Chicago Hip Hop artist Levi Mull, aka Levis stress, is a self-proclaimed microphone assassin. With two mics and a turntable, Levi is known for creating politically edgy fun tracks influenced by 90’s Boom Bap, a style of hip hop signified by a hard bass drum and snapping snare. Levi discovered a passion for music in fifth grade when he began scratching and making dirty mix tapes on his mom’s old turntables. Eventually he became a master of ceremonies passionate about being an active voice in his community. He is inspired by different cultures, books, movies and new environments and looks up to artists like Chuck D, Krs-One, Rakim , Aliyah, J Dilla and Guru .


Levi resides in Nashville Tennessee where he records under House of Wax/Corner Store Records. He has released several albums including Worldwind Expedition (2000), Half Man Half Amazin (2003), Shawshank Redemption (2005), Back 2 Tha Essence (2006) and Hav Mic will Travel (2010). He has shared the stage with artists like Jermy, J Pda,Tryffa, Bobby Exodus, 4 Letta, Kei, The Choosen One, Monique Isom, Correseptic, Bossman, D Walk, Sharkula, Kickass Alyssia Abina, Darian D, Qwel ,Rubberoom and Quiet Entertainer and performed at venues across Tennessee, Chicago ,New York, Los Angeles, North Carolina and South Carolina. Levi’ ultimate goal is to reach the masses, although he knows he has done his job if one person is impacted by his music. He is an approachable artist who sets his ego aside to bond with his loving fans and develop meaningful relationships. Levi has been featured on Music Sumo’s Metro Beat Homegrown Artist Podcast and’s Street Chronicles Video which was voted one of the best local videos in 2007. Levi has also been featured on several university radio stations in Chicago including WNUR and WHPK. He will continue to make socially conscious music and will soon release his new album Fine Arts: Reflections of My Soul.

Written By Bio Basement