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Gifty Internship Report 2

Gifty Internship Report 2

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Published by: Nana Adwoa Amankwaa on Mar 14, 2012
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Unique Circles Limited



1ST JUNE, 2011

20TH AUGUST, 2011

The report is also a requirement for the partial fulfilment of Garden City University College internship program. Because the various parts of the report reflect the intern’s shortcomings. successes. Therefore the report gives a number of comments and recommendations on the internship programme. successes and short comings that the intern did encounter when handling various tasks assigned to me. observations and comments. working environment. The report focuses primarily on the assignments handled. it would be imperative that the recommendations are also given. .PREFACE The purpose of this report is to explain what I did and learned during my internship period with the Unique Circles Limited. It is hoped that this report would serve as a showcase to the improvement of the internship program in Garden City University College.

Owere Mines etc. Konongo Government Hospital. I . The company has six major clients with over ten minor clients. If I start talking about ideal environment there will be numerous organisations that we can think about. Training and Operations Manager. The mission of the company is to encourage and facilitate the processing of procurement. Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH). Auto sale and construction in all form in the most cost efficient and cost effective manner and maintain the best mutual institutional relation with its objectives. Bekwai Government Hospital. They first rented and occupied the old premises of the Top Martins building at Asokwa. INTRODUCTION 1. and then moved to Asafo which is the perfect location to reach its customers.1. and I personally think that Unique Circles Limited is one of those organisation where employees can feel maximum satisfaction in reference to the working environment. The company execute their contract received from their customers through pre-financing of the projects which is subject to terms and conditions detailed in the contract document. Working Environment The hierarchy in the company is the Managing Director. Human Resource Manager and Finance Manager. I started my internship with the company through an interview with the Human Resource Manager and secondly by the Operations Manager for who’s project I was being hired. Some of its customers are the Kwame Nkumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST).1 Company Profile Unique Circles Limited was established in 2006 with two staff as its initial working human resource. Kumasi on 28th February 2006. Ghana Bauxite.

It is while I was with Unique Circles Limited that I was involved in a range of different tasks and smaller explorations that were clearly stated within my terms of reference. In somewhat more concrete terms. sales .2. but have the same goal. Unique Circles Limited provides the Ghanaian business market with timely. If the marketing department generates a list of potential customers.3 Duties and Responsibilities I began my internship program on 1st June. 2011.was a little nervous initially for the interview. which the panel for interview later really appreciated and mentioned in specific. Achieving this goal may involve the sales team using promotional techniques such as advertising.1 Sales Officer Marketing and sales differ greatly. As will become clear in the course of reading. I had no issues or concerns as to my status after the interview. 1. The marketing department in an organization has the goal to increase the number of interactions between potential customers and the company. 2011 with Induction at Unique Circles Limited. these four themes are closely interrelated and overlapping and are presented here one by one merely for purpose of clarity and coherence. policy-relevant data and information for decisionmaking and action planning for its customers. The internship was to last for three (3) months and as a result my internship came to an end on 20th August. 1. but after some minutes. I started to enjoy the interview and made me show my best level of confidence. Marketing improves the selling of business environment and plays a very important role in sales. credible. I will present four major areas identified as sticking out as the central themes around which most of my work at Unique Circles was organized. that can benefit sales.

closing of sales and follow ups. educate prospects. 1. It was tedious though but I was able to handle a lot of them. The customer’s requirements were not over-evaluated and mis-sell. Also with the right attitudes in sales I was able to come out with amazing number of prospects at the end of it. The large number of initially interested persons on the narrow end of orders only a fraction of the initially interested people remain and actually place to lose deal. and public relations. In the process of my prospecting I talked to a lot of people in different institutions and I also exhibited my personal selling process skills learnt in class which prospecting is one of them and the rest is presentation. fill needs and satisfy wants of consumers appropriately.promotion.2. So I took a few days to group these prospects into potential and non-potential buyers. So my contribution as a sales officer is to go out and prospect for new businesses. The primary function of the sales is to generate and close leads. and therefore turn prospective customers into actual ones. This is . objection handling. cold calling in marketing is approaching somebody you don’t know and trying to talk to him/her by convincing the person to buy your products. publicity. creating new sales channels among other things. Prospecting in marketing is where you go out to look for potential buyers. It’s also an embarrassing part in sales. I also experienced cold calling here and there. To understand a customer's goal and requirements is relevant to the company and the creation of a valuable solution by communicating the necessary information that encourages the customers to achieve their goal at an economic cost comprise the functions of the salesperson or of the sales engine.2 Intensified Prospecting and develop Cliental data base A sales process established to mitigates risk by stage-gating deals based on collection of information or execution of procedures that gate movement to the next step of closing deal.

large revenue risks that require systematic assurance of revenue generation. phone numbers. 1. This is where a good sales process mitigates risk for both buyer and seller. I became very happy because my prospecting days lead to Konfo Anokye Hospital deal and they are now a potential customer of unique circles. A formalized sales process is generally more common for companies that either have complex sales cycles. An effective sales process can be described through steps that walk a salesperson from meeting the prospect all the way through closing the sale. It’s very interesting because I learnt that in marketing we sell but in procurement we bargain for the best price and you also insist on quality. . One system which has gained increasing momentum at Unique Circles Limited and among developing economies is the Selection in planning process which enables the company and its potential customers to make significant changes to their requirements with relative ease.3 Procurement There are several alternatives to tendering which are available in formal procurement. This also controls seller resource expenditure on non-performing deals. and those that choose to use a more consultative sales approach. The selection in process also enables vendors and contractors to respond with greater accuracy and competitiveness as a result of the generally longer lead times they are afforded. A solid sales process also has the dramatic impact of forecasting accuracy and predictability in revenue results. Ideally this also prevents customers from investing into contracts they don't need though such a benefit requires ethical intentions by the sales person.because not everybody will be interested to buy. so you do this to know your possible buyers and develop a cliental database which will include their names. Often a bad sales experience can be analyzed and shown to have skipped key steps.2. and any vital information that will help me in my follow up as well as the company.

1. This is because accurate supply of goods is very important in procurement. My critical role was double check items supplied with store’s clerk at KNUST stores.4 Supervision I was responsible for providing strategic advice on collaborative aspects of supply to Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.2. in support of decision-making by the company and other multistakeholder consultations. .

Marketing research also help a lot during our . I did finish my assignments concerning the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology Project. Currently this has changed.CHAPTER TWO 2. outsourcing was also applied. there had been previous work that had been done on the same. I handled my part but I couldn’t stay long to see the final product of the project since I was running out of time thus come back to school. since my interests in marketing issues have taken several huge leaps since I started handling my assignments at Unique Circles Limited.0 COMMENTS ON ASSIGNMENT My original career interests were entirely entangled in the applicability of marketing skills in prospecting and developing cliental database that were directly related to marketing issues. Academic Coursework: Personal selling process learnt in sales management was applied during my prospecting days and also in procurement as a topic in innovation management. we were suppose to visit all of them.1 Completion of the Assignments Most of the assignments that I did handle were long-term projects that had already started and they were at the most advanced stages of their completion. It therefore made sense to me to continue doing what the rest of the team was doing. 20011 Re: Re-Roofing Publishing Department: When I joined Unique Circles Limited. 2. Prospect for New Customers: A lot of prospects were found.

good human relations were with our customers were established. The skills learnt were excellent because I realised that I can not only restrict myself only in sales as a marketer.pricing in procurement. And with my customer service. rather learning different related courses to better myself in the future in diverse ways. my only interest was to become a good Sales Manageress wherever I found myself working after school. It will be better if every student have a practical field work because it will help you to know the field aspect behind the theory aspect in academic field. When I started my marketing course in Garden City University College. But I can add more value and touch to my career and experience after my internship experience with Unique Circles Limited. .

. accepting your mistakes and work towards achieving efficiency in the job field. it was unclear to me exactly what my duties were to be. Working on projects and Prospecting for new customers that I believed would eventually provide a clear understanding on the state of the marketing sector. This gave me the morale to work even harder in order to meet deadlines. This was because my terms of reference didn’t indicate exactly what I was to work on.2 Co-workers When I first arrived. each project executed were critical to the understanding of marketing related issues such as personal selling process like presentation. Generally. Professionally it is good to understand individuals and institutional ethics so that you can adapt to the conditions. . I was able to quickly understand what my work involved and to what extend I was to do it. The following were some of the motivations that made my work easier and enjoyable: Personally working as team with the rest of the staff at the company was something that I truly treasured then since it was through them that I found it more enjoyable and easy to deal with my assignments. objecting handling and closing of sales.3 The Impact of My Work Most of the projects that I did work on focused more on prospecting than on any other marketing strategies endowment available in the business world. Through my senior supervisor. 2.Work Experience 2. my immediate supervisor and other colleagues within Unique Circles Limited. It’s also good to work in harmony with all people.

In short. Through the work that I used to do. Personally the following is what I succeeded on: First. . It is one of the software that really make analysing data with ease and one of the most enjoyable fields to deal with. and to help increase the capacity of marketers to use marketing tools for decision making and action planning to attain an ideal market development. my knowledge on marketing related issues was largely broadened. I wasn’t familiar with some of the software (SPSS) to analyse data then but now I can confidently use it with ease.4 Successes and Short Comings Successes There were many successes. I can clearly understand how one can effectively use marketing tools to study issues concerning underground prospecting and procurement tools to execute its marketing challenges. both on my side and on the organization side. the product of my work contributed a lot to the overall mission of Unique Circles Limited which is: To provide the business community with improved access to meaningful marketing data and information.Though my contribution might have been small compared to what the entire team contributed. 2. I believe it did had a lot of positive impact towards the achievement of the overall objective of each of the project aims and objectives. to me it was a success having been given a chance to handle work on various informative areas that I believe will go a long way to enhance the productivity of the company.

o The projects benefited a lot from my comments. But the difficulty was not based on the way I was welcomed here. In terms of cultural differences I must say that nobody should expect it as easy to integrate in a different culture. Therefore the major short comings that I did face were: Time was limited and therefore I had to leave pre-maturely before the complete products of my effort were finalised. it was that I needed some time to feel comfortable with my new environment. competence and the overall output of my work because. This assured the company of very objective but also high quality information Short Comings There weren’t many short comings since as an intern I was given a lot of support by my supervisor and other fellow staff. Therefore. o I did a lot of researches to verify the information (facts and figures) that were in the project. o I used to hand in my assignments in time. Most of which were directly incorporated into the decision-making policies and development of strategies. . enabling each project to meet its deadline.Unique Circles Limited largely succeeded a lot through my skills.

1 My Expectations I had originally intended to join Unique Circles Limited as a way to participate directly in providing solutions to marketing problems particularly with the use of marketing as a tool for decision making. . and helped me to develop new ways of thinking about the same problems I had previously been thinking about. 3. 3. In addition.CHAPTER THREE 3.2 Exposure to Unique Circles Limited One of the most significant aspects of this internship was being surrounded by a network of people and divisions whose main mission was to care for the prospect and establish ideal projects.0 INTERNSHIP AS A LEARNING PROCESS While the work I performed during this period was particularly glamorous and equally thrilling. I feel that I grew a much deeper respect for marketing and how to deal with issues outside marketing. a lot of my work within the office had to do with the preparation of various project dealing with procurements and prospecting which I can proudly now say that I learned a lot from. This allowed me to listen to people with ideas and opinions that I had never before considered. What this meant is that I wished to participate largely in the direct assistance aspect of Unique Circles Limited in its marketing issues. Unfortunately though. I feel that this internship period exposed me to experiences which have significantly altered my perception of marketing related issues towards a more marketing holistic model.

I can say that I benefited from the internship programme than I thought would in a number of ways: Having a rare opportunity to use the knowledge and skills that I had acquired back at the college to provide critical marketing information to the company in order for them to develop and put in place competent policies in decision making for the betterment of the company. .3 Benefits of the Program In retrospective. I also have to stress that my colleagues at Unique Circles Limited contributed greatly to making my stay there a very enjoyable one. Also. I have had an insight on how to shape my career towards the marketing job in the near future. Career-wise. To conclude. having gotten a chance to interact with most staff. This would reflect much onto my experience.3. the internship programme undoubtedly enriched my curriculum vitae (CV). The internship programme gave me a chance not only to work with a marketing company but also a chance to learn from the best marketing experts the world could probably provide. I can state that my internship at the Unique Circles Limited was a rewarding experience and provided me with some new perspectives that I did not come across during my studies back at the college.

This is so given the fact that a supervisor would once in a while spend at least part of his/her private time to talk with an intern over issues that touches on personal life.CHAPTER FOUR 4. It was equally important as the ability to work independent.0 4. Interns are given the much needed supervisory support that goes beyond work related issues. Most of the Unique Circles Limited employees are committed to their work. Even with the aforementioned positive observations. This is something that I feel few employees in any given organization would do. This was ascertained by a number of observations: I did observe that teamwork played quite a huge role in attaining most of the Unique Circles Limited mandates. leave late in the evenings and a times come to work during the weekends in order for them to meet their deadlines. honestly I think that Unique Circles Limited staff does need frequent common group activity/activities that would bring them together once in a while. . This will eventually result in a stronger bond amongst them. But the goal must be to find a way to combine it in the right way. Most of them would come to work early. I realized that it takes many steps to achieve a vision. This was very encouraging.1 OBSERVATION AND CONCLUSION Observations During the three months. I did observe that the lack of these activities affects stronger teamwork play.

over a somehow protected period where I could discover and learn to value my new working environment. beginning from the opportunity to take the time I needed to refresh and expand my knowledge in several issues concerning marketing. and finally earned the confidence to deal with assignments myself.2 Conclusion In conclusion. .4. It is through them that I did enjoy my work everyday. I really appreciate the way I have been guided through this internship programme with Unique Circles Limited.

What you have to bring with you. . able to balance human concerns. technical considerations and nevertheless being highly successful. is the willingness to improve knowledge about the global world. self motivated and you must solve smaller problems on your own. Anyhow. Recommendations From my experience I can wholeheartedly recommend Garden city university college internship to every student who would like to experience an organization that has in my opinion realized their vision to find the balance between being progressive. The work experience and you have to be able to work independently.CHAPTER FIVE 5. if you’ve got into some serious trouble you will always find somebody assisting you to work it out.

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