f an intense firefight with the NPA rebels in Northern Samar province yesterday. Blast kills soldier, Hurt 9 - An army sergeant was killed while nine other soldier were wounded after government troops hit a landmine at the height 0 f an intense firefight with the NPA rebels in Northern Samar province yesterday. Trigger-happy AFPreservist collared - A reservist of the Armed Forces was hauled off to the police station after he fired a gun while having a drinking spree with his friends in Brgy_ Kaypian, San Jose, Del Monte City yesterday. 10 Mountaineers naligaw sa bundok sa Batangas - San Pablo City- OahU sa kakulangan sa koordinasyon sa mga kinaukulan, nalagay sa alanganin ang 10 mountaineers, dalawa ditto ay babae makaraang maligaw sa kabundukan n9 San Pablo at Batangas. Trooper dies, 9 hurt in NPA clash - A soldier died while nine other soldier were injured in a clash with NPA rebels in western Samar. Church agrees to priest as Army chaplains again - Davao City- the catholic church has agreed anew to deploy priest as chaplains in the AFP, 40 years after it stopped doing so. ArmY1 A fab sponsor medical-dental mission - Marveles Bataan- The Philippine Army and the Freeport Area of Bataan (Afav) recently joined forces to provide medical and dental care to more than 100 families in a remote village.

The Daily Tribune p.3


Tempo p.5

Peoples Journal p.13


Tonight p.7

Malaya p.83


p. A18


Bus. Mirror p, 82-2

Doubts won't stop PMA topnotcher's dreams - Upa City- Rushing to pick up clutter in their unfinished house at phase 5 st. Joseph subd. Brgy.Tambo. Mario Peuertol1ano. 53, a carpenter, is alone and busy trying to finish the house backdoor. Role of Civit Society Cited - Presidential Adviser -on the Peace Process Secretary Teresita Qutntos Deles said that the "Partnership, Dialogue, and Multi-stakeholder approach" with civil society groups has greatly help in reforming and transforming the Philippine security sector. Andal Sr. prefers Heart Center; AFPMC says his condition not improving - Murder suspect Andal Ampatuan Sr. wants to be transferred to the Philippine Heart Center, saying the military hospital where he is .currently confined might not have the facilities to attend to him. Probe sought on alleged military presence in Luisita villages - Farmers of Hacienda Luisita sought yesterday the help of Justice PDI p.A18

MIa. Bulletin p.2


The Star p.18



The Starp.3

secretary Leila de Lime against the reported military peresence their communities.

in The Daily Tribune p.3


Militarization may repeat Luisita massacre - Solon - Reacting to Malacanang statement he is "making issue" out of the military presence Hacienda Luisita. Red offensives shift to political front - The Cpp ordered the NPA to "write new poems and sing new song" to mark their 43rd anniversary on March 29. BCDA Sees Php30.4-B recurring Income from JVs And Lease Projects The state-owned Bases Conversion Development Authority (BCDA) projected recucurring income from its lease and joint venture development projects in Bonifacio Heights.

Mia. Standard today p.a3



Mia. Bulletin p.86


Phi, Japan convene political-military meet - The Phil. And Japan have convened the 5th Philippine-Japan politicalMilitary meeting pursuant to the 2011 Joint statement between the two countries. Peace process - Resolving the Bangsamoro questions and strife in Mindanao with a comprehensive compact in the peace process.

The Phil. Star p.8

MIa. Bulletin p.16


Boni tunnel as heritage site - The BCDA in partnership with the Fort Bonifacio Development Corp. will develop and rehabilitate the little known Fort Bonifacio War Tunnel into a heritage site.

Malaya p.d2


II Destabilization

plot just propaganda The MIa. Times p.AS

1i .March 2012


Easterlies prevail over eastern Luzon, bringing mostly cloudy skies with scattered rainshowers and isolated thunderstorms. The rest of the country will be partly cloudy to cloudy with isolated rainshowers or thunderstorms, mostly in the afternoon or evening. Coastal waters throughout the archipelago will be moderate to rough. Temperature forecasts: Metro Manila, 23-30 degrees Celsius; Baguio City, 14-23; Tag:aytay City, 21-30; Subic and Clark zone, 23-31; Metro Cebu, 24-31i Metro Davao, 24-33i and Cagayan -de Oro, 22-3" . TIdal predictions in Manila Bay: high tide at 1:55 p.m. at 1.01 meters; low tide at 10~36a.m. at 0.05 meter. Sunrise is at 6:04 a.m.; sunset at 6:06 p.m.


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March 2012

Rebel atrocities claim' ;two children's lives

! ~e 3lMantIantime5!



......-IWO children, age six and five years

'old, were the recentvictims of the 'communist New People's Army's (NPA) alleged atrocities arid total ,disregard of the safety .and welfare , of innocent civilians, according to .a military- spokesman. .
Captain Reylan Java, spokesman , of the Army's 3rd Infantry (Spear: head) Division elD) identified the bomb explosion victims as Rodelyn· "'Aguirre, 6, and her five-year old sis- ' The explosion occurredSunday at the house of the Rodas in Brgy . Tacayan, Tapaz, Capiz, a known bailiwick of the leftist rebels. Based 'on, initial report, the exp losion was caused by the lapses in .ter, Roda, Java said Rodelyn died on the " the process of assembling of the improvised explosive device (lED} spot while.Roda was wounded.

", by the members of the NPA. Reports reaching the Armed Forces ofthe Philippines (AF) high command in Camp Aguinaldo also showed that at least two unidentified members of the NPA were also. seriously wounded during the explosion as revealed by the civilian witnesses. Java further said that the lED is to be used by the rebels for their terrorist activities in Capiz and other parts of Panay: " , Last February 20, the insurgents used IEDta bomb the La Casa Transloading Station of Sugarcane Central in Brgy Mianay, Sigma, ' Capiz for failure to give in to their demand for money. , On August 2011!the NPA mem, bers also laid lED when they am-



,bushed the army personnel belongingto the 61st Infantry Battalion in BrgySwitch, Tapaz, Capiz. ", They also set up two IEDs near the Igcabugao Elementary School in lgbaras, Iloilo sometime March of 2010 but were recovered DY army personnel conducting peace and development works. ' Based on military record, a total of seven IEDs were recovered by the' ,S2nd Infantry Battalion in various NPA encamp merits in Igbaras and Miagao, both in Iloilo province, on 2009. 'Earlier, the AFP" through the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) peace negotiating panel, filed a complaint against' the NPA's continued use of IEDs " and landmines in its operations in violation of the agreement signed


by the government and the Naless deaths and miseries to the tional Democratic Front of the Phillives of innocent civilians," ippines (NDFP). ,', Mabanta stressed, adding that said The use efland mines and lED are social problems in our country can prohibited under the ComprehensVie' easily be solved in an environment Agreement on, Respect for Human of peace i-ather than through Rights and International Humanitar.armed struggl ~, ian Law (CARHRIHL) , " In a related development, the The GARHRIHL is the first offour , military also reported that another agreements, in the substantive lED explosion incident happened agenda of the peace negotiations yesterday in Tacurong City, Sultan between the GRP and theNDF. " Kudarat causing injuries to ice drop Major General Jose Mabanta, vendorRaymundo Echona and Commander of the 3rd ID, based in damage to a passenger bus, Camp Peralta, Jamindan, Capiz, apBrig.Gen. Manuel Luis Ochotorena, pealed to the leadership of the NPA ' deputYcommander arid spokesman of to spare-the children from harm and the 6th 10, said that initial investigastay away from the communities that rion the target of said bombingwas the choose to live in peace, ' Rural Bus Co, for its refusalto give in "The four decades of armed to an extortion demand by a still unistruggle have only brought sensedentified group. "




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March 2012

Page: --,.._,:::)_. _



Landmine kills Army sergeant, hurts 9
explosive device (lED) rocked a, public transport terminal in Sultan An Army sergeant was killed Kudarat province, wounding at . while nine other soldiers were least one civilian. Brig. Gen. Manuel Oehotorena, wounded after government troops hit a landmine at the height of an Army 6th ID assistant commander and spokesman, said that an lED intense flre~ght with communist exploded beside a Rural Transit New People is Army (NPA) rebels Bus at a public tertninal ill Tacurong in Northern Samar province City at around 4 p.m. Monday. yesterday. Ochotorena said that ice drop Lt. Col. Niceforo Diaz, spokesman of the Army's 8th vendor Raymundo Echona was slightly wounded during the blast .. InfantryDivision (ID), reported .that-elements of the Army's 34th The bus was damaged . The Army officer said that Infantry Battalion clashed with more or less 20 fully armed NPA . elements of the Army's 65th rebels along Barangay Nago in Explosive and Ordnance Division 'ream and Scene of the Crime Catubigtown at around 6 a.m; Operatives were immediately At the height of the firefight, Dlaz said the Army troops hit two dispatchedto the blast site. As per initial iIwestigation made landmines planted by the NPA in the seat of the explosion, the rebels. incident was caused by an lED with The identities of the casualties were not made available as of press undetermined kind of ordinance based on the pieces of evidence time. found, said Ochotorena, The Army official said the Ochotorena said that initial firefight lasted for about an hour. At around lO:40·a.m.,the Army investigation showed that extortion casualties were airlifted to a local could be the motive behind the . attack. hospital for proper treatment. This is not the first time that a Diaz expressed belief that the NPA band sustained an' Rural Transit bus was targeted by undetermined number of bombing attacks. Onlylast month, another bus operated by the same .casualties. company was blasted in Carmen, He said that pursuit operations North Cotabato, resulting in at least . are now ongoing. one civilian wounded. Meanwhile, an improvised



By Mario J. Mallarl



. omCEOF


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March 2012

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7...1-' ._...;.....

Blast kills soldier, hurts 9
An, Army Sergeant was killed j white nine' other troopers were wounded in two landmine eXPlo-1 sions yesterday believed perpe-


,trated~y. the N.ew People's Army. (NPA) In Northern Samar, a military official said.:. Lt. Col. Niceforo Diaz, Army 8t1r ' Infantry Division (8ID) spokes- II man, said the twin blasts occurred ' around 6:00 a.m. at Baranqav Nago-ocan, Catubig, Northern Samar. ' Diaz said prior to the explosion, soldiers from the 34th Infantry Battalion figu,red in an armed encounter with around 20 NPA insurgents in the area. The firefight lasted an hour, he said. The spokesman added that during the course maneuvers of the troops, two believed landmines planted by the NPA exploded. One soldier was lmrnedlateIy killed from the blast while nine others sustained shrapnel wounds. Diaz said the wounded soldiers were airlifted to a hospital around 10:40 a.m. Soldiers are now conducting pursuit operation against the in,· surgent group. (Elena L. Aben)



'happ,. AfP;: reservist·. . , ,·c"oll.• red. \:
MALOLOSCity - Areservist of the Armedf orees was hauled' off -to the police station after fired a gun while having a. drinking spree with his friends in Barangay Kaypian, San Jose del Monte City yesterday.





.yayaan na umakyat sa kabundukan ngLipa City , SAN ~ABLO CITY '-,- noong nakaraang Sabado Dahil sa kakulailgan ng (Marso 10).. kooedfnasyon sa mga' Dakong alas-S ng gabi kinauukulan, naIagay ay. pawang pangamba ang sa alanganin ang 10 naranasan ng mga mounmountaineers, dalawa ' taineers dahil sa hindi na dito ay babae makaranilamalaman arigkanilang" ang ,maligaw sa kabun- . pupuntahan kung, kaya't dukan ng San Pablo at sa kanilang panawagan ay Batangas., .' ' agad na inalalayan ng Subali't dahil sa, ka-', 202ndlnfarit'ryUnifierBri-. nilang pagtawag sa ka- gade, 2ID,PAsa pamumu- " nilang kamag-anak mula no ni CoL Ivan Samarita , sa Metro Manila. ay agad kanilang Quick Reaction, narnan naalalayan ng Team ng brigada na pina- ' Search and Rescue ng munuan ni Col.' Leo CirPhilippine Red Cross sa unay at 'nagpadala ng ampsngunguna ni Arvin Car- bulanaiya '8i City andang at Dorie Cabela, ,Administrator Loreto chapter administrator ng Amante. 'Red Cross San Pablo ang , Dakong alas-10:14, ng mga naligaw na mountaingabi, ay nakatanggap ng eers na pawang mga ka- message mula sa text si Carbataan. andang dahil tumatangging , Dahil sa kahilingan ng magpa-reseue ang grupo sa , 10 mountaineers na ilihim kabila ng pagkikipag-usap na lang ang kanilang mga ni Cabela upang kumustapangalan (iba sa kanila ay bin aug kalagayan ng grupo mga estudyante at mga at pagtitiyak na Iigtas ang nag-oopisina) na nagka- ' mga ito.



Troop~tdies, 9 hurt in NPAclash
A SOLDIER died. while nine others were injured in a clash yesterday with New, People's Army rebels in Western Samar, Troops from the 34th InfantryBattalion were on security operation When the fighting broke out at Nagookan.village in Catubig townaround 6 a.m., said Lt. Col. Niceforo Diaz, spokesman of the Army's SthInfantry Division. ' ~~Duringthe course of troop maneuver, two Iandmlnes were exploded by the NPAs,» said Diaz, He said the rebels, numbering at least, 20, withdrew after a one-hour firefight, with undetermined number of casualties. Diazwithheld the names of the slain sergeant and the nine enlisted personnel pending notification of their families. In Compostela Valley, a group of armed men attacked forces of the 10th Infantry Division Headquarters Ser-' vice Battalion in Nueva Viscaya village, Mawab town. - Victor Reyes '

Bulacanpolicedirector Senior Supt. Fernando t Mendez, [r. identified the 'I suspect asRichardLorino, I 24, of Tinagan Street, QuezonCity., ,. City police chief Supt. MarcosRiverosaid prior to the suspect's arrest the village officials complained beforefuepolicetl:1atagroup ofAFP.reservistswerecau5ing alarmed in the neighborhood and firing a gun. Respondingpolicemen , ' SUbjected the reservist body search and found , Lorino in possession of a homemade caliber .38 revolverwith tVII"O bullets.



a~~~';~!!:~i.~ §!yahoo.c _
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March 2012




Church agrees to priests as Army chaplains again
"It has the recommendation DAVAO CITY-The Catholic Church has agreed anew to deploy of the bishop," Ampoyas, who is priests as chaplains in the Armed assigned to the Diocese of MarForces of the Philippines (AFP), 40 bel, said. . Ampoyas, who was commisyears after it stopped doing so. sioned lieutenant colonel, said The declaration of .martial it was good that the Church has law has soured the relationship finally agreed to send chaplains between the Marcos dictatorto the military again because ship and the Catholic hierarchy that priests stopped performing there has been a lack ofchaplains these days. as military chaplains. On Monday, two priests-BoniThe priest, who said he nearly became a soldier, said he was facio Anipoyas and Pedro Maniwang=-became the first members inspired by the work of men in of the Catholic clergy to be named uniform while working with the imas. Chaplains in the AFP Reserve . military for community Force underfhe Eastern Min- provement for his decision to become a military chaplain, danao Command based here. Ampoyas said he passed Davao Archbishop Fernando Capalla and Marbel Bishop Din- Philippine Military Academy enualdo Gutierrez had approved trance tests but said "my calling the deployment of Ampoyas as priest was stronger."· Ayan MeZZejor, Inquirer Mindanao and Maniwang to the APE

MARVELES, Bataan- The Philippine Army and the Authority of the Freeport Area of Bataan (Afab) recently joined forces to provide medical and dental care . to more than 100 families in a remote village here. In a statement on Monday, the Afab said it supported amedical-dentalmis'Si011 at Sitio Baclain, Barangay Malaya spearheaded by the Philippine Army's 7th CMO Gwapo Battalion Command. The army based in the province is led by Commanding Officer Lt. Col. Benito . V. Doniego Jr. "We believe in the CMO's campaign plan Bayanihan. This is part of their work ..................................... : :

f)'1 ~'") ~ (/ cr ..

Army, Afab sponsor medical-dental mission
as a branch of the Armed Forces to reach· out to our countrymen, and show them that this is the government at work-We, at the Afab, support advocacies like this whichreflectourcorporatesocialresponsibility" said Afab Chairman and Admin istrator Deogracias G. P. Custodio. For his part, ~oniego said "we came· hereto cooperate with the Afab in our efforts to give assistance to our people:' "We are especially grateful to Afab Chairman Custodio for the support and' for sponsoring the medicines that we used 'in the medical mission;' he added. . Doniego said they are also set to CODductyouthleadership summit, awareness 5 programs, clean-up drives and other ac- . tivities in partnership with the Afab. Residents expressed their gratitude for the free checkup and medicines as they live in a remote area. "Medicalservices are not readily accessible," they added in the dialect. The Afab also said that it sponsors other outreach programs as part of its corporate social responsibility projects. Among them was the "Run for the Hog Pasig," a relief donation drive in the Free-' " port Area ofBataan for the victims of the ;..;;... recent Typhoon Sendong. The Afab has also been actively supporting the Philippine Red Cross. JoeyFovia . .

March 2012

Doubts uion't
By Harrah Erika Lesaba Inquirer Southern Luzon
to pick up in their unfinished house at Phase 5 St. Joseph Subdivision, Barangay Tarnbo here, Mario Puertollano, 53, a carpenter, is alone and busy trying to finish the house's back door. He says he doesn't want to worry when the family leaves on Friday for the graduation of his son, Tom, on Sunday at the Philippine Military Academy (PMA). Pictures of Tom, 21, the third of his four children, and of his siblings hang on the walls. Files from the PMA are neatly organized in one cabinet When told by the INQUIRER that Tom is valedictorian of PMA's Bagwis Class 2012, he refused to believe it at first. "I was expecting it but still I am not convinced," says Mario. He adds he won't listen to news saying his son is valedictorian because he wants to be surprised when he and his children arrive in Baguio for the graduation rites.

IlImid dreams stop PMA topnotcber's
Page:J\.~ .
Tom gets from SM Foundation for transport fare to process the papers Tom needed for the PMA. Mario quotes BSU as saying Tom could have graduated cum laude had he not left for the PMA. There were no regrets from the family, however, says Mario. During visits to Tom at the PMA, Mario recalls worrying about his son's weight loss and asking him: "Can you still handle it?" "I am happy here dad," would be Tom's reply.


Mother's tears
In Tom's first year at PMA, Mario recalls his son being in his elass' Top 4. In his second and third year, he was first. By the middle of his fourth year, he was No. 2. Mario says if he would be the one to decide, he would want Tom to join the Air Force "as it is not dangerous there." But his son, says Mario, "really wants to join the Army; which made his (late) mother cry as he would be sent to far and dangerous places." As Mario was being interviewed for this article, he kept expressing doubts over news that his son was this year's PMA valedictorian. Mario's mobile phone beeped. He picked it up to look at the message and let out a wide smile. He showed a text message from his son that says "Dad, I am the valedictorian. " Mario admits, though, that he has forgotten Tom's birthday. The day he won't forget is Aug. 11, 2011, when Tom's mother, Bar.. bara, died of hepatitis just two days after Tom paid a visit to her. ''We went thr-ough so much hardship but Nonoy (Tom) persisted and he never thought of giving up," says Mario.

He says when Tom, whom he calls Nonoy, was still in elementary and high school, he knew his son to be a bright student but doubted if he could make it to the top of his class - because he came from a poor tests in far places because we cannot afford his allowance," says Mario. He recalls allotting only PS for Tom's daily allowance when he was in elementary and high school at Fernando Air Base. There were days, though, when there would be no mon. ey for allowance or food but Tom would insist on going to school. Tom, his father says, is quiet
family. ''We cannot send him to con-

MARIO Puertollano, a carpenter, was fixing this door at the back of the family house in Batangaswhen news came that his son, Tom, wasthe class valedictorian this year at the Philippine Military

by choice since he believed in "no talk, no error," but Tom fixes problems "even before family members can speak about them." After high school, Tom took entrance tests in different schools and applied for scholarships to pursue a college degree.

Mario says the family wasn't aware that Tom took qualifying tests to enter the PMA until a letter from the academy was delivered. to their house congratulating Tom for passing the PMA entrancetest. Tom, says Mario, was keen on entering the PMA because it meant the family wouldn't SM Foundation have to spend so much for his Tom passed the tests, in- schooling. "We didn't stop him eluding one that earned him a and we supported him," says scholarship from 8M Founda- Mario. tion to take an engineering Mario says the family could course in Batangas State Uni- barely eke out a living and versity in Lipa City. 6 had to use the allowance that






March 2012




{Civil Society Cite.d
the civilsociety-led Hantay Bayanihan ity of civil society and related sector~': (BB) that waslaunched in November to engage in the public discourse on' last year which aims to institutionalthe broad SSR framework focused 'on ,. Presidential Adviser on ize the participation of civil society the Democratic Control of the Armed-: the Peace Process Seereand relevant' agencies in the imple- Forces. The initiative was supported . tary'Ieresita Qllintos Deles mentation of the Armed Forces of by Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES).':' said that the "partnership, the Philippines'CAFP) Internal Peace' Deles, at the same time, under- : .. 'dialogue, and multi-stakeand Security Plan (IPSP), otherwise scored that in moving forward lik~:: . holder approach" With civil known as Oplan Bayanihan. ,other reform issues, Security Sector', society groups has great"As far as the security sector Beformneeds abroedpublicconstituly help in reforming and reforms instituted by the AFP are ency to push it and to defend it. ' transforming the Philippine concerned, partnerships and multi"Especially since our focus is security sector.' . stakeholder cooperation on a shared on' developing democratic control . During a: speech. at the vision are at work, This is a huge of armed forces, the call is to make .' launching of the Security transformation and a milestone for ordinary citizens understand that .. Sector Reform (SSR) handPhilippine democracy," Deles said. what happens in the security sector. book entitled "TransformaThe handbook is a compilatiori of will.have an effect on their lives," '~.i tion" held at Pasig City, results ofthe series of SSR study ses- Deles said. ., Deles said that "the innovasions.convenedby the International AFP Chief of Staff Lieutenant , tions and institutional re-: . Center for Innovation, TransformaGeneral Jessie Dellosa, in his soli-·, form efforts in the security tion and Excellence in Governance. , darity message read on his behalf sector that we are seeing UNCITEGov), a civil society group by Brigadier General Romeo Calizo, . today is somethingwemust which Delesjoined in 2006. said that the military has bee~ , take notice of, truly affirm, While she was in the civil society relentlesslypursuingtheir own se- . and support." sector in 2007,Deles convened a study curity reform for transparency and Deles also mentioned group toorientand develop the capae- accountability.· ,.

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5295 "


March 2012


An'dal Sr. prefers Heart Center,; .AFPMCJsayshis condition not i~proving
Murdersuspect Andal Ampatuan Sr. wants to be transferred to the Philippine Heart Center" saying the military hospital where he is currently confined might not have the facilities to attend to him. . Armed Forces' of the Philippines spokesma~. Col. Arnulfo Burgos Jr. said the former Maguindanao governor's condition for the past 24 hours since the latest medical bul-, letin has not improved." The APP Medical Center (AFPMC) said Ampatuan has been.' hypertensive for 10 years and a diabetic for more than five. years. AFPMC spokesman Commander Jerome Ochoco said Ampatuan "has respiratory failure and is hooked on a mechanical ventilator to sta- . bilize his present condition."


fer and confinement to another hospital better equipped to address his medical condition," the motion stated, . He was rushed mit of his detention ceil in Camp Bagong Diwa in Taguig on Friday after he vomited blood. He was first brought to the Taguig-Pateros District Jail but eventuallytransferred to theAFPMC in Quezon City. HisIawyers areasking the court for his continued confinement. The pleading filed ·yesterday before the Re- . gional Trial Court Branch 221, which is hearing the Maguindanao massacre multiple murder case, was signed by Ampatuan's lawyers, Sigfrid Forum and Precious Angela Lledo. . "Arrangements have been made by the medical staff of the (AFPMC) and accused's family ."Adequate care for his possible transfer to the Philippine-Heart Center, for a prompt and specialized treatment In an u~ge~trriotion filed yesterday, the law-of his illness," the pleading stated. . yers of the former Maguindanao governor said It stated that the clan patriarch is suffering he was entitled to ."adequatemedical care." . from complications of pneumonia and that his. Ampatuan "requests for his immediate trans- attending doctor had certified that his condition
. .






"still requires continued hospital confinement." . The pleading said the facility at the AFP Medical Center "may, however, be inadequate to address accused's condition," . Also yesterday, the AFPMC submitted its medical abstract on Ampatuan's condition to the court, which will use the document to de- . cideon the suspect's petition for.his continu~us confinement. Tp.e abstract was Signed by Major Noel Caurano. chief of the hospital's pulmonology service. ., •. "Patient is conscious, coherent, 111 cardlOrespl-. ratory distress," it stated. .. . Ampatuan was diagnosed to be suffering from pneumonia, acu te re~piratory f.ailure due. to pulmonary edema, .cI:r0me obs~ru~tlve pulmonary disease and chrome alcoholic liver disease, among others, . . Meanwhile, Basilan Bishop Martin [umoad said Ampatuan can be placed under hospital arres~ ~or. "humanitarian reasons" for as long as authorities can assure he would not be able to escape. . - With Evelyn Macairan



March 2012




Probe sought military presence in Luisitavillages


Farmers of Hacienda Luisita sought yesterday the help of Justice Secretary Leila de Lima against the reported military presence in their communities. "We are seeking Justice Leila de Lima's office to investigate this wanton disregard of the military by insisting on its deployment and nesting in the ten village communities of Hacienda Luisita. Clearly this is violation of the farm workers' and residents' rights and safety: they should be out of the farm workers' community, structures and out of Hacienda Luisita,"the Alyansa ng mga Manggagawang Bukid sa Asyenda Luisita (Ambala) said in a statement. " .The group cited the report of the fact-finding mission conducted by its mother organization, Unyon ngmga · Manggagawang Bukid sa Asyenda Luisita (UMA), along with human rights groups Karapatan, Promotion of Church People's Response and Luisita Peasant and People's Alliance. They claimed there have been cases ·of harassment, surveillance, vilification and arson. "The Justice department through Secretary De Lima should see through this pressing issue; as a former human rights chair, we, are requesting her of·fice to conduct a probe on the military presence inside Hacienda Luisita," UMA secretary-general RodelMesa appealed. . "The military. argues that they have the backing of the village officials

(but this) should be questioned ... Clearly this is an attempt of the Aquino (administration) to curtail the farm workers' militant assertion call~ ing for the distribution of Hacienda Luisita." he added. The groups blasted Maj. Enrico Gil Ileto, 7th infantry battalion spokesman, -that the military will not pull its forces from thehacienda. .. . , "He acts likeAquino' s spokesperson, personal security and caretaker: . of Hacienda Lu.is it a . .This de facto' . martial law inside the farm workers . community was architected to' defy , the courts' Nov. 22 decision ordering . the 4,900 hectares distributed to land reform beneficiaries by deceiving the farm workers that they are one with the people. If that doesn't work, they will resort to harassment, intimidation and other form. of confrontation to dissuade the farm workers from going to protest actions," the group alleged. . Last week, the farm worker-beneficiaries protested the reported Pl.C-bilhon demand of the family of President Aquino as compensation for the distribulion of their 4,915.75-hectare sugar land estate in Tarlac. Ambalaand Uma also called for the inhibition of Associate Justice Ma. LourdesSereno, Aquino's' first appointee to the high court, who sided with the valuation demanded by. Hacienda' : Luisita Inc. (HLI). It was Sereno's concurring and dis.sentirig opinion on the high court's .. decision last Nov. 22 ordering the total land distribution of the estate to its original 6,296 farm worker-beneficiaries .that placed the current fair market value of the land at the time HLI was issued a notice of coverage on Jan. 2,
2006. . It was on this valuation

that HLI reportedly pegged its demand for just compensation at PIO billion. - With Rhodina Villanueva

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Militarization·may· repeat Luisita massacre ~ solon
.. "Military presence in Hacienda Luisita is the issue. Since the'1950s, . the president's ancestors led by the :~i!l~~,cting .to M~lacafi~ng's sw,t;~ment he IS"making an Issue" late patriarch Jose Cojuangco Sr. oqi,~.qf,'~he military presence in have used guns, goons and gold to Hacienda Luisita, Anakpawis Rep. maintain their control and Rafael Mariano yesterday reminded stronghold on Luisita and quell the the Palace, particUIarlypresidentiai dissenting farmers and farm spokesman Edwin Lacierda that workers," said Mariano. . "The Cojuangco-Aquinos are miHtil:r¥ presence in Hacienda doing everything in their power and Ll1isita~has led to the massacre of' seven farm workers on Nov. . influence to block the distribution 16; 2004 now remembered as the of Hacienda Luisita land," the solon Infamous Hacienda Luislta . added. Massacre. . . "The Cojuangco-Aquinos are

By Charlie V. Manalo

among the biggest landlords in the and active military presence' in country.In the Philippines,landlords .Hacienda Luisita, the challenge is make use of the military institution upon the President to order the pulland maintain private armies to out of military and paramilitary guard their vast landholdings and troops out of the sugar estate properties and stop any form of because ofthe rising cases ofhwnan resistance from farmers and rights violations against farmers- ,. tenants," Mariano added. beneficiaries," the solon said. Mariano averred that the 1987 Mariano said the CojuangcoMendiolaMassacre and the Luisita Aquinos must stop delaying the Massacre in 2004 have only further process of distribution and "sealed the legacy and reputation reiterated the demand of Luisita of the Cojuangco-Aquinos as fiumer-beneficiaries for the speedy violators of human rights." and uncompromised distribution of "Nowthat there is a heightened Hacienda Lvisita.

7 --TO~~~~~~t 1 J'l. '

'Red offensives shift to political front
organizations in' the countryside "On March 29, let us mark the thatserveasthecoreandfoundation 43rd .anniversary of the NPA by FROM guerrilla offensives to of the people's democratic celebrating the victories of the past cultural activities? government," the CPP said. year and steeling our determination . . The Communist Party of the "ThiS appears to be in to bring the people's war to the Philippines -ordered the New preparation for 2013 elections. strategic stalemate in the next few People's Army to "write new Maybe they are taking a different years," the CPP said. poems and sing new songs" to stance to make their party-li~t . The NP~ was established mark their 43rd anniversary on, organizations mor~~~c.~!a.1?l~}r~. 2g~_~.~~_}'v~~~o!!:~y.6~O~~~~~:s.. -Mafc1i29':'- _ ...'.~ ..' :--.~ ~--+."' =rr :": '2013," Padilla said. . . armed WIth· only tune automatic . What was missing inthe CPP's "We welcome the statement rifles and 26 single-shot rifles marching orders, though, were because this is a differ~nt cry and handguns... .' the usual orders to launch more from their usual call for VIolence The CPP said the NPA ~ow attacks against the government. .' in their previous statements," the has several .thousa~d full-time . But there was a statement that government negotiator added. fighters WIth high-powered ~ appeared to be in preparation for The CPP also called on all rift.es, further, aU~I?~nted by the 2013 mid-term elections, based units of the NPA as well as urnts of people S militias. on the analysis of government chief people's militias to "prepar.e AFP spokesman Col. Arnulfo 7,5295. negotiator Alexander Padilla. '. for military parades and Burgos Jr. said the military I' "Let us further e~4 and .. c\,ll~ral act~vities" to mark the ~opes the CPP ~tatement :vo~ld ! galvanize the democratic mass .anniversary. redound to their rebel units. \

ByJovcePangco Paftares


. .. '






March 2012



BeDA Se~s P'30A-BRecurring Income From JVs And' Lease Projects
GlobalGroup, and Megaworld Properties Holdings Inc. for the development The state-owned Bases' CQnver~, of Bonifacio Global City and Newport j City. sion Development Authority (SCDA) He pointed out that the 1"30.4bilprojected recurring income from its lion projected revenues can even go lease and joint venture (JV) develophigher once BCDAsecures more lease ments projects in Bonifacio Global . City and Newport City at P'30A billion and joint-venture agreements in the future. He said that the BCDA has in the next 20years. asked President Aquino's approval of BCDA President and CEO Arnel its disposition plans, adding that it is Paciano D. Casanova said that aside now with the Office of the President. ' from the outright sale of properties in "Of course we have not yet facBonifacio Global City; the BCDA has tored in the new joint venture agreeentered into joint-development agreements and the sale transactions that ments and lease agreements with the private sector that have resulted in will be made in the future that will translate to higher revenues not only an annual secured fixed payments , of P'30,416billion from the years 2012 for the AFP but for the entire governto 2032. ment," Casanova said. He said that the BCDA has gener"This assures us of a steady flow ated a total ofP'52.977billion from the of funds for the Armed Forces of the , Philippines (AFP) Modernization disposition of Metro Manila camps from the period May 1993to February Fund and infrastructure development 2012and has remitted a total of'P33.630 "•projects of BCDA areas of operation that include the Bonifacio Global City billion to the National Treasury covering the proceeds from both sale and ' and its economic zones in Central and non-sale transactions. Of the remitted 'Northern Luzon," Casanova said. amount, 1"21. 88 billion went to the 7 ,Aside from pumping its share of its AFP, broken down to 'Pl2'.292'billion disposition proceeds to the development of its ecozones, Casanova cited for the AFP Modernization Program ,the development of the San Fernando and M.496 billion for the replication of Airport in La Union and the BCDA military facilities. monorail project as among the high Of the generated 1"52.977billion, impact infrastructure projects that the AFP Share had 41 percent of the proceeds at 'P21.788~B;BCDA share the :aCDA willbe pursuing in the near future. had 21 percent at P'l0.891-B; and 14 percent represented the share of the tJnder Executive Order 309, the , AFP gets fifty percent of net proceeds 14 government beneficiary agencies from non-sale transactions and 35 under A.O. 236 at P7.272-B. The remaining amount represents payments percent of the net proceeds from sale transactions pursuant to RA 7917. ", in the fonn of taxes and fees, replica, . Casanova said that since 2002, , tion of non-military facilities, .share of the contiguous municipalities and BCDA has made joint-venture deals direct expenses consisting of reloea .. Wi~h_ ~a~~.:~.~~.~n~:, __ ~e_~~~~nce ' ~


tion of informal occupants, construe. tion of site development projects, and ' .administrative expenses. Casanova: said that in 2011 alone, the BCDA remitted P'2.137 billion to the National Treasury for the AFP and the Government Arsenal. He said that the share of the AFP and the 14 government beneficiaries is directly remitted to the National Treasury and, in turn, the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) is responsible for the programming and releasing the appropriation to the AFP to finance their modernization program. The 14 government beneficiaries include the National Housing Author, ity, National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation and Home Insurance and Guarantee Corporation; Department of Public Works and Highways and the Department of 'IransportationarrdCommunications; Philippine Health Insurance Corporation; Mount Pinatubo Assistance, Rehabilitation and Development Fund; Philippine Veterans Affairs Office;-Department of Science and Technology; National Bureau of Investigation, Bureau of Corrections, Philippine National Police and the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology; Department of Education, Culture, and Sports and Department of Social Welfare and Development; Philippine Economic Zone Authority; Commission on' Higher Education; .OSEC, Department of Justice and the Ombudsman; Supreme Court of the Philippines and Lower Courts, Sandiganbayan, Court ofAppeals and Court of Tax Appeals; Department of Social Welfare and Development; Depart- _ ment of Labor and Employment






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"PhI, Japan convene political-military meet
The Philippines and Japan fumi Ishii, arid the Ministry have convened the 5th Philip- of Defense, led byDirector pine-Japan political-military General Kazuo Sunaga. meeting pursuant to the 2011 During the dialogue, the Joint Statement between the two countries undertook two countries. substantive discussions and The military-to-military exchange of views on their dialogue was also convened respective security policies, last Wednesday at the Depart- the changing regional security ment of Foreign Affairs (DFA) architecture, situation in the and Department of National Korean peninsula, nuclear seDefense (DND). eurity, disaster prevention and Ma. Theresa Lazaro, foreign management, among others, ' affairs assistant secretary for Existing and future coopAsia and Pacific Affairs, led eration activities in the security the Philippine delegation to and defense fields in both the the meeting. bilateral and multilateral arena Danilo Augusto Francia, were also discussed. defense -assistant secretary The Political-Military and for plans and programs, co- Military-to-Military meeting chaired the meeting with offi-is a dialogue mechanism escials from the Coast Guard and tablished in 2006_ the Office of the Presidential " Tnis is'in preparatiort;f~r1;he , Adviser on the Peace Process. P~jlippirt~'21apat( Vite'-"NfiMs" Repr.esenting th~)apanese "te(~;;trat-egic Di~logue_tobe delegation were officials from c01\'\iefiedlater this month. the Ministry-of Foreign Affairs, The last such meeting was headed by Ambassador for ' held in Tokyo in August 2010. Foreign Policy B,ureau Masa- Pia Lee-Brago

. Resolving the Bangsamoro questioris and the strife in Mindanao . : with a Comprehensive Compact in the peace process with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) depends on the political will of the "Government of the Philippines (GPH), an MILF senior leader said yesterday. The MILF also contradicted GPH negotiators' statement about arriving at a peace accord, thouqh : admitting that the coming negotiations in March and April this year are.very crucial to having a breakthrough. Jun Mantawil, chairman of the Secretariat of the MILF Peace Panel, issued this statement as he was about to leave abroad on an invitation r • of an international non-governI mental organization, Luwaran, I com said. (Edd .:K. Usman):

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The NaliolJsJ News-paper



as heritage site
THE Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) in partnership with. the Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation (FBDC) will develop and rehabilitate the little known Fort Bonifacio War Tunnel into a heritage site. BCDA President and 'CEO Arnel Paciano Casanova said the project aims -to contribute to the people's understanding and appreciation of the history of the former military camp Fort Bonifacio, now known as Bonifacio Global City (BGC). : He said there is a need to pre....' .. erye the heritage and promote s , the history that once played a vital \.role in regaining back our freedom 'and democracy. He said presen'ing the heritage of Fort Bonifacio and incorporating its heritage and history in the development of BGC is what makes BGC a cut' above other cities. Casanova said, "Bonifacio Global City, is the. fastest growing commercial, business and residential district in the country rodav, It is the home of passionate mi~ds. Equally important is the rich history that is incorporated in BGC's development=giving it a soul." The Fort Bonifacio Tunnel, an underground passageway located in the eastern portion of BGC, dates back to the American colonial period when it was first constructed during \'(;'orld \'{'ar II to serve as military headquarters and storage of war supplies. It Was first dug up in the early 19005, under the directive of General Doughs Mac.Arthur who served as military adviser to former President Manuel Quezon. The original tunnel's length was about 2.24 kilometers with 32 built-in chambers and two passable exits, one leading to Barangay Pembo and the other to Barangay East Remo. Todav, amidst the rapid development' of Bonifacio Global Cit}', a 730-meter segment of the tunnel remains unaffected, existing underneath the Road, with its opening near Market! Marked The BCDA chief executive pointed out that the corrversion of the old military structure into a heritage site will also contribute to the counrrv's tourism industry, which he 'said, plays a significant· part in stimulating economic growth. ".Along BGC's world-class development, BCDA plans to rehabilitate, develop and convert the old tunnel into a historical site in BGC that will showcase the city's rich and unique heritage as a former military baseland," Casanova said. He said the Fort Bonifacio War' Tunnel will position the country as a bastion of freedom and democracy in the whole of Asia and' bring honor to Filipino soldiers who sacrificed their lives to fight for such freedom. "We have a rich and fascinating history on the Filipino's struggle for freedom and independence," Casanova stated, adding that "such struggle has left .historical artifacts that remind us how our forefathers fought for the freedom we now have. Some of these artifacts, such as the Fort Bonifacio Tunnel, are beneath the ground we walk on everyday."



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Destabiliz'ation plot just propaganda
. DESTABILIZATION is a serious issue. However, it is not surprising news for us. Ever since,' the former presidents. of. the Philippines and even the presidents. of other countries experience .this kind of issue. According to those who know about it, the . destabilization plots are mostly done by the military. Some of this is possibly true. But some of the destabilization scare announcement ate possi-

. :.,,-« ._~ t.,.,
-s~:-,,~ ...

.... .."... ·\z··,·-

Send (omment~ oPlnion@manilatimes.net or write to the Opinion Editor, The Manila Times, 21F Sitio Grande, 409 A. Soriano Avenue,lntramuros, Manila 10!)2 bly propaganda. his administration is impossible. Today, another destabilization Soldiers had 'already learned issue •.is up-rising 'in the . their lessons from the past destaadministration of PNoy. bilization efforts. They have alAccording to the news, two retired ready realized that destabilization generals are behind. the against the President is not an easy . destabilization plot against PNoy. job; Con ducting destabilization is But a serious study of the matter sacrificing your family, your proshow that destabilization in . fession, your life.

,~. to·



E T"T E R' ..
'.' .' .

I do believe that thepeople of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (APP) are really true and sincere to what they have pledged. The APr is always being true and loyal to the President '. and to the government. .. So I do believe that this kind of destabilization plot issue, whiCh the President himself announced . and the AFp'denied:knowing any. thing about, is just propaganda. 'CARMELITA R. SUAREZ Lipa, Batangas. suarezcarmelita@rocketmaiJ,com


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